Welcome to Hell: Try the Adventure Package!

Written by Loren Ipsun
December 19, 2017
4 Breasts Animal Parts Strange Taur

This was it.  He was going to Hell.  He pulled his bag off the conveyor belt and looked up his gate on the monitors.  Unsurprisingly, it was 666.  He smiled at that.  It never hurt when they had a sense of humor about it!  It was a long walk through the terminal.  The crappy restaurants and gift shops you find in any airport lined the walkway.  Why would anyone bother?  Would you really want a key chain with your name on it when you could have a souvenir from another dimension?  But maybe that keychain was cool to the other dimension, and they found perpetually erupting mini-volcanos boring.  He laughed to himself.

Before long, he was at the entrance.  He was almost disappointed:  Instead of a demoness working the check-in, it was just a regular person.  He checked the time above the gate, and the time on his ticket.  A little over half an hour.  He didn’t understand why he had to wait.  Everything he’d heard about gateways said they weren’t capacity limited, but the system seemed to function by letting people through one at a time.  Oh well.  Not the end of the world.  He took a seat and pulled out a book, waiting for his number to be called.

“Jim Carpenter.  Number 2358.”  Jim hopped up, excited.  The girl gave him a pleasant smile as she scanned his ticket, and gestured for him to pass through the gateway.  Much like an airport, it was a shuttered door, but on the other side, there were a set of steps.  He walked down, a faint chattering starting to hit him.  The stairs led to a red carpet, illuminated by rows of lights on either side.  He turned a corner and-

It hit him all at once.  A sign, dozens of feet tall, proudly proclaimed “Welcome to Hell!”  Slot machines ran off in all directions, occasionally manned by a senior citizen happily pulling the crank.  Mirrors lined the walls above the gloriously blinking machines, making the infinite space vastly less comprehensible.  But that was nothing compared to what lay right in front of him.  Six red-skinned demonesses, far too sexy to be real, leaped on him, smothering him with hugs and kisses.  “Oh, Jim!  Welcome to Hell!” they all cried in unison.  He felt he turned nearly as red as them before they finally let him out from the crushing embrace.  “We’re so glad you joined us!” several of them said, while others ran their hands along his body in ways that shouldn’t be allowed in public.  He coughed nervously.  “Is this where, I, uh, check in?”  They giggled, and pointed him down the hallway, where marble counters and smiling attendants indicated he should sign in.  He bowed nervously.  “Uh, thanks.”  He left them behind, turning his back a few moments later for a final glimpse of the beauties.  They were already buried in the next visitor, smothering him in kisses.  He felt slightly disappointed by that.  It was obviously all fake, but still…

“Hello Jim!  Welcome to Hell!  We’re so glad you decided to try out our Adventure package!”  The smiling demon behind the counter knew him before he stepped up (no lines!) and wasted no time checking him in.  Apparently they didn’t need ID in Hell.  “So you’re going to be staying with us for three weeks?  I have you in a Prince room.  I could upgrade you to a suite for four hours per day!”  Jim bit his lip, doing the math.  That would extend his trip by… about 3 days.  He shook his head.  “I’ll pass.”  She looked a little disappointed, but perked up immediately.  “No problem!  Well, if you change your mind, you can always come back!”  She handed him a disk with a little LED arrow on top.  “This is your room key, and also your guide!  It’s pointing to your room right now, but when you are ready to explore the resort, just say the name of the attraction you want to visit and it will point the way!”  She tilted her head, giving him one of those overly cute anime smiles.  “Now, we wouldn’t want to delay your exciting adventure, so we’ll just take your bags, and you can head straight to the staging room!  They’ll explain everything on the way.”  Before he could raise an objection, an ugly, squat demon had picked up his bag and was trundling off in the direction of the arrow.  “I’ll just set your key, and you’re good to go!”  The arrow suddenly flipped direction, pointing off to the left.  Slightly dazed by the rapid processing, he turned without a wave, following the tiny device in his hand.

As he exited the overly-decorated grand entrance, things quickly returned to standard casino fair.  The walkway passed through row upon row of slots, laid out in confusing patterns to trap uncareful gamblers.  Table games were interspersed here and there, with both familiar and alien games.  He saw one where little miniatures fought each other with swords, and another where a tiny headless creature ran around until it tripped over a golden bar, causing the gamblers to roar with approval.  Perhaps the strangest thing, however, was that only a few of the employees were demons.  Most were humans, wearing snappy red vests with golden accents.  He had no idea people actually worked in Hell.  It must be a hell of a commute.  He groaned internally at his own pun.

The walk soon left the casino floor and started passing into the more interesting areas.  A movie theater (with Hell-exclusive movies!), a magician’s stage (with actual magic!), a cabaret (our girls are to die for!)… The list went on.  There were more exclusive attractions as well.  He passed a number of doors with cryptic or even unlisted names.  He was fairly sure he didn’t want to know what happened behind those sealed portals.  The arrow slowly started to spin, and before long he was at his own entrance.  Wide banana palms flanked a jungle themed portal.  “Adventure Staging!” the sign proudly proclaimed.  A bored looking demoness wearing a pith helmet brightened up when she saw Jim approach, trying to hide her break in character.  “Mister Jim, I presume?”  she winked.  “Welcome to Staging.  You have excellent taste, young sir.  Nothing is quite as satisfying as becoming a daring spy, or a swarthy explorer!  I have no doubt that you’ll be enjoying your time here.  Now, if you’ll just follow me into the back room, we can start working on your exciting adventure.”  She turned and led him past the counter, bidding him to sit in a room rather more like a doctor’s office than I would have expected.  “We have some pamphlets for you to read as your personal Adventure Guide prepares.  It won’t be but a moment!” she sang, as she ducked out of the door.  He could see the smile disappear from her face the instant she thought he was out of view.    Well, apparently employees had the same problems everywhere.

He picked up the pamphlet, leafing through.  He’d seen something similar when signing up for the Adventure package on the outside, but it had been surprisingly light on details.  Supposedly, the package included a week-long adventure, custom-tailored to you.  The pamphlet listed a number of popular choices:  Become an astronaut, and explore the surface of a new planet.  Become a pirate, and clash on the high seas.  Relive high school, and be the prom king.  The spy package was prominently placed, with a number of explosions and sexy women highlighting it.  But there were other, less conventional options as well.  Be a prisoner, held in a maximum security prison.  Be a pet… He had to look at that one twice.  It showed a man on a leash with a woman in leather tugging it gently.  Apparently they did not shy away from the sexual options.  But as much as that one shocked him, the next one dropped his jaw.

Be a girl.  He read it again, and a third time, not believing his eyes.  How was that possible?  Just as he started reading the description, the door to the room opened, and a demon entered.  He was just an inch shorter than him, with the bright red skin all demons seemed to have, and a bare chest, exposing a developed, but not too extreme, six-pack.  None of that drew Jim’s attention away from the horns, however.  The few demons he had seen so far all looked different from another.  Some had short horns, some curly ones, and a few had no horns at all.  Well, this demon didn’t have horns.  Instead, he had a pair of fully erect penises.  Not human penises either.  Although they were only eight inches long or so, the broad, flat head could only be the kind of stallionhood he had seen on the farm.  The demon let him stare, before politely coughing.  “Hello, my name is Balthazar.  I will be your Adventure Guide today, Jim.  Do you have any questions before we begin?”

“Why do you have cocks instead of horns?” was the question he desperately wanted to ask but didn’t.  He fumbled with the pamphlet, trying to think of something, anything, to draw his attention away.  “What is this one?” he asked, pointing to the last one he had read.  “Is that some kind of thing where you dress up and everyone pretends, or something?”  He’d seen those Thai girlyboys.  They could swing it with make-up, but who would want to do that for a week.  Balthazar shook his head, smiling gently.  “Oh, no, Jim.  We provide only the most authentic of adventures here.  Should you choose that package, we will transform you into a girl.”

His heart stopped.  Had he heard that right?  Was the demon casually suggesting that they change his gender?  “H-how?” he stammered, at an even greater loss for words.  The demon took a seat, his small tail wagging gently.  “It’s very simple, Jim.  Here in Hell, we have a lot more control over reality than you do in your plane.  We can adjust that reality through magic, and transform you into a girl.  I assure you, the process is painless, and fully reversible.”  The demon seemed so calm, like he had just explained something normal, instead of something utterly impossible.  He looked down at the pamphlet again, uncomprehending.  “Wait, so, you’d turn me into a girl for a week?” he asked.  The demon smiled comfortingly, shaking his head.  “If you would like.  The new form becomes stable once gained.  It takes as much effort to change you back after a day as it does after a week.  If you liked, you could remain a girl for the duration of your visit.  In fact, many choose to do so, seeking to get more out of their package.”

Wait, this was for real?  He looked up at the demon, attempting to find a hint of deception, but he could see none.  The be-cocked demon only maintained that slightly friendly smiling, seemingly letting Jim process this at his own speed.  He flipped through the pamphlet, pretending to read the other options, but he couldn’t get the female option out of his skull.  He’d never wanted to be a girl before.  Never even imagined it!  Why was it bothering him so much?  Why couldn’t he let it go?  With a sigh, he closed the pamphlet, looking up at Balthazar.  “Alright.  Tell me more about this ‘Be a girl’ package.”

Balthazar clapped, seemingly happy with Jim’s choice.  “Well, Jim, it is a surprisingly common package.  Where else but Hell could you find out what it was like to live as the opposite gender?  Some people even come back to give it another try at a later date!  But you want details, not a sales pitch.  I assure you, you aren’t the first to be hesitant.  The package is designed to give you a true taste of what it is like to be a woman, but without awkwardness that would imply.  After changing your gender, we will give you an amulet that projects a wave of normalcy.  This will accomplish several things.  First, all the demons of hell will instantly recognize your situation, and will act accordingly.  Those cute girls in the lobby who hugged you might offer to take you for a pedicure, or a night out drinking.”  He winked at Jim.  “I might advise against the drinking.  They’ve had a couple of thousand years to learn how to hold their liquor.”

He held up a second finger, visually highlighting the points.  “Two, any slip-ups, like saying you are a man, or that your name is Jim, will be masked for those around you.  They will hear the words, but their brains will not process them, essentially giving you a chance to cover your mistake.  Too many errors at once, however, and they may be disconcerted with the editing effect, choosing to take their leave rather than be confused.”  Jim shuddered slightly at that.  Messing with people’s minds?  That felt wrong.  But… It was so minor, it couldn’t hurt, right?  “Three.”  the demon intoned, raising a third finger.  Jim noticed that the demon’s hand only had three fingers and a thumb.  “Your mind will be altered to know how to function as a woman.”  He held up both hands, staving off any questioning.  “I know, I know, it’s scary, but let me finish.  There’s a lot involved, here.  Walking is different, of course, especially in high heels.  But there are other, less obvious concerns.  How to put on a bra, how to keep your hair dry in the shower, how to use-” he cleared his throat gently, politely showing a bit of embarrassment “feminine hygiene products.  We don’t want to make these feel normal for you, because otherwise, how would the differences from being a male stand out?  But your time would be rather miserable if you had to ask for help to do every little private, intimate thing.”  The demon’s voice had shifted lower, giving those last words a rather husky, sultry tone.  He brightened up immediately.  “That’s all!  It lets you know what to do so you can enjoy all the benefits without all the downsides!  That’s not so bad, is it?”

Jim had to admit that it was not.  The fact that it was editing his memories (and the memories of those around him) was a little scary, but it would be a pain in the ass to have to figure out how to use a bra.  This sounded like it gave him the perfect mix of experimental exploration and comfort of safety.  He’d know what to do, and any slip-ups would be covered.  Man, they really thought of everything, didn’t they?

Wait a second.  Was he really thinking about this?  Spending his three week vacation as a girl?  He was shocked to find that the idea had been growing on him.  After all, where else but Hell?  It’s not like he’d have to tell anyone at the office.   Even if one of them happened to see him, he’d be a totally different person.  The amulet would smooth the path.  With a resigned sigh, he leaned back against the wall.  “I never had a chance, did I?” he asked.  “Indeed you did not, sir.  Or should I say, ma’am.”

The demon began to fuss with the room, although Jim suspected that it had more to do with letting the decision sink in than any actual necessity.  “Can I do the spy thing too?” he asked.  The demon just smiled.  “Of course, ma’am.  Two packages will, of course, cost you another two weeks…”  Jim dismissed the option with a wave of his hand.  “I’ll pass, thanks.”  They were rather insidious about that, weren’t they?  He’d taken four weeks off of work, just in case, but no reason to go around purposefully trying to extend his stay.  The demon seemed satisfied with his preparations, or Jim’s state of mind.  “Alright, ma’am.  If you would please stand, we can begin your adventure.”  He gestured to Jim to rise, leaning against one of the cabinets on the far side of the room.

As Jim stood, he felt himself overbalancing.  He felt lighter than he should, like he’d stood up too forcefully.  He found himself floating in the air, bare centimeters from the ground, but weightless nonetheless.  His stomach heaved as he felt a zero-gravity inversion in his groin, like being upside down on a roller coaster.  The demon nodded at his shock.  “Indeed, ma’am.”  Jim patted his groin, finding the place that had once housed the example of his maleness smooth and flat.  The roiling sensation faded slightly, sliding up his torso as his innards underwent the conversion as well.  When it reached his chest, the sensation started pressing forwards.  Jim saw his pecs begin to rise, lifting his shirt as fat began to flow to the area.  Twin jiggly spheres soon bounced into view, larger, rounder, softer, more palmable by the second.  As the sensation finally faded, Jim was left with a deliciously perky pair of D-cup breasts.

But the change was far from done.  That strange sensation of change began to flow to his limbs, hair falling out as any skin imperfections dissolved.  Muscle he cultivated for years slimmed away, leaving flawless, smooth arms and legs, straight off of an airbrushed supermodel.  His fingers shrank, becoming daintier by the second.  His cuticles cleared up as his nails slimmed, as if he had never missed a manicure.  His feet, as well, shrank in size, something dainty for a proper lady instead of the clompers he had used to play football or go on hikes.  A brief bloating sensation signaled the widening of his hips, even as his waste shrank ever so slightly.  From the neck down, Jim had become a gorgeous woman.  But there was one last thing left to change.

The demon held up a mirror for this part, not wanting Jim to miss the experience.  He saw as his eyes grew slightly larger, lashes lengthening as they became thicker and lusher.  His cheekbones become more refined, slight dimples forming underneath.  His lips became fuller and poutier, the more perfect to kiss with.  His hair cascaded out in droves, his curling brown tangle turning into a back-length cascade of shampoo-commercial perfect hair.  Within seconds, it was done.  The face that stared back at him was recognizably female, and a pretty one at that.  He was a girl.

As soon as Jim was returned to the ground, she wasted no time running her hands over her body.  She felt so… alien.  Her thighs were thick, her clothes fitting poorly on her widened hips.  Her belly was taut but smooth, and she lifted her shirt to run her fingers across it.  God, she would kill to look like this normally.  Well, the male equivalent, anyway.   Her hands slid up her sides, exploring the gentle, delicious curve of her chest, before resting her hands on her… breasts.  Her breasts.  It felt weird even to think it.  The heavy, pristine pair that rose from her chest practically begged to be cupped, fondled, and adored.  Her fingers slipped around them, hefting them gently, appreciating the weight.  She gave them a gentle squeeze, shivering slightly as a pleasant sensation rolled through her like a wave.  She found she had closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, saw the demon watching her intently.

She pulled her hands off immediately, turning away as her face burned with shame.  She had been fondling herself in front of the demon.  He did not look embarrassed however.  He almost looked… Interested?  “No need to feel ashamed, Jamie.  It’s perfectly natural to want to explore a change as drastic as that one.  It’s not every day that you get to be another gender, after all.”  He paused for a second.  “Did you… enjoy it?  Did you enjoy the feeling of becoming something new?”  Despite the shame Jamie felt, she didn’t think Balthazar was trying to make her feel worse.  It felt like an honest question.  She dropped heavily into the chair behind her, her padded butt bouncing ever so slightly.  Had she enjoyed it?  Well, was she enjoying it now?  She brushed a strand of hair away from her face, eyes lingering on the delicate nails.  It was so alien, and yet so familiar.  It was scary, but also exciting.  She let out a breath in a huff.  Balthazar smiled, taking that as a reply.

“You know, it doesn’t have to end here.  While many are satisfied trying out the opposite gender, some prefer to explore a greater breadth of change.”  Jamie shook her head.  What was he talking about?  “We can do more than change your gender, my dear.  Perhaps you would let me show you?”  Jamie glared at him suspiciously.  “This is just a way to get me greater in debt, isn’t it?” she accused.  Balthazar only smiled.  “Look, you can always say no.  I just want to show you your options.”  Just looking at options wouldn’t be a problem, right?  And, deep down inside, in an area she didn’t want to admit was a part of herself, she was curious.  She had already changed so much, wouldn’t it be interesting to go a little further?  She could always decline.  With a sigh, she stood, and Balthazar clapped, leading them out of the room and into a very industrial hallway.

Their path took several twists and turns, quickly devolving into a maze.  She was clearly in the back stage of Hell.  All the niceties she had seen and expected did not exist back here.  The walls and floor were bare concrete, with lines painted to guide the employees to various sections of the casino.  Here and there, piping poked through the walls.  But her attention was focused on Balthazar.  Had he changed himself subtly?  She watched him as he walked, trying to figure out what was different.  His stride was confident and measured, and she could see his butt flexing gently with every step.  A small spade-tipped tail hung behind him, waving gently.  Was that it?  That she hadn’t seen the tail before?  He turned back to make sure she was keeping up with him, and she realized what she was doing.  She was staring at his butt.  Her face turned crimson, and she immediately looked away.  Holy shit, she’d been staring at a guy!  That should have bothered her immensely, but reason prevailed.  That was what she’d wanted, wasn’t it?  To be a girl?  And girls liked guys.  She took a deep breath, calming herself.  This was going to be a strange vacation.

They soon reached another door, and re-entered the casino proper.  “We don’t usually use this area for adventure packages.” Balthazar explained.  “This is for the more… inquisitive customer, looking for an exciting evening.”  He lead her through a small waiting area, plastered floor to ceiling with images of men, women, and demons in all kinds of bondage gear, and finally stopped in front of a massive mahogany door.  “After you.” he said, bowing and letting her take the initiative.  She pressed on the heavy wood, causing it to swing inwards on a display she could never have imagined.

The walls were covered, floor to ceiling, in body parts.  Arms, legs, hands, heads, dicks… But not just human body parts.  There were animal limbs featured just as prominently.  A kangaroo tail hung above a man’s burly arm.  An animalistic cock the size of her leg dangled in a line next various tails.  It should have been a morbid scene, but for some reason it felt more like a display than a trophy room.  She walked up to a leg and examined it.  The thigh, where it should have been connected to a person, was curiously smooth, as if manufactured without an owner.  She turned to him questioningly.

He seemed to be able to read her mind.  “These are all display models.  Inspiration, if you will.  You see, we are not limited by conventional forms.  If you liked, I could give you that leg.  It would become a part of you, as natural as your current two.  You could spend your vacation as not just a woman, but a three-legged woman.  See what it was like to have an altered gait, and be able to flash some thigh at two gentlemen at once.”  She colored slightly at the implication, putting the leg back on the wall.  He continued.  “Your form would be biologically stable.  The additional mass would slightly increase your metabolism, so you would have to eat more.  Your heart and lungs would need to be bigger to accommodate the additional circulation.  But you could wear that form as if it were your own, for as long as you wanted, and would suffer no ill effects.”  He pulled out a small pamphlet near the door.  “It’s not relevant for most because they wear these forms for a single night, but they are, in fact, guaranteed.  Suffer any ill health effects because of a change here, and your entire time-debt is eliminated.”  Jamie gasped at that.  That was massive!  She’d heard horror stories of drunks in night clubs racking up years of debt.  Cancelling it all in a single night was unheard of!  She eyed the display with an increasingly critical eye.  That kind of guarantee was worth its weight in gold.

She began wandering around, examining the ornaments on display.  Some were more identifiable than others.  She found several leathery folds that she shied away from when she realized they were vaginas.  Balthazar only laughed.  “They are not real, Jamie.  Don’t worry.  Just for show!”  She lifted up a muzzle the size of a grapefruit and examined it.  It was fuzzy and soft, and slightly warm.  In the center of the room were several displays that were apparently too large to fit on the walls.  A snake tail, over 20 feet long, and sized for a person to slip in to.  A headless horse.  And a pair of human legs, the rest of the body missing from the waist up.  Balthazar stepped in.  “Most changes can be accommodated with ambient mass, but these are special.  The additional size requires a… a supply, if you will.  Additional mass to accommodate the increase in size.”  Jamie nodded.  That made sense.  The snake tail would turn you into a naga, and the horse body a centaur.  But the legs… She pointed those out to the demon.  “What about these?  Aren’t there legs on the wall?”

Balthazar caught her interest and was more than happy to explain.  “Ah, yes.  Those are quite special!  Centaurs are a perpetually popular choice.  Who wouldn’t want to be hung like a horse?”  He winked at her.  “But the reality of the situation is less appealing.  Hooves can be quite slippery on marble hallways, and a twisted ankle could easily end your party.  In addition, there are other…” He coughed politely. “More biological concerns.  Horses are rather undiscerning with their leavings, which can cause quite the faux pas.  What you are looking at, there, is a humantaur costume.  It was made to give the user the most interesting part of being a centaur, with none of the downsides.  You still get to run around on four legs, but no slipping on the corridors, no tripping on staircases, and you can reach all the way behind you.”  He grinned, ever so slightly.  “Which is a good thing, too, since you wouldn’t want to leave your rear half unattended.”

Jamie turned away, embarrassed.  Not because of the implication, but because of the timing.  Because Balthazar had been spot on in his description, as if reading her mind.  That was exactly what she had been thinking about.  Masturbation as a woman was something she was looking forward to attempting, of course, but… With two different sexes, the possibilities more than doubled.  Imagine the things she could do!  A dildo and a vibrator?  Play with one while a cute guy took her in the other?  She was practically licking her lips.  But-  She let out a deep breath.  Don’t get excited.  It was all a trick, after all.  A temptation.  Balthazar was trying to sell her on an upgrade, and one she could not afford.  She sighed gently, turning away.  “Well, thanks for showing me.”  She ran a finger along the butt of the humantaur costume.  “I really can’t afford any of it, though.  I’m already here for three weeks, and if I’m gone any longer than that, I’ll be in trouble.”  Balthazar watched her, eyes boring in to her soul.  She felt more naked under his gaze than she had ever felt in her life.  When she couldn’t take it anymore, she turned, walking towards the door to escape that awful inquiry.

“Stop.”  She froze.  “You want to try this, don’t you?”  She didn’t answer, but didn’t move away, either.  “Do you know how few people even let me take them into this room?  Let alone look at that piece of equipment?  Do you have any idea how rare it is for me to be able to practice my craft?  I trained 700 years to learn how to do this, and all I get to do are one night stands for perverted eccentrics.  But you… You were seriously considering wearing one of my creations, and not just for a single night.  Weren’t you?”  She nodded, turning to face him.  He looked earnest, a frustrated artist about to be denied a chance to paint.  “Would you wear it for your whole stay, no matter the inconvenience?”  She nodded again, surprised to find that it was true.  The sexual appeal was undeniable, but the alienness was just as appealing.  He sighed heavily.  “Normally, this would cost months.  But… But I want to see it.  I want to ply my craft.  I want to see my creation out in the world, or at least the casino.  If you’ll do it, if you won’t have the changes removed before you leave…”  He paused again, as if building up the courage to say something.  “Free.  I’ll pay the cost.”

Jamie froze.  This was unheard of.  An upgrade in Hell, for free?  She looked at the demon suspiciously, but she saw not a hint of deception.  His proud features only belied anguish at creativity stifled.  “You- You’d really do that?”  He was the one to nod, this time.  “You barely know me!  Why pay such a debt for someone that will only be using it for three weeks?”  He laughed at that, throwing his arm out to gesture at the walls.  “You see all this?  Just for show.  Nobody wants to try anything truly new.  Did you notice this place doesn’t even have a reception room?”  The walk through the hallways suddenly made sense.  “Of the few who even want to try it, they mostly become burly men or slim sluts.  Trivial!  In the last five years, I haven’t made anything more complicated than a catgirl.  Maybe there are others who get to practice more often, but the few who want to be changed all go to the House of Exquisite Night.  None of them bother with the Adventure Club.”  He sulked, deflated.  “I just want to… I just want to be proud of something, you know?  To make a piece of art to be put out on display, even if I have to fund it myself.”  He looked down at the pair of legs, then back up again.  “So.  Will you be my model?”

Oh my god.  He was serious.  She blinked, still attempting to process it.  Was she really going to go through with it?  To become a freak for her entire stay?  Even as she asked the question, she already knew the answer.  “Yes.”  The statement was plain, her voice level, but the assurance was there.  Yes.  Yes she did want to explore, to try something new.  To go beyond the one night stand and commit to trying something no one else would try.  “I’ll do it.”  Balthazar broke into a broad grin, and she could swear she saw his horns grow a little straighter.  “Excellent!  You won’t regret it!  Now pull down your pants.”  Her affront was slightly diminished when she realized the reason.  He was holding the pair of legs, and the top was sculpted to fit against her butt.  With no small amount of shame, she slipped down her pants, exposing herself to him.


He eyed her rear professionally, as if inspecting for any mistakes… which, she realized, he was doing.  He had made her, after all.  The shame diminished as she realized how silly it was to want to hide her body from the one who created her.  He probably knew her better than she knew herself.  Taking a deep breath, she leaned against the wall, preparing herself for the change.  The demon wasted no time.  He carried the legs over, and pressed them against her rear.  A strange sensation roiled at the joint.  Half pins and needles and half massage, it felt like her flesh was churning.  She looked behind herself and saw the line around the prosthetic begin to blur.  Flesh from her back was crawling over the divide, until the separation was seamless.  But the sensations were only getting started.


A sharp crack followed by a release of endorphins apparently signaled that her spine had extended into the new lower torso.  She felt a wave of warmth begin to spread from her old butt to her new chest, sweeping back towards the second pair of legs.  A tickling sensation caused her to jump awkwardly.  It wasn’t an aftereffect of the transformation.  Balthazar was tickling her new butt!  He grinned sheepishly.  “Just seeing how the change is progressing.”  The warmth was spreading to her new thighs, and she could just barely feel her knees begin to bend.  In a few moments, the change had completed.  She could feel the floor under her new, bare feet.  Could feel her toes digging into the short, scruffy carpet.  Could feel the sensation of having a second pair of legs.


She took a step, nearly stumbling.  Her right leg had moved- Foreleg, she had to correct herself, had moved the wrong way.  Or, at least, that was how it felt.  She realized she had tried moving fore and hind leg at once.  Another step, and this time she did tumble.  Luckily Balthazar was there to catch her.  As his large, powerful arms steadied her, she was suddenly grateful that she wasn’t alone.  He held her hand gently, letting her use him as support as she took careful, fumbling steps around the crowded shop.  “This… This is amazing.” She managed.  And it was.  It was both completely alien and yet intensely personal.  Those extra legs were her legs.  It took her a few minutes to develop a gait of her own, but with focus, she could lift them individually.  She lifted a hind leg, flexing it at the knee to explore her control.    Finally, she turned to Balthazar.  “I can’t believe it!  I never would have imagined anything like this!  God, it blows whatever I was going to do out of the water.”  She laughed.  “What kind of spy adventure could compare to being this?  How can I thank you?”


He smiled humbly.  Was it her imagination, or was he blushing?  It was hard to tell under the red skin, but she was pretty sure he was embarrassed.  “I am just so thankful to be able to do something challenging.  I can practically change people’s gender in my sleep, but I actually had to focus on this one.  There’s a lot at work under the proverbial hood, you know.  But… If you really did want to thank me…”  He paused, as if unsure how to ask.  “Would you… Would you let me try something else?”  He followed up in a rush, as if afraid he would lose her.  “I know it’s weird, but as strange as this change is, it’s still only human.  All the pieces are recognizable.  It’s so rare that I get do animal hybridization-” He paused again, looking at her to see if she was still following along.  His face sunk slightly.  Had she given him the wrong look?  “No, it’s nothing, forget it.” He began to turn away, but Jamie trotted up to him, pulling his arm.  “Tell me.”  She said.


Balthazar sighed.  “Well… When I originally made that piece, I had a specific purpose in mind.  See how it is slightly shorter than a normal human torso would be?  That’s why it doesn’t have breasts on it, by the way.  But…” He took a breath.  Apparently even demons needed to build confidence.  “My plan was to put an udder there.”  What?  Jamie looked down, trying to imagine a cow’s udder hanging between her sets of legs.  “It doesn’t look like there’s enough room!” she replied.  Balthazar practically cried in response.  “That’s what management was afraid of!  That no one would try something that strange and inconvenient!  But that was the whole idea!  Imagine, a cow’s udder hanging in that constrained space.  It would take up most of your torso.  It would dangle between your legs, all four of them.  When resting, they’d just barely touch.  But in motion.”  He sighed happily, his gaze lost to his imagination.  “A symphony of pleasure.  The barest touch with every step, a gentle caress from the simple activity of movement.  You couldn’t help but tease that fleshy, sensitive sack at every moment, forever reminded of your uniqueness…”  He slowed, returning to reality with Jamie.  “But my dreams were too strange, too bizarre for a mortal to want to try.”  He shook his head.  “Thanks for listening, anyway.  Even if I can’t see it made flesh, it’s nice to share my vision with someone.”


But Jamie’s head was being assaulted by the thought of having an udder.  She hadn’t had a chance to play with her breasts much, but she had felt them bounce during the walk, and had shivered as the rough cotton of her shirt brushed against her sensitive nipples.  Imagining that on a grand scale, a breast ten times the size…  “No, wait.” She said.  She thought for a moment before following up.  She tried to think of a way to talk herself out of it.  “Breasts need bras, right?  Would there be… support, for something that big?”  Balthazar, looking slightly taken aback, answered slowly.  “Well, yes, we could have our seamstresses whip up an udder bra, if you’d like.”  He started to realize the implications of what she was considering.  “Does that mean you’d do it?”

It took her a long moment to decide, but she nodded.  The delight in his immediately made her regret her indecision.  It was fun for her, but he was so obviously excited!  He concentrated for a moment, his hands forming trails of energy through the air.  Jamie felt a pressure begin to form in her lower belly.  She felt bloated, like she’d eaten too much… But satisfied, too, like it had all been worth it.  She trotted towards a handy wall-length mirror, and watched the show.  The skin on her lower belly was turning a darker shade of pink, and was slowly pressing downwards.  It was far too large to be a breast:  The whole area of her torso was swelling.  Four spots darkened further, sprouting into human nipples before they began to extend.  By the time the bulged had reached her mid-thigh, the nipples had begun extending, swelling out into proper teats.  The change began to pick up speed, more and more skin pressing out of her as the protuberance began to take on a distinctly bovine appearance.  As promised, the burgeoning udder began to press against her legs, causing her to shiver in delight.  It felt so good.

In a few more minutes, it was done.  An udder hung between her legs, dangling down to her knees.  Four teats sat proudly on it, a pleasant handful for any potential milkmaid.  The bloated sensation ceased, replaced by a slight rumbling as it began to fill with milk.  Balthazar nodded, indicating that it was done.  Jamie wasted no time exploring.  She bent down to stare at the growth between her legs.  It looked alien, but comforting at the same time.  By stretching, she could just barely reach it.  Her fingers ran across the rough, pink flesh.  It was exhilarating to explore this animal attribute, and at the same time realize it was a part of her.  Her tender brushings were incredibly soothing, and she felt herself relaxing, her eyes closing slightly.  If this was what it was like when she touched it, imagine what it must be like to be milked?  It would be rapture.  She straightened up again, coughing quietly in embarrassment at the realization that she was, basically, playing with her breasts.  Balthazar was looking away politely, but smiled at the cough.  “Having fun?”

Jamie didn’t answer, but she didn’t need to.  Balthazar took a seat, watching her but not staring.  “So.  Tell me.  How does it feel?”  Jamie took a few halting steps.  Walking was harder than it was a few moments ago.  The heavy weight of the udder almost acted like a pendulum, swaying against her every step.  “It’s hard.” She answered.  “It moves against me, so I almost have to swing my legs differently to step around it.”  She made a conscious effort to swing her hips as she took a step, and was surprised at how much easier it was.  Even with the extra clearance, however, her legs still brushed against the udder with every step.  Little shocks of pleasure coursed through her, soft and exhilarating at the same time.  She could imagine an udder bra would do a lot for jiggling mass, but… In the private space of her hotel room, she would relish this experience.  “That’s a little better, but it’s still pretty heavy.  I almost feel… clumsy?”  She shook her head.  What a silly thing to complain about.

Balthazar did not seem surprised, however.  “I was afraid of that.  It is rather heavy, so you have more weight over each of the feet.  Cows have hooves, of course, which are fantastic on a weight distribution standpoint.”  Jamie made a face.  Hooves?  Hooves sounded awful.  From what she’d heard about centaurs earlier, she’d be crashing all the time, and with a big breast in the middle of the tangle, it could get quite painful.  Balthazar was quick to pick up on her displeasure.  “There are other options, however.  Have you considered paws?  Much greater surface area than a human foot, so there’s better wait distribution.  Paws have pretty grippy pads, so you don’t have to worry about slipping.  And they’re pretty cute on their own, of course.  Kittens are cute, right?”  He shrugged.  Jamie was curious though.  “Were they also a part of your vision?”  The fact that the last two changes had been such a success had left her receptive to just about anything.  Balthazar smiled.  “They could be.”

With a nod from Jamie, the demon got to work once again.  The sense of change started in her front feet.  The arch of the foot was swelling, widening out as it shrunk in length.  Her toes were growing fatter, and more uniform in size.  A tickling sensation ran across her feet as tiny, fine hairs began to sprout.  No, not hairs.  Fur.  A brief ache signaled the growth of something unseen.  She lifted her foot, watching as the ball began to shift, adjusting to a dark pink as it grew tougher.  The pad was triangular in shape, much like-  Balthazar interrupted her train of thought.  “A lioness.  Yes.  They have large paws already, but I scaled them up slightly for you.  You should have no difficulty walking with these.”  She placed the paw back on the ground, feeling the pad provide a solid connection.  Her toes flexed, new muscles causing her large, blunt claws to unsheathe.  It felt… It felt like stretching after a long run, or a deep massage.  Relaxing and pleasant and good.  She rolled forward slightly, surprised to find she was standing slightly taller.  The tawny fur had crept up her leg, her ankle adjusting to give her a digitigrade stance.  From the shin down, she had the paw of a large cat, but above that, she was fully human.

The sensation of change swept to her hind feet, and within moments, she was the proud owner of two matching sets of paws.  She took a few springy steps, and immediately noticed the difference.  “Wow!  This is a lot better!  My feet feel great!”  She broke into a trot, her udder bouncing madly, but with her new, larger paws, she had no difficulty turning or slowing.  She came to a rest, somehow feeling like she should have something lashing behind her.  She ignored it.  “They’re so… powerful, yet agile too.”  Balthazar nodded enthusiastically.  “Right?  That’s why I find this whole situation so frustrating!  There’s hundreds of things people never bother to try that they would adore if they just gave it a chance!  Those paws look great on you, by the way.”

She slowed, halting her exploration.  One of the things Balthazar had said had caught her attention.  “Things people never bother to try?” she asked.  Balthazar nodded.  “Oh, yes.  I mean, you’ve already gone further than most are willing to consider, so good on you!  But you’re having fun with them, right?”  She nodded absentmindedly.  “Well, even now, you’re still mostly human.  There’s so much more to experiment with!  I mentioned the ears, earlier.  Ever wanted your hearing to be better?  You could double or triple your senses.  Why struggle to hear a lover in a noisy hotel when you could be making out every conversation happening around you?  Hell, why stop there?  It staggers me that people never want to try animal heads.  Maybe it doesn’t have conventional beauty (to a human), but imagine being able to smell your friend from across the room, or the cacophony of tastes you would get from something as simple as a rainbow sherbet!”  He lowered his arms, realizing how riled up he had been.  “Sorry for ranting, you’ve just been so receptive today.  I feel like you get me, you know?  You’re actually trying all the things I’ve wanted to do for so long, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.”

Jamie shrugged, smiling knowingly at him.  “Alright.  Let’s do it.”  Balthazar smiled in return, bringing up his hands without hesitation to weave his arcane power.  Jamie’s ears began to burn, prickling as warmth swept across them.  She reached up to touch them, and was not surprised to find that they had grown a fine layer of fur.  She watched them in the mirror as they grew in size, becoming rounded triangles that quickly moved atop her head.  They had grown a layer of tawny fur, much like the coating on her feet.  It soon began to spread down her forehead, bringing other changes as it went.  Her eyes became slightly larger, moving apart as the bridge her nose began to grow in width.  Her irises turned into vertical slits, all the better to control visibility for nocturnal hunting.  Her nostrils flared as they adjusted into the went T of a large cat.  A prickling sensation on her cheeks was quickly followed by dozens of whiskers erupting from her furry skin.  Her mouth split into a wide, scary grin, her teeth growing pointed and vicious.

As the changes began to slow, she stared at her new visage in the mirror.  She was definitely not human, but not entirely a feral animal, either.  She could detect hints of humanity here and there.  Balthazar seemed to pick up on her inspection.  “Not entirely lioness, I know.  I left you with the ability to speak, of course, which necessitated several changes to the nose as well, and subsequently the eyes.”  Jamie licked her lips with her wide, rough cat tongue, and answered.  “Interesting.”  She perked up in surprise at the sound of her own voice.  It was much huskier than the Alto her voice had become after her transition to the fairer sex.  She sounded like honeyed gravel, with a hint of dark chocolate thrown into the mix.  “Yesss, this is nice.  Good choice.”  Balthazar smiled, abashed.  “No need to thank me, my dear.  That’s just how the vocal chords worked out.  I didn’t do anything fancy.”  Jamie ran her hands over her muzzle, feeling the texture of the soft fur, the springiness of the whiskers.  It was… Exciting.  Almost more exciting than the other changes.  Not just a new source of pleasure, but a new source of experience!  She was already beginning to make sense of the smells around the room.  Much to her surprise, the body parts on the walls were alive!  She could make out organic smells coming from them, mixing in interesting ways, yet staying unique at the same time.  She licked her nose again, and was surprised to find that she had a taste!  It was incredibly neutral, to be sure, but there nonetheless.

As she examined herself in the mirror, she couldn’t help but examine the rest of her body.  She twisted slightly, showing off her lower torso as if to a prospective suitor.  She was gorgeous, but… But something was missing.  Her ears flicked in annoyance.  What was it?  She ran her hands along her stomach, fingers delighting in the smooth skin.  Not fur, then.  Her hands?  She held them up, twisting them this way and that.  As fun as the paws were, she wanted to keep her fingers.  Her eyes drifted to her belly again.  Something didn’t feel right.  Almost… missing?  She closed her eyes, trying to imagine it.  She thought of herself as a lioness, strong and proud, prowling the savannah, her feet silent in the tall grass.   She took a step, and then another, the foliage brushing against her stomach, tickling her sensitive belly.  And nipples.  She opened her eyes again in shock.  That was it.  She just felt so… unbalanced.  Her breasts were wonderful, but there was so much empty space!  What kind of proper lioness couldn’t feed a back of cubs?  The fact that she had an udder dangling between her legs did not cross her mind.  She knew what was wrong.  “Can you… Breasts?  I feel like they’re missing, almost…” she asked.

Balthazar was the very picture of concern.  “Of course, Jamie.  It’s only natural for you to feel that way.  Lionesses have four nipples, you know.  Since you are partially a lioness, it would make sense that you would feel your current endowments are insufficient.  But it is easily rectified.”  He cracked his knuckles, and set to work.  Jamie felt a pressure forming in her belly, just below her breasts.  Much like with the udder, the skin began to darken, small pips rapidly forming into nipples.  Areola spread out from them before they began to bulge, like inflating balloons.  Her hands immediately went to cup the swelling protuberances, fingers gently squeezing the budding flesh.  After so many changes, they were starting to feel exhilarating in their own right.  Dual sources of warmth blossomed between her legs as she gently rubbed the newly grown breasts.  They were just as perky and perfect as her original pair.  She let them go, watching them bounce into place.  Between the four on her chest and the udder between her legs, she’d have no problems with young.  And it was starting to feel… hot.  Really hot.  Before, it had been an experiment, but now-  Now she was a sexy beast, unique but enticing at the same time.  She wanted more, to be more unique, to have more to play with.  She glanced over the wall of ornaments, hoping something would catch her eye.

Something did.  She licked her lips unconsciously again as she stared at a tool fit for a horse.  Literally.  She wanted to lift it off the wall, to feel the heft of it, to run her fingers along the texture of the mottled skin.  But felt drawn to, as if she wanted to put it in her mouth and wrap her tongue-  She pulled back, startled.  Had she just thought about sucking a cock?  No, that wasn’t right.  She wanted to have one, right?  She turned to Balthazar, tilting her head toward the cock.  “Can you, uh…”  He rubbed his chin in thought.  “Well, I could probably find an escort at this time of night-”  What!  That wasn’t what she was thinking!  “No, for me, obviously!” she growled.  Balthazar grinned.  “Well, it would have been for you either way, but I see what you mean.  Now, it may be a little problematic, what with all that space already taken up by the udder, but how about this?”  Without asking her permission, he began to get to work.

She felt a growing tide of pleasure begin to creep up from her udder.  Her teats, specifically.  They felt like they were being expertly manipulated, teased to the very edge and then held there.  Her toes curled in delight, the pleasure an onslaught she was forced to endure.  She bent down, surprised at her flexibility, and stared between her legs.   Her tits rolled against her chin as her ears scraped on the ground.  From her awkward position, she could see the changes assaulting her udder.  Her teats were growing larger, bulging obscenely as they grew.  Whereas before they had been the size of her thumb, they were now almost the size of a cucumber.  They were much longer as well, and… changing shape?  The soft, flexible teats had grown stiffer, and the rounded nub of a tip had started to spread outward, as if pressed against an invisible glass.  Realization dawned.  They were turning into cocks!  The fat, flared head of an equine phallus graced each of her teats, which were now over a foot long and two inches thick.  Much like the tool hanging on the wall, they bore a flared ring in the middle, and grew from a dark pink at the tip to a mottled black at the base.  The barest hint of fur around each shaft hinted that they would hide in a sheath when she was not aroused, but that was certainly not the case now.  The four massive phalli dangled below her udder like a wind chime, bouncing against each other and her legs in a chorus of pleasure.

She gasped as she rose, staring at Balthazar, open mouthed.  He had… He had-  He had turned her udder into a forest of cocks!  She tried to find the words to express the shock she felt, but the words didn’t come.  It felt so… Was wrong the word she was looking for?  She had only had the udder for a short while, so it wasn’t a violation of form.  She had asked for a cock, so it wasn’t even against her wishes.  It was just so, so…


Lewd.  Undeniable hedonism.  Not only was her cock dangling out for all to see, she had four of them.  They didn’t touch when she was standing still, but the slightest movement sent them jostling, causing her udder to erupt in a symphony of tiny joys.  There was no way to hide it.  The slightest excitement would expose bestial endowments for all to see.  And the most frustrating part, the thing that made her absolutely furious:  She wasn’t mad.  She didn’t hate Balthazar’s choice.  Years of societal interaction had taught her it was inappropriate, and the demon had undone that fear, that shame, with a simple spell.  Ridiculous to be anxious about something she had no control over.  She was free.  Free to bare herself, to revel in the body she was wearing, to glorify in her removal from the social contract.  In short, to be an animal.


She lifted a hind leg, the fat, fuzzy toes of her paw brushing against the lewd endowment.  Her toes spread slightly, wrapping around the shaft as it surged under the attention.  She stroked the length, rubbing up and down as best she could with unfamiliar paws.  She felt the pleasant haze of lust descend over her, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as she began to lose herself. Suddenly her head snapped to the side, staring at Balthazar.  Some small motion had triggered her improved hearing.  He was polite enough to look embarrassed.  “Um, if you want some alone time…” he mumbled.  His cockhorns, however, were standing straighter than they were before.


She knew she should be red with embarrassment, but it did not come on as strong as she would have thought.  Oh, she knew it was wrong to touch herself in public, but socially wrong, not objectively wrong.  Balthazar coughed politely.  “Perhaps you would like some clothes?  If nothing else, it will help with support.  That’s a lot of bounciness to carry around on a day to day basis.”  Jamie smiled.  “Sure!  That’d be fun.”  He led her to an adjacent room, this one festooned with all manner of apparel.  But not normal apparel.  Shirts and skirts were only a tiny fraction of the clothing on display.  The vast majority was lingerie.  “Most guests who do get changed want to look good in their new bodies, and I am sure you are no exception.  A little mystery can only serve to accentuate your look.  What kind of styles look appealing to you?”

Jamie padded slowly into the room, her udder bouncing slightly with each step.  She could see the necessity.  The jiggling little pleasures were fun, but she’d be aroused all the time if she walked around like this in public.  A little support would stop any potentially embarrassing situations, and she could always enjoy her little jigglefest in private.  She approached a rack of bras, eying them critically.  What did she think looked cutest?  There were plain sports bras, and ones so lacy it was a miracle they stayed together, let alone provided support.  Her eye caught on a black affair, and she pulled it off the shelf.  The cup was solid, but the slight lacy frill on the top made it seductive as well as classy.  She held it up to her breasts, staring at her reflection in the mirror.  “You like that one?” Balthazar asked.  Without waiting for a reply, he zapped it with a bit of magic.  The cups grew until they fit her prodigious proportions.   She slipped it on her upper pair, reaching behind herself to snap the clasp.  How did she know how to do that?  Oh, right, the mental training.  She was suddenly thankful for the thoroughness of the demons’ designs.  Balthazar stood behind her, leaning in to view her reflection.  “That looks good on you!  What do you think?”


She ran her hands along the smooth fabric, hefting her breasts and dropping them.  They bounced ever so slightly before the support caught them.  It was just the right mix of sexy and practical.  “I love it.” She said, and was quite surprised to find herself meaning it.  She’d certainly never dreamed of dressing up in women’s clothing before, but now she loved the idea of being able to dress sexy.  “Well then!”  Balthazar zapped the bra again, and it puffed up slightly before splitting into a second bra.  The second one slid down, covering her lower pair.  They were each independent, without shoulder straps, so she could take them off one at a time.  Oooh, that would be fun she thought.  She swung her hips gently, doing the steps of an imaginary strip tease.  Her udder bounced against her leg, and she looked down in annoyance.  “What about that, though?  You can’t have bras for udders, can you?”


Balthazar smiled in response.  “My dear, you would be amazed what we can come up with.”  He led her to another area, this one filled with much more exotic pieces of clothing.  Many of them were unrecognizable.  Straps and wires and even plates abounded.  He pulled out a mess of lace that looked like a dead octopus.  “This one is a little more complicated than the bras, but it will provide the support you need.”  She took it gently, inspecting it.  It appeared that there were, broadly, two straps that went over her back, while the rest of it slid over her udder.  She set it down on the ground, stepping over it before reaching back to pull it up.  It was just out of reach.  With an annoyed grunt, she grabbed one side of it, trying to catch it on her udder.  Suddenly, she felt a hand next to hers.  Balthazar whispered “Here, let me help you.”  He slid the bulk of silk over her udder, threading her cocks through the amply-sized holes.  His fingers were warm against her skin.  After connecting the straps, he ran his hand under the fabric, coursing around her udder.  “Just adjusting it.” He said offhandedly.  But she couldn’t help but imagine those hot fingers doing more than adjusting.  Why hadn’t she seen how attractive he was?  Those pair of cocks on his head had been disconcerting at first, but now that she’d gotten past them she was staring to see the attraction in the helpful demon.  With a final tug, he got the udder bra into place.  “There.  You look gorgeous.” He said.  She stared at herself in the mirror again.  The udder bra matched the pair on her breasts, forming a surprisingly complete ensemble.  Except for her legs.  They looked positively bare in comparison.


She looked around the room, trotting over to another wall.  Movement was much easier with all the extra support.  She could see that she would have no trouble walking around on a daily basis.  Sure, the bouncing and jiggling was still there, and every movement still felt wonderful, but it was much more manageable.  She found some stockings dangling form a hook, and ripped the feet out with her teeth.  She slid the tubes on, stretching out her leg to prevent the thin fabric from catching on her paw.  The hind legs proved more difficult, but after a few minutes, she had wrestled them all on.  It was… Now it was perfect.  She looked like an expensive escort.  She strutted a few steps, admiring the few.  Balthazar whistled.  With a quick flick of his finger, he zapped the stockings.  The thick band at the top adjusted to match the frill of her bras, while the tear at the bottom mended itself into another band, as if it had always been made that way.  “You have great taste, Jamie.”  Balthazar walked up and smacked her rump, sending a shock through her.  But to her greater surprise, she wasn’t mad.  She almost… liked it.  “I bet you’re thinking you’re almost done.  A pair of panties, and you’re good to go, right?”  She was about to nod when he interrupted.  “But it would be a shame to hide the perfection that you are.  I have an idea.  Will you let me finish my magnum opus?”  He didn’t even need to ask.  She just smiled and blew him a kiss.


Rubbing his hands together, he placed them on her butt.  As he withdrew, the warmth flowed into her, signaling another change.  She turned to watch behind her as her spine extended, a nub of flesh rising above her rump.  A tail!  She was growing a tail!  It was wider than she would have expected, however.  A good six inches in width, and still growing.  It suddenly erupted in fluff, fur growing out at every angle.  She reached back to run a finger through it, and was surprised at the softness.  Unlike the course fur of her lioness parts, it was amazingly soft.  The tail continued growing, now over a foot long, and easily as wide.  The fur almost took a teardrop shape, just like-  “A bunny tail!”  It wiggled in response, and she could see that it was more than large enough to cover anything she wanted kept hidden.  Balthazar shook his finger, smiling.  “But that’s not all, my dear.”  She felt the tail begin to grow heavy, but she couldn’t see what was happening with it.  She turned, facing away from the mirror, and inspected her reflection.  Breasts!  He had put another pair of breasts on her tail.  No, two pairs!  She looked up at him, eyes full of questions.  “Well, normally they’ll be hidden when your tail is down, my dear.  But when you’re being taken from behind, you would want them to miss out on that lovely cleavage you have, would you?”  Such was the state of her excitement that she didn’t question that logic.  She merely flicked her tail, sending her tail tits bouncing against each other, before lowering it to cover herself.  Or trying to.  It seemed that, at this state of her arousal, the tail was pulling up of its own accord.  God was she horny.  She turned to Balthazar, her eyes already seeing the bedroom, and her voice dripping honey.  “Want to take your creation for a test drive?”


He leaned in seductively, running his hand along her back.  “Well, for a week stay, I could certainly make your night an exciting one.”  She pulled back, startled at the mention of pay.  “Wait, what?  You’re going to charge me?  Don’t you want to try this?”  She gestured broadly, encompassing all of herself.  “I thought I was your magnum opus?  You don’t even want to fuck me?”  His eyes suddenly filled with laughter.  “Of course not, dear.”  Jamie began to tear up.  “I wouldn’t mind a roll in the hay (because that’s probably where you are going to be sleeping, Ms. Cow) but not for free.  Didn’t they tell you that nothing in hell was free?”  Jamie felt her jaw hit the ground.  “But what about this?” she said, pointing at her lower torso.  “You said you never got to ply your trade! He smiled sadly at her.  “Jamie, dear.  I say that to all the girls.  It is rare, yes, but you aren’t the first that has wanted to be a pervert.”  Her shock turned to anger.  “You said it was free!  It was all free, because you wanted to see me in it!”  He raised a finger, pausing her tirade.  “The legs were free, and the gender change was part of the package.  But the rest of it.”  He swiped his hand, bringing up an ethereal calculator-like display.  It read 1 year, 7 months, 12 days.  “The rest of it was quite the pretty penny, time-wise.”  She stomped her foot angrily.  “You didn’t say anything about cost!”  He grinned.  “Well, you didn’t ask, dear.”


She was fuming.  Jamie was beyond words.  If she could strangle him, she would have, but she had a feeling that lying vipers like Balthazar didn’t have to breathe.  “Then change me back, damnit! I didn’t ask for that kind of debt!”  He raised his arms, and then paused.  “Well, I could, but I should mention one small thing.”  She crossed her arms between her pairs of breasts and glared daggers at him.  “What?” she yelled more than asked.  “Well, the original agreement for the legs was that you would keep any changes for the duration of your stay.  If you want any of them reversed, I’m afraid I am going to have to charge you for the legs as well, which would-”  he pressed a few buttons on the illusory calculator, and showed her the updated display.  It read over 3 years.  “I am afraid that reversing anything early would incur additional debt.”


An impending sense of horror swept over Jamie.  It-  It had all been a trick.  All of it.  A trap, to keep her locked here, forever.  All the stories were true, and she’d fallen for it hook, line, and sinker.  She deflated, her tail dropping, her udder-adornments retracting into their sheathes.  Not only was she stuck here for years, but she was trapped as… this.  This sexy, monstrous freak.  Balthazar saw the realization dawn, and wrapped an arm around her shoulder.  “Now, now.  It’s not the end of the world.”  She shoved him away as if he were made of broken glass.  “How can this not be all bad?  I’m a fucking freak, thanks to you!”  He gave her the look of a stern headmaster.  “You agreed with every step of the way, Jamie.  I never forced anything on you against your permission.  We can review the logs, if you like.  I was just going to say that there are ways to shorten your stay.”  As much as she wanted to strangle him, she restrained herself.  He was offering her a way out of it, and she’d be a fool to stop him without listening.  “There are more than demons working here.  If you are working for Hell, you burn time at double the rate.  If you pick some of the more… exotic positions (which I think you are perfectly tailored for), you could burn it at triple.  You could be out of here in six months!”  He clapped his hands, trying to look upbeat.  She tried to kill him with her mind, but sadly it failed, so she settled for stomping away, leaving him without another word.


Three months later…


Ryan wandered down the corridor, heading to one of the darker areas of the Casino.  He’d been here a week and already seen spectacle far past what he ever could have expected.  But his stay was nearing a close, and he wanted to at least see what he had missed.  This particular hallway had been unlabeled, but that only attracted him more.  A few doors off to the side had strange smells and noises, almost animalistic.  Was it a zoo?  An exotic one?  He couldn’t imagine anyone visiting hell for that.  But as he turned a corner, he saw why.


Standing in front of a plush satin curtain was the strangest beast he had ever seen.  She looked like a woman, but with the head and paws of a cat.  Her chest had four large breasts, barely constrained in silken bras.  Stranger still, however, was that she had a second set of legs, and between them, an udder.  A rabbit tail fluttered excitedly above her rear.  He paused, taking a step back before she noticed him.  She smiled a toothy, predatorial grin.  “Don’t worry dear.  I don’t bite… unless you ask me to.”  She beckoned him with a hand, gesturing him inside.  “Come, dear, let’s talk.  I am sure we can make your evening something you will never forget.”