Violet’s First Date

Written by Love4arms
December 13, 2017
4 Breasts Extra Arms Extra Genitals Human

Violet walked into the restaurant anxiously looking for her date.  She was hoping Charlie was here early, and at the same time hoping she wasn’t so that Violet had some time to drink some liquid courage before she arrived.  It had been a few days since their first meeting, and the enjoyable hours afterwards at Charlie’s apartment.  Violet was hoping she could get through more conversation in an actual date setting before other urges took over this time.

The room was relatively empty this early on a Wednesday, and Violet smiled at the seating host and made her way to the bar to wait.  She had found this place soon after she arrived in the city, but as her savings started to run low she had stopped coming.  However, after being offered a job at the cafe she had been taken to by Charlie, the promise of a small but steady income had encouraged her to suggest dinner here when Charlie had texted her.  Violet was sure she had been given the job when she returned to the cafe because they thought she would be a super-barista, and was worried about what might happen when they found the extra hands didn’t mean she could concentrate on more detailed tasks at once.  At least she could carry more when bussing tables.

“Hey.  Retro.  Nice!”

She was a bit startled and turned to acknowledge the compliment once she realized it was directed at her.  Violet gripped her purse tighter with her back hands in an effort to keep them still under her jacket.  “Thanks. I really like these 80’s styles” she replied, shrugging her front shoulders to wiggle the wide shoulder pads of her black jacket.  Most of the staff knew about Violet’s unusual body, and while the past few days and been a huge boost to her self-confidence, she still didn’t want to risk causing a scene in public just yet.  The longer jacket was warm, especially with the tight jeans she was wearing, but it hid her chest and a pair of arms well if she remembered to keep still.  As she neared the bar, she realized that sitting in one of the stools might be a bit tough with her arms held tight, and settled for leaning against the bar instead.

“Violet!  I haven’t seen you for a while” said the bartender with a smile.  “Everything been okay?”  He made his way over and set down a martini glass, already starting work on her familiar appletini.

“Amazing,” she replied, “Sorry I haven’t been in, Dave, I just needed to save a bit of cash for a while.”  She glanced around to the doorway again.

“Waiting for someone?”

“Yeah…” she smiled. “I have a date.”

Dave smiled back, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Oh, nice!” he replied, setting her drink in front of her.

“Yep. Amazing.” She repeated, grinning.  She opened a button in the middle of her jacket, then took the glass in one hand and sipped it, picking up a napkin in another.  Carefully, her back hands parted the jacket from the inside and reached up to the bar to pay in cash, including a large tip.

Dave’s smile was genuine as he watched her hands close the jacket again.  “Have a great time” he said, and she nodded and wandered slowly back towards the seating host, sipping her martini faster than she intended, her eyes on the door the whole time.

“Hello again.  Table for one?”

Violet smiled at the girl and corrected her: “For two, this time, please.  But still near the back, out of the way, if there’s something available.”

“Of course. Follow me.”  The girl led Violet to a small table against the wall.  “Can I take your coat?”

“Not yet, thanks.”

“I understand.  Who are you waiting for, so I can bring them when they arrive?”

Violet was preparing to sit in the chair with her back to the door, thinking her purple-tipped hair would be recognizable, but the girl’s helpful question was a good one.  She set her drink down and turned to the door.  “Charlie.” She replied before realizing a description would be more useful. “She has a cute face, short brown hair, about my height, amazing bod…” she trailed off as she saw Charlie enter the restaurant and look around.  “… uh, that’s her!”

Violet’s body appeared to made a weird spasm through the jacket as she involuntarily tried to wave at Charlie with her back right hand.  She tried again with her front-right, and this time Charlie saw her and smiled broadly, making her way through the restaurant.

“I’ll send your server over shortly” the seating host smiled.  As she passed Charlie on her way to the front of the restaurant, Violet noticed her head snap downwards, trying to figure out why Charlie’s tight black pants had a bulge at her crotch.  Violet knew why, and her heart beat faster as she unbuttoned her jacket, keeping it closed from the inside while Charlie approached, grinning back.

Their lips met in a quick kiss, which instantly melted into something much more passionate as their arms pressed their bodies closer, Charlie’s tongue exploring every inch of Violet’s mouth.  Violet’s back hands slid out of concealment, parting Charlie’s short leather jacket and finding her bare waist beneath.  She pulled slowly out of the kiss when she felt Charlie stiffen against her, finding it harder to resist her own urges to reach downwards to the front of Charlie’s pants.  Not here, she told herself, not yet.

“Well, hello” said Charlie, smiling broadly.  The four-armed hug was just as incredible as she remembered, and she found herself fighting the need to pull Violet against her body a second time when they parted.  Violet’s hair was down, and Charlie let it fall through her fingers as she stepped back toward her chair.

“Hi,” Violet replied as she caught her breath, aware of the eyes of the few patrons on them.   She quickly slipped her jacket off as she sat down, trying not to draw too much more attention to herself, and hung it over the back of her chair.

Charlie took longer to remove her own jacket as she looked around the restaurant, arching her back a little to show off her toned body, the low neckline of the white halter top leaving little to the imagination.  “Nice place.”  As she sat down, Charlie took in Violet’s own tight black tank top, her eyes lingering on the plunging V neckline revealing Violet’s upper cleavage.  Her gaze dropped down to the teardrop-shaped keyhole displaying the second cleavage below, and stayed there.  “Wow” Charlie breathed, involuntarily adjusting herself as she sat down.  “You look amazing.  Though I might still prefer you naked,” she smirked.

“Same here.” Violet replied. “I mean, you look amazing naked too, not me.  You also look great tonight.  Uh…” she smiled and brushed her loose hair behind her ear “you know what I mean.”

Charlie laughed softly.  “Yes, I do.  Look great, that is.” she said, making Violet giggle.  Charlie’s heart fluttered.  In a very short time she had found that making Violet laugh was one of her favorite things to do.  Not least because of the tremors it caused in her chest, but also because Violet’s smile was delightful and she glowed when she was happy.

Violet started to reach across the table when the server appeared beside their table.  “Hello, welcome to… Oh hi, Violet!” she said, smiling broadly.  “It’s great to see you again!”

Charlie could tell she was being genuine… she barely acknowledged Charlie’s presence, unable to take her eyes off Violet’s hands.  Charlie understood the feeling.

“Hi Katie!  Sorry I haven’t been around lately.”  Violet wiggled the fingers of her right hands in a wave, then gestured across the table.  “This is Charlie.  It’s her first time here.”

Katie looked at Charlie briefly and seemed a little disappointed that she appeared to be normal.  “Hello there!  Can I tell you about our specials?” she recovered as she placed menus in front of them.  “Or would you like to start with a drink?”

Violet looked up apologetically.  “Sorry, I started without you.”  She said, indicating her drink with a wave.

“That’s okay, it looks good.  Can I have a Moscow Mule?” Charlie ordered.

“Yes of course, coming right up” Katie replied as she hurried away, almost colliding with a chair as she tried to steal another glance at Violet.

Violet reached across the table and placed her front hands in Charlie’s.  “God I’ve missed you”

“It’s only been a few days!” Charlie replied.

“I know, it’s a bit crazy…” said Violet as she ran a finger around the rim of her glass “But still…”

“I totally understand…” Charlie started, then had to hide the longing in her voice “…I’d miss me too.”  Violet playfully slapped Charlie’s hands and sat back, folding her back arms across her lower breasts.  “Aww come on” Charlie groaned “I was enjoying that view.”

The two women started looking over the menu, commenting on the items and poking fun at some of the more hipster-friendly ingredients.  Katie returned at set down the Moscow Mule in front of Charlie, before quickly turning her attention to Violet once again.  “Can I get you something to start?” she asked.

Violet shook her head.  She wanted to talk over dinner, but she didn’t want the meal to last longer than necessary.  “No, I think I am going to jump straight to the main course.  Can I get the chicken, please?”

“Sure.  And for you?”

Charlie needed to get some of the spotlight back, so she pointed to something on her menu. “Is this any good?”

As the server made her way around to see, Charlie reached her hand down and adjusted herself, causing the growing tent in her lap to split into two distinct bulges.  Katie’s eyes widened and her brow furrowed, but she tried to remain professional.  “Um, yes.  That’s… it’s very good.  Interesting.  I mean, delicious, I love it.”

“Okay,” replied Charlie with a smile, the damage done. “I’ll have that please.”

“Very good, I’ll go put that in right away.”

Once the server was out of earshot, Charlie asked innocently, “Do you think she noticed anything?”

“No, nothing.  We’re just two normal girls enjoying a date.  What is there to see?” Violet laughed, raising all four hands in a shrug.

“I dunno, I think there’s plenty to see.”

“Yeah, you’re right” Violet grinned “and I can’t wait to see more.”

As Violet told Charlie about the new job she would be starting the next day, she realized how relaxed she was now compared to even a week ago.  She told Charlie how she had found this restaurant, and how it had become a kind of safe space for her until she couldn’t afford to come any more.  Bartender Dave probably would have let her just sit at the bar, but hanging out without buying anything felt wrong, and besides, she’d just end up buying more drinks.  Violet sipped her drink while Charlie told her about her own job, and they were starting to get deeper into personal histories when their food arrived.  Soon after, when Katie came by to ask how everything was, Violet was aware that the girl struggled to look at their faces, her eyes instead darting between Charlie’s lap and her own chest and arms.  And she realized she didn’t mind, and actually pushed her chest out a bit more to emphasize her assets.

They ordered a second round of drinks and Charlie polished off her first mule as the server walked away, her long tongue circling the bottom of the copper cup and clinking the ice.  That bartender knew what he was doing, and she didn’t want to waste a drop.  She caught Violet watching her and slowly lowered the cup, keeping her tongue inside.  When her toungue was almost at its full length, she wrapped it around the plastic stirrer and lifted the tiny straw back up to her mouth, grinning.  Violet watched with rapt attention, but caught the reflection of another customer staring wide-eyed at what he’d just witnessed.

“You’re amazing” she said, smiling softly. “Hopefully some more of your confidence will rub off on me.”

“You seem pretty comfortable right now” said Charlie, plucking the stirrer from her mouth.

“Yeah, I am.  And I’m definitely better with the attention these days when I’m with you, but it’s been hard sometimes.  Growing up had rough patches, but recently it seems like I’m starting over completely.  I just wish…”

Charlie waited for her to continue while their new drinks were delivered.  Violet tried to find the words.

“I was always obviously different from the moment I was born.”  Violet started, raising her hands off the table slightly for emphasis.  “Mom and Dad loved me no matter what, and other kids accepted me, like if I was black or short or whatever.  I mean, learning about ‘humans’ in elementary school was weird but… well, anyway… We mostly stayed near home, I learned to wear special tops when we travelled, it was generally pretty good.”

“And then… puberty.”  Charlie winced at the word.  “Guess what?  Those supernumerary nipples that people sometimes have?  They’re gonna be fully formed breasts.  Four C-cups at 15.  I thought normal girls had it bad from leering teenage boys.  Holy shit.”  Violet shuddered a little. “And men.  And teachers.  And women who were either jealous, afraid, or think breasts are the devil’s work.  Ugh.  Anyway, that was the first big setback.  It wasn’t until my senior years that I decided to live like, this is me, I have these assets no-one else has.  I’m sexy in ways no-one else is.  It’s their fault, not mine, if they don’t like how I look.  So I became comfortable in my body and even played it up.  As more people knew about me, they got to like me or at least tolerate me and treat me with a bit of respect… mostly.  Luckily, or intentionally, I went to a nearby college so it wasn’t too bad there.  And when I quit and got a job, the ladies at the fabric store loved me and helped me so much.”

Violet paused to take a drink and Charlie reached across the table to hold her left hands.  “Then, the only other person I know who really understands how I feel moved away, and I decide to move here, and I’m starting over. People freak out & stare again, and there are more people than before.  I know I’m different, and I know I am sexy, but it’s like… even when they mean well, the way they look at me makes me feel like arms & boobs.  Like that’s who I am.  I want to be treated like a regular human being.”  Violet wiped away a small tear with a right hand.  “Like how you made me feel from the moment I stopped you in the park.”

It wasn’t until then that Violet noticed Charlie’s eyes were also downcast and looking moist.  Concerned, she squeezed her hands in the growing silence.

“I know exactly what you mean.” said Charlie quietly, an unfamiliar tone in her voice.  “My differences may not be as obvious, but… ” she looked up. “I was raised as a boy for years.  I mean, a weird boy, but the most obvious sexual features scream ‘boy’.  I didn’t feel masculine, but I was dressed and tried to act like a boy for years.  I didn’t feel like one though… I think I always knew I really wasn’t a boy but at that age it’s hard to say anything.  No-one knew I wasn’t normal, apart from a couple of other kids on a camping trip one time, and if they ever said anything no-one believed them.”

“And then, like you, puberty struck and everything went to hell.  Tits!  Sure not as big as yours, but what skinny boy has tits?  And then I get my first period.  I mean seriously, I have these issues and I also have to deal with that?  What the fuck?”  Charlie dropped her voice on the last few words, realizing she might start to get the wrong kind of attention. “So yeah, not a boy.  I knew it, but after this evidence, then what?  I still have, like, enviable endowments,” she said glancing down and wiggling her eyebrows, “but not a boy.  High school was kinda shit.  And the bathroom problem.  This is way before transgender issues became trendy… well, you know what I mean.  It’s still a problem sometimes…” Charlie closed her eyes, squeezed Violet’s hands, and blew out a breath as she collected herself.  “So I went searching on the internet trying to figure myself out ‘coz my parents weren’t much help, and I discovered what ‘futa’ meant.  Found some pictures of ‘dickgirls’.  And found that there are people who love girls like me, even if they’re just fantasies.  I decided that I was twice as good, and to hell with anyone who thought otherwise.  My confidence had been, like, zero for years, and then stomped on.  Screw that.  This is who I am, I’m not changing, and I am awesome.”

Violet answered softly “Yes.  Yes you really are.” and moved all four hands to hold Charlie’s across the table, their meals forgotten.

“And besides, how many other people can do this,” said Charlie, and quickly reached up and smoothed one eyebrow with her tongue.

Violet laughed. “Absolutely.  Why would I want to be with anyone if they can’t do that?” she said, making Charlie giggle, a sound Violet hadn’t heard before and which made her smile even wider.

Puzzled, Violet asked, “So your name really is Charlie?”

“No, it’s Charlotte legally now.  Charlie’s just easier, and I’m used to it.”

They sat holding hands and looking at each other with a deeper connection than before.  Charlie broke her gaze first, looking down at her food.

“For the record,” Charlie said, “You are definitely not just arms and boobs.”  Violet smiled and opened her mouth to thank her before Charlie suddenly continued “You’re also a great pair of pus-”

“Hey!” Violet said, crossing her back arms and putting her front hands on her hips.

Charlie opened her mouth and dropped her tongue out the side, waggling the tip just below her chin, smiling like a maniac.  Violet tried to stifle a laugh.  “Yeah I’m kidding,” said Charlie after a moment.  “You are an incredible person.  I can’t wait to be stared at together.”

“Here’s to us.” Violet said as she raised her glass in a toast.  “May we be awesome together.”

“I think we already are,” added Charlie.  They returned to their meals, before they got too cold.  Charlie was entranced, watching Violet cut her chicken with her front hands, then swap her fork to her back-right hand to raise it to her mouth.  As Violet drank or used her napkin, the combination of hands would change, and once she even cut off a piece of meat using both right hands, her lefts busy gesturing as she talked about working in the fabric store before she moved.  Charlie realized she was staring maybe a bit too much.  “So that’s how you found such great clothes.  You made this top?”

“Yes, this is mine.  One of my old co-workers had helped me make a fitted top with room for the quads, and I made this version to show off a bit more.”  Violet pointed to the cutout and gave a little shimmy before continuing.  “What was really great was that they helped me figure out how to do sleeves, and I now have a few actual shirts, and patterns for more.”

“Well the things I’ve seen so far look awesome,” said Charlie as she pushed her empty plate aside.  “You look awesome.” she continued.

Violet blushed slightly.  “Thanks.”  She raised her glass as she set down her knife and fork, and finished the last mouthful of martini.

“You almost look as good as when you’re naked.”

Violet almost spit out her drink laughing at Charlie’s additional comment, and had to use her remaining hands to cover her mouth and grab a napkin.  “Stop it!” she laughed.

“Nope.” Charlie smiled smugly.  “Though if you have better outfits than this, I might change my mind.”

“Challenge accepted,” Violet said, putting her empty glass down firmly.  “If you want to see some, it’s only a couple of blocks to my place, though it’s nowhere near as impressive as yours.”

“We only need one room,” Charlie purred, finished her drink quickly.  She raised an eyebrow.  “And you still won’t let me pay?”

“Nope, I’m taking you out this time.  I’m spending the money I don’t have yet, all on you!” Violet answered, tossing imaginary bills in the air with all four hands.

“Good.  Because I need to use the restroom and calm myself down, so I don’t get arrested on the way there.”  Charlie stood and quickly covered her waist with her jacket, but not before Violet caught a glimpse of the two erect members peeking their heads out of the waistband of her pants.  She laughed at Violet’s wide-eyed stare and made her way to the bathrooms near the bar.

“Dessert?” asked the server who had appeared while Violet was distracted.

“Not tonight, just the check, please.”

“That’s a shame.  I’m sorry to see you two leave so early.”

“Oh, I think we’ll be back again soon,” Violet assured her.  “This is a great place for me… for us.  You treat us well.”

“Well you two are pretty amazing.  I’d love to talk to you more… some time when I’m not working.” Katie smiled. “I’ll be right back.”

A few minutes later and a few dollars further in debt on her credit card, Violet stood up and looked around to see Charlie finally exiting the restrooms.  Violet slid her back arms through the jacket sleeves this time, leaving it open with her front arms free to move, feeling more confident to display her cleavages with her girlfriend by her side.  As the two women met near the entrance, however, Charlie averted her eyes with an exaggerated hand gesture warding off the sight.

“Cover yourself up.  I just got myself decent!  Well… for me.”

“Oh be quiet, you know you love the attention.”

“True.  And the view.” Charlie smirked.  She put her right hand in Violet’s left, and immediately felt the other left arm wrapping around her waist.  “Okay, lead on!”

Violet’s front arms were chilled by the cool evening air outside, but the flush she was getting from walking with Charlie, and the sight of the ridges slowly growing down each of her pant legs again, easily kept her warm.  She was thrilled to be taking Charlie to her place, and even more thrilled to have found out that they had so much in common.  She had been worried that sharing so much with this confident woman might have turned her off, but instead it seemed to have drawn them closer.  She wondered how many of the other unusual girls that she had seen in Penmann’s pictures shared a similar past.

“Do you know many of the other girls like us?  From the studio?” she asked.

“Well I’ve met Magda since she works at the studio,” Charlie replied.  “You two will want to chat for sure, though you don’t seem as, um, prickly as her.  Sara is pretty awesome, and a real trip to watch move around.” Charlie started counting off names with her fingers, “Octavia is really nice.  Jenny I only know by her enormous reputation.  And I’m sure there’s a couple of others, but definitely not all of them.”

“Octavia?  You mentioned her the other day too.”

“Yeah, you might end up seeing her at the cafe.  You can’t miss her.”  Charlie paused for dramatic effect.  “She’ll probably order in stereo.”

“What?”  Violet’s mind was racing… were her two mouths beside each other, or stacked?  What did Charlie mean?  “What, no more details?”

“Nope.  I want you to be surprised.  Seriously, you’ll know her when you see her.”  Charlie enjoyed being in any position of power, and was smiling smugly and looking sideways at Violet’s annoyed face.  And then down to the bouncing globes below once more.  And that added another half-inch of growth along each pant leg, dammit.  It was getting harder to walk.  “How much further?”

“Not too far.”  Violet replied.  “Did you say you had another shoot coming up?  Do you think I could come too?”

“If he wants me excited then I definitely want you there.  If he needs me to stay relaxed, you probably better stay home or it ain’t gonna happen.”  Charlie pulled Violet’s left hand over and bumped the back against her right member.  This made both of them gasp.

“I see,” Violet nodded.  “Well then, I hope he wants you performing at full capacity, because I’m tagging along now.”

Charlie laughed.  “Wait, you have a confidence issue?”

Violet led them up the few flights of stairs to her apartment and opened the door, waving Charlie in.  She had been here over a month but the apartment was still pretty bare.  There was a deflated-looking sofa facing a small TV, a basic table & chair from Ikea, and a sewing machine in the corner.   Charlie could make out a comfy-looking bed and computer desk in the adjoining bedroom.  Violet had tried to tidy up in a hurry but had forgotten the pile of dishes in the sink.

“Ugh.  Like I said, it’s not as nice as your place.”

“It’s not that bad,” said Charlie.  “The bed looks great, and that’s all that matters…” and she slipped Violet’s jacket off and tossed it onto the sofa.  Violet was barely able to close and lock the front door before she had to stop Charlie from lifting her tank top up over her breasts.  She grabbed Charlie’s hands quickly and glanced around, making sure the shades were all closed.  She relaxed when she saw that they were, only to be surprised by Charlie’s tongue licking the tops of her breasts.  “Okay, okay!  I just wanted to make sure I had you all to myself,” she said, and raised her arms so Charlie could slip the tank top off completely.

Charlie once again drank in the sight of four large breasts on one torso, this time pushed up by a regular bra up top and a strapless bra beneath.  Violet spun around slowly as she lowered her arms, stopping with her back to Charlie, presenting the bra clasps.  Charlie eagerly undid the top clasp and slid the straps down over Violet’s shoulders, and before she could reach for the lower clasp Violet turned around to face her again.  The strapless bra was struggling now, as it pushed Violet’s lower breasts up, in turn supporting her free pair.  The horizontal cleavage was intoxicating, and Charlie remembered the uses it was put to the last time they were together.  Violet held the lower cups in place while she undid the clasp with her back hands, and slowly rubbed her breasts together as she lowered the bra, causing the upper pair to bounce and slide across the top.

Charlie grabbed the lower pair as Violet tossed the strapless bra aside, kneading them and watching how she caused the upper breasts move without directly touching them.  Then she directly touched them, a lot, and moved her hands and tongue between the four nipples.  Violet closed her eyes and moaned softly.  “Definitely better naked” said Charlie.

Charlie had been extremely aroused in her tight pants for a long time now, and the situation was rapidly getting worse.  She quickly dropped her pants to free the twins before she broke something.

Violet stepped back and stared longingly at the huge shafts that sprung free, but raised all her hands.  As much as she wanted to pounce on them right now, she had to force herself to wait.  “Not yet.  I have to show you something.  We had a bet, remember?”

“Seriously?”  Charlie grabbed after Violet again, but Violet batted her hands away.  And also Charlie’s left member as it touched her belly.

“Yes!  Trust me you’ll like it.  Just wait, like, two minutes.” and Violet, thinking that was as long as she could wait herself, before stepping into the bedroom and closing the door.

“You’re leaving me like this?” Charlie yelled at the door, pointing at her erections which were already starting to sag a little.  She finished removing her shoes & pants, and paced for a moment before also removing her halter top, preferring to be naked anyway.  She was considering opening the shades as well to give any neighbors (and herself) a thrill, when Violet called “okay, come on in.” and Charlie opened the bedroom door.

Violet was lying on the bed on her side wearing lingerie, the deep red of the outfit stark against her light skin.  The tight lace top had a round hole in the side currently facing upward, positioned between her upper and lower-right breasts, displaying cleavage as deep and well-formed as a normal pair of C-cups in a push-up bra.  Violet gestured to herself and pushed herself upright, all four hands covered in bicep-length red gloves made of the same material.  As she finished standing up from the bed, Charlie’s breath was taken away as she realized that the cleavage hole was one of four positioned around the quads over each valley, the lingerie tight enough over her chest to lift and squeeze her breasts towards the center.  A fifth circle in the middle displayed a deep plus-symbol surrounded by boobs struggling to escape their confines.  Violet’s back hands slipped under her front arms and rested on her upper breasts, her forearms squeezing even more, before she turned slowly around and ran her front hands over her hips and ass.  It was only then that Charlie noticed that the red thong that Violet was wearing was actually split in the back, two separate straps attached to the thin waistband, running between her cheeks.  As Violet completed her turn, Charlie’s eyes were fixed on her now-shaved crotch, the two straps barely covering, and in one case sunken into, each of her pussies.

“Okay, you win.”

Violet grinned and ran her gloved hands over her body, hanging one finger in the central keyhole.  “So, you like it?”

“Oh my god yes” said Charlie, still staring.  Then she furrowed her brow and asked “Wait, who did you make this for?  I’ll bet money you didn’t wear this to work.”

“I made it for you.” Violet purred.  She clarified when Charlie’s jaw dropped “well, I started it a while ago, just in case.  I wanted to feel sexy, even if I didn’t have anyone to show it to yet.  Then after last weekend… well, I had to finish it.  I saw what you liked.”

“Yeah… arms and boobs, and a great pair of pussies.” Charlie laughed.

“Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.” Violet ran her hands down the sides of her breasts.  “It’s okay when the time is right.”

“But seriously, you made this for me?” Charlie had stepped up to Violet, hard as rocks, and was trying to be careful not to get pre-cum on the fabric.  “Holy fuck.  It’s amazing.  And beautiful.  And sexy as hell!”  Violet’s hands were on Charlie again now, the lace gloves running over first her breasts and butt, and then her throbbing twins.  It was almost too much sensation to take at once.  Her mind raced between the feelings and the possibilities of clothing for a body like Violet’s.  “I’m getting ideas here.  If I design something (ooooh), could you make it?”

“Yes, but not tonight.”  Violet brought one hand up to brush Charlie’s cheek while the remaining three continued stroking below. “I think I’ve proven myself… if only to me.  Now it’s time for fun.”  She pulled Charlie in hard for a passionate kiss, her other front hand reaching around to grab her ass.  Charlie answered the call, tongue probing, hands moving from one pairing of breasts to another.  The lace fabric was almost starting to hurt against Violet’s sensitive nipples, but it felt so good.  Charlie’s involuntary thrusts accidentally poked one of her cocks through the lowest boob window and into the cleavage between Violet’s lower breasts.  She raised herself up on her toes and thrust deeper.

“I’m going to mess up your sexy clothes.” she said softly.

“They’re machine-washable” replied Violet with a grin.

“Well they’re going to get in the way soon”

“Soon, maybe.” Violet stepped back a little and bent over, guiding the other member into the center of her four-way cleavage.  “But not yet.”

Charlie closed her eyes as she was forced between the firm orbs.  “Unnh… you’re right, not yet.”

As amazing as this felt, Charlie was feeling the need to be in control again.  She withdrew, grabbed Violet by the hips and quickly spun her around, holding her from behind so it was harder for Violet to take hold with all those hands.  She quickly lifted the back of Violet’s top and slid the twin terrors inside, trapping them (and her) tight against Violet’s back.  Charlie shuddered when she slipped her hands around Violet’s waist and they already touched the bottom of her lower breasts, much lower than boobs are supposed to be.  Sliding her hands up she explored each cleavage with her fingers, kneading and squeezing two breasts at a time, enjoying the moans and gyrations she was causing Violet to make.  She felt Violet’s hands joining hers, squeezing any breasts that were missing out.  Violet reached back and grabbed Charlie’s hair, pulling her head forward over her shoulder.  Charlie responded by unfurling her tongue all the way, into Violet’s upper cleavage, then slowly licking all the way up, around her neck, up to the opposite earlobe, and finally to her mouth which was hanging open in pleasure.

“Okay you’re right” breathed Violet, “this may have to come off.”

“I said, not yet” responded Charlie and thrust against Violet’s now-lubricated back again.  Charlie slid her hands down, finding the two straps of Violet’s thong, and each arm was soon covered by two gloved hands, rubbing and guiding her down further.  She rubbed the smooth skin of each mound, and traced the line of each string.  Then she hooked her fingertips under one string and lifted it, exploring with a finger and making Violet moan with pleasure.  She repeated the gesture with the other hand and rubbed both clits at once, and Violet’s knees almost gave way completely.

Violet couldn’t stand it any more.   This whole clothing idea had seemed to have the desired effect, but came with its own problems.  She held Charlie’s arms in place with her back hands, just long enough for her front arms to lift her top over her lower breasts, which also freed Charlie’s cocks.  She quickly stepped forward and, in one smooth movement, raised her arms over her head and stripped the lace top off.  Dropping it, she backed toward the bed and sat down with a bounce.  Charlie seemed to be trying to figure out what had just happened, so Violet leaned back and gestured for Charlie to hurry over, spreading her legs slightly, her breasts rising and falling as she panted.

Charlie climbed onto the bed, and as she slowly crawled over her, Violet lay down and started running her hands over her own body.  From Charlie’s perspective it was as incredible as anything this woman did… the four gloved hands moving effortlessly around each other as she rubbed her breasts, belly, and guided Charlie’s eyes once more to the thin lines between her legs.  As Charlie crawled further, those hands started exploring Charlie’s body once again, and she moaned softly as they reached her heads.  Charlie caught one of Violet’s back hands and started plucking at the fingertips, sliding the long tight glove down and off to eventually leave bare skin once again.  Violet started to work on another glove, pulling at the fingers with one hand while two more helped along the arm.  Charlie soon felt bare skin against her members once again and Violet’s back hands went to work, while she raised her front arms over her head and removed each of the remaining gloves in turn.

Charlie thrusted gently as Violet’s hands pulled and stroked, rubbing the heads of the massive members across her lower breasts until they were slick with pre-cum. Charlie dropped her tongue into Violet’s mouth from above, and Violet ran her fingers along its length before Charlie swooped down for a deep, hungry kiss. Violet’s hands were everywhere, raking Charlie’s back, tweaking her nipples, rubbing and squeezing her dicks, and Charlie knew that it would be extremely hard for her to hold back for much longer.

Violet saw Charlie start to crawl backwards, drawing her members away from Violet’s reaching hands, and soon she felt Charlie’s mouth kissing and sucking her top-right breast. She squeezed her upper boobs together as Charlie dove into the cleavage, and pulled Charlie’s head closer with a spare hand as she was effectively titty-fucked by her enormous tongue. Charlie backed up further and dropped her mouth and lips onto the lower-left nipple, and Violet soon felt her lower-right nipple being licked at the same time.  She arched her back at the incredible sensations, and tried to sit up as Charlie moved away once again, reaching desperately for her two towers, only to be pushed back onto the bed. She felt hands on her thighs and shivered in anticipation.

Charlie knelt down and spread Violet’s legs apart, before lifting one strap of the thong and pressing in and upwards with her thumb.  It slid easily up and Violet twitched as it moved over her clit, her two left hands holding each other while her back-right moved down towards her crotch as if to help on the other side.  Charlie moved Violet’s hand away and leaned in, moving the other string to the side and inserting her tongue into the moist valley on the left. She swirled the tip of her tongue around, and Violet’s hips began to move to match the rhythm, before thrusting her tongue further and further inside. Her thumb continued to rub the other pussy, and Violet’s hands grabbed Charlie’s short hair and pulled her face into her crotch.

“I neeeeed you inside me,” Violet groaned.

“Ah ammm” said Charlie around her extended tongue.

“Yeah… Nnnno… Fill me up like ohhhnly you can.”

Charlie pulled out, savoring the taste of her lover as she sat up.  She grabbed the thong around Violet’s hips and pulled it down, lifting Violet’s legs up to remove the last shred of clothing.  As she lowered her legs again, Violet brought her feet together around Charlie’s cocks and pressed them together, forcing one shaft to slide on top of the other as she rubbed them between her feet.  Charlie allowed it to continue for a few moments before grabbing Violet’s ankles, moving them out around her sides, licking some pre-cum off the sole of the left foot on the way.

Violet spread her legs wide once again as Charlie crawled over her, and as she felt the throbbing heads touching her inner thighs, she lifted herself up on her back elbows and reached up to pull Charlie’s mouth to hers once again.  After a moment, Charlie backed up so that her ten-inch terrors were clear, and Violet lay down and got three hands ready to guide them inside, her front-left hand grasping Charlie’s right breast.  She felt the tips touch her and firmly press against her, and she opened her legs wider ready to be entered.  Then suddenly, the pressure stopped again as Charlie pulled back.

“So, did you have more clothes to show me?” Charlie smirked as she sat up, panting slightly.

Violet’s eyes were wide with shock and desperation.  “Wha..?”

“Oh yeah.  Payback’s a bitch.” Charlie laughed, but she couldn’t keep up the act for long.  As Violet’s mouth dropped open, Charlie moved forwards again and quickly found the left pussy, and then the right with Violet’s guiding hands helping once more.  Her eyes squeezed closed from the simultaneous stimulation as she pressed inside, working hard not to thrust her full lengths all at once out of fear of hurting Violet.  Slowly she eased forwards and backwards, Violet’s moans getting louder with each movement, until she was fully contained, her chest brushing against the erect lower pair of nipples below.

Charlie smiled down at her lover through half-closed eyes as she began thrusting, causing Violet to give a sharp moan each time.  Violet tried to keep her hands on Charlie’s firm ass, but since Charlie had to move so far for a full thrust, it was hard to hold on and Violet settled for raking 15 fingernails over her back, while her back-left hand focused on playing with Charlie’s swaying breasts.  Violet writhed and ground her hips, matching the rhythm and once again savoring the incredible feeling of both pussies being filled at once, something she’d never experienced until a week ago.  As Charlie sped up, her thursting got smaller and more insitent, bumping Violet’s groin and slightly pinching between her vaginas.  Violet was ready to burst but was waiting to time her climax with Charlie’s.  She curled her body slightly so she could reach around Charlie’s leg with her front-right hand, and behind her three testicles, Violet found Charlie’s small vagina hidden away and reached inside with her index finger.  Like she’d pulled a trigger, Charlie immediately cried out and shuddered as she climaxed, and violet felt her right pussy orgasm moments before her left.  She pulled Charlie’s butt tight toward her with her back hands, holding her deep inside, and felt the massive cocks twitching and pressing against things inside her that were probably not meant to be be touched.  She didn’t care, it felt incredible, and her front hands scratched Charlie’s back and waist as she held on tight, lost in bliss.

Charlie orgasmed for longer than she thought possible, first sent over by the tweak her clit recieved, then driven on by the amazing fact that both her shafts were enveloped in a pussy each, and on the same person.  Violet’s hands all over her body added to the sensual overload, and when she started to slow down and opened her eyes, she was met with the sight of four large breasts jiggling below her as Violet continued to spasm, causing her to thrust again involuntarily and continue to climax.  She had lost control of her tongue at some point and now six inches were hanging out of her mouth, which she tried to reel in as she panted.  Violet’s tight grip softened as she finished as well, and Charlie lowered herself onto Violet’s mouth for a quick kiss, then a much longer one, before she gently laid on Violet’s deep chest, breathing heavily.

They lay quietly for a moment, catching their breath.  Charlie was enjoying the feeling of the extra padding Violet’s lower breasts were providing.  Violet lifted her back hands off the bed to join her front arms wrapped around Charlie’s torso, and started to gently drag all of her fingertips up and down Charlie’s back.  Violet felt Charlie relax, melting under her hands.  She couldn’t believe how amazing this had been, how suddenly she had gained a girlfriend, and how incredible Charlie was.  Violet wrapped her arms tightly around her lover and kissed her neck as she nuzzled close.

“I love you so much” Violet whispered.

“I love you too.”

Charlie surprised herself.  She’d certainly made love before, but never really felt like she was in love.  Is that was this was?  This was more than the sex and gratification Charlie often sought… although that was certainly incredible with Violet, who was a perfect match with Charlie for pleasing each other.  Violet laughed at her jokes but still took her seiously.  She cared about her even though she was seeking help for herself.  She understood her situation, and seemed to love her for who she was.  Maybe Violet would change if she met someone else or the sex died down, but Charlie kinda doubted it.. Violet seemed too sincere.  Charlie let her guard down a bit and snuggled into Violet, kissing the space where her left shoulders met her neck.  “I’m so glad you found me.”

They lay on top of each other for a few moments more, until Violet needed to move Charlie so it was easier to breathe.  Charlie was lighter than Violet, but still heavy after a while.  Charlie slipped her mostly-flaccid members out and rolled to the side, lying on her back along Violet’s right side.  Violet looked over, still amazed at the size and number of Charlie’s penises, even now.  The right one was lying up near Charlie’s belly button, the left draped over her  upper thigh.  Violet rolled onto her right arms to lay against her lover, resting her left arms and breasts on Charlie’s chest.  Her front-left hand rested on Charlie’s breast, idly circling the nipple with her finger.  “You are amazingly sexy, you know that?” She said dreamily.

“Oh I know.” Said Charlie with her usual smirk, eyes half closed.  “You’re not too bad yourself.”  She placed her right hand on Violet’s lower left, giving it a gentle squeeze, before reaching further over to brush against the lower-left nipple that was resting on her.  To have someone snuggling like this and still be seeing a full cleavage was yet another amazing new experience, and she ran her hands gently over the soft, full globes, making Violet close her eyes and sigh softly.  She rubbed gently around the large nipple on the lower breast, returning the favor to Violet, and gave the nearer nipple a quick lick with her tongue.  Violet moved, and Charlie felt her left dick lifted up and hefted gently in Violet’s back-left hand, before she dropped it back to Charle’s leg.  “Really?  You want another go already?” she said she she felt her left member stirring slowly back to life.

Violet smiled, content. “No, not really.  I just wanted to feel them when they’re like this.”  She gently lifted and squeezed the right cock with her fingertips, feeling it start to harden at her touch.  “Beautiful.”  She wrapped her back left arm across Charlie’s stomach and snuggled in close, enjoying just being with her: the feeling of her skin, her smell, the curve of her lips.

They lay together for a long time, until Violet’s right arms started to tingle.  Charlie got up first and headed to the small bathroom, to cleam herself up a bit.  Violet picked up her large pyjama tank top and then watched, mesmerized by the swinging six-inch snakes, as Charlie returned and tried to find her clothes.  By the time Violet came out of the bathroom wearing her PJs and feeling a little less sticky, Charlie was dressed and examining the custom red lace lingerie Violet had modeled earlier.

“This is really nice work.  It looks better on you though.” she smiled.

“So do you still prefer me naked?” Violed asked, stepping closer and wrapping her arms around Charlie’s neck and waist.

“Well… it’s a toss-up.” Charlie smirked and then leaned in for a long kiss.  “I’m sorry, I need to get going.  We both have work tomorrow!”

“Oh yeah, you almost made me forget!”

“You’re blaming me for things already?” Charlie said with mock-indignation, then she smiled. “I guess it’s better to start now.”  She looked at the lingerie top, still in her hands.  “I am definitely getting ideas.  Let’s talk clothes next time.”

Violet took the top and threw it onto the bed. “Okay, sounds like a plan.  When?”

“Maybe Saturday?  And Sunday?  And…”

“I’m working.  I’ll text you when I get off.”

“Okay.” said Charlie.  “Just don’t get off without me.”

Violet slapped her arm, then held her hand as they walked to the door. “I’ll miss you.  I love you.”  They kissed one last time and Charlie waved as she headed down the stairs.  Violet closed the door and held herself tight for a moment with all four arms, savoring the end of one of the best evenings of her life, and went to bed dreaming about her new girlfriend.