Two Figures in an Alley

Written by Loren Ipsun
December 19, 2017
4 Breasts Animal Parts Extra Arms Extra Legs Strange

Evan stared down at his phone, contemplating the icons.  Games.  They were all games.  And dumb ones.  He had had his fill for the day, and he still had another half an hour to burn.  Public transportation was the fucking worst.  Well, not really.  If not for the bus routes, he wouldn’t be able to get around.  He settled for looking out of the window, instead.  The sights and sounds of Romania had been appealing at first, but after four months they had just become the norm.  He was a third of the way through his study abroad program, and already starting to wish it was over.  He missed his friends, he missed his family, and he missed having a good internet connection.  That was the worst part.

The bus’s window felt cold against his face.  He let his gaze drift across the sidewalk, people-watching.  That was one of the benefits of being in Europe.  When the cities were walkable, more people walked, and you got to see interesting characters, not hidden by their giant aluminum shells.  An old drunk slipped on a patch of ice, dropping his bottle of vodka.  A young couple were arguing loud enough that he could almost make out the words.  A lady with a giant, feathered hat slowly made her way to the grocery store, probably.  Curious, but mundane.

The bus paused at a stoplight, giving him a view down an alley.  There was a truck parked there, and a couple unloading something from the truck bed.  It looked pretty big.  Both of them were having to work at it.  The man hopped down and the woman-  Wait.  What?  Only the woman remained in the truck bed, but he could distinctly make out four legs.  She stepped to the edge, then sat down, sliding off of the tailgate to land on the cobblestones.  For the brief moment she was sitting, he could make out four legs under her dress.  The light changed, and the bus began to slowly roll away.

His heart froze.  It was… impossible.  He had to be seeing things.  There was no way it could be real.  Four legs?  He pulled on the stop cord without even thinking.  The bus slowly drifted to the side, doors opening to the cold weather.  He grabbed his backpack, running outside.  Why?  Why was he doing this?  Because he saw something?  He knew he was crazy, that he was wrong, but he had to see.  To check.  He bolted in the direction of the alley, leaving his ride behind.  The truck was still there, but the couple was absent.  He slowed, heading into the side street to investigate.

The truck was nondescript.  A beaten, blue Toyota from over ten years ago.  He glanced inside the cab, but it only had the things he had come to expect around here:  An ashtray and about a carton of cigarettes.  No hints.  He turned to the alley, looking for exits.  The far end went to another street, so he doubted they went in there.  There were a few doors, but they all proved to be locked.  She might have gone in one, but he hoped not.  He had no way to follow.  The only other exit was a large archway, leading to a courtyard.   He peeked his head in, hoping for a clue.

There were several people talking, but it was hard to see.  He raised his head a little, trying to make out the talkers.  A flash of grey:  The man!  He ducked down again, thinking.  It was them!  He leaned out further, trying to make out the group.  The man was blocking the way, but a quick count confirmed his suspicions.  Three heads, but eight legs!  They started heading off into the building, and he finally got his first good look at his quarry.

She was a couple of inches under six feet tall, but her hair made her look bigger.  It hung down to her waist, in shiny brown waves.  She was wearing a large dress, almost a ballgown, and he could see why:  Out of that dress descended four legs, all seemingly human, but impossibly so.  She moved awkwardly, as if balancing a weight between her legs.  She turned, laughing, and he got a look at her front.  Not just four legs, but four arms!  Her belly bulged out, making her look pregnant.  But the pink flesh visible under her shirt told the truth.  He had seen enough cows.  She had an udder!

He ducked back again, his head spinning.  What was she?  Four legs, four arms, and an udder?  He had to get another look.  She had gone inside, but he could hear them talking on the other side of the door.  Her, her driver, and the person they had come to meet.  He could hardly go inside, so he did the only thing he could think of:  He waited.  The alley didn’t have any good hiding spots, unfortunately, so he returned to the street, trying to keep a nonchalant watch on the truck.  He was nervous, shaking with excitement, anticipation.  This was unreal.  A freak!  But so crazy at the same time!  She didn’t look like a freak.  She didn’t appear deformed, or uncomfortable.  Just a woman who happened to be half cow and twice the average in the limb department!  He fiddled with his phone, trying to appear like he was waiting, but glancing back into the alley every thirty seconds would have tipped off any observers.

After an eternity, he heard voices echoing down the alley.  His head jerked up from his phone, the moment finally arriving.  Somehow, he managed to not immediately look.  No one else had entered the alley.  It had to be them.  Refraining from peeking was the hardest thing he had ever done.  He heard a clunk.  The tailgate!  He could hold himself no longer.  He turned the corner, watching the pair.

The man was in the truck bed, helping the woman up.  She held his hand in one of her own, and she used two others to steady herself against the tailgate.  She heaved, lifting her udder up, then lifted a leg (foreleg?) and rested it on the gate.  Holy fucking shit, this was unreal!  No one would ever believe him.  He looked down at the phone in his hand, and knew that he had to get proof.  Bringing up the camera, he snapped a picture of her trying to climb into the truck.  The driver glanced up and yelled.  Shit!  Evan dropped his phone in surprise.  The screen shattering on the hard cobblestones.  He scrambled for it on all fours, grabbing the ruined device and running away from the irate driver.

When he glanced back, he saw the man was chasing him, but the years of smoking weren’t doing anything for the driver’s speed.  Evan was outpacing him, his lead growing by the second.  He cut through a mall, then a park.  Two more turns, and he paused, panting. There was no sign of his aggressor.  He looked down at his phone.  Just his fucking luck!  He takes the most amazing picture known to humanity, and immediately breaks his phone.  He wanted to throw it, he wanted to scream, but he just settled for impotent rage.  Had he seen it?  He hadn’t hallucinated, right?  Maybe he could… Maybe he could salvage his phone.  He waited a few more minutes, to see if he had lost his tail, but when he didn’t spot the driver, he felt some of the tension dissipate.  He had seen the impossible and survived.

He wandered towards the nearest bus stop, and got on the ancient tram.  Without his phone, he didn’t know the routes.  He didn’t care.  He slumped into the hard plastic chair, trying to replay the events of the last few minutes.  He wasn’t crazy.  It had been real.  He’d seen her.  The impossible woman.  The bus line intersected his normal route, and he got out, shivering in the cold as he waited for the next bus.  He’d be home soon.  He could check.  Show it was real.  He exhaled, trying to relax.  Nothing to do now, but wait.

He made it home half an hour later, a little after dark.  His apartment seemed strangely empty, an anticlimax to the excitement of the afternoon.  He clicked the light on, waiting for the sputtering bulb to draw current.  It always seemed to take a few minutes for the electricity to get flowing, as if there was some kind of hamster wheel behind the wall powering his devices.  Speaking of which.  He turned on his laptop, waiting another eternity as it booted.  Moment of truth.  He plugged his shattered phone into the device.

His laptop binged, stating it had a connection.  He navigated to the picture folder, not realizing that he was holding his breath.  It had become a mission, a quest.  Proof that he wasn’t insane.  He scrolled through the pictures until he came to the most recent.  He double clicked on it, bringing it full screen.

There she was.  His unicorn.  It was hardly a flattering picture.  She was bent over, crawling up into the truck.  One of her legs was up, lifting her dress.  He couldn’t see her face.  What he could see, however, was even more amazing.  An udder.  She had an udder between those four legs.  He tried to remember the scene.  She’d already lifted it up.  So why could he see it here?  Realization dawned.  She didn’t just have an udder, she had two!  One on her belly, and one between her legs!  No wonder she had been walking funny.  That mass of soft, squishy flesh hung between her legs, rubbing against her thighs as she walked.

He felt a flush of warmth sweep across his body, and he realized that he was getting excited.  His manhood had surged, rubbing up against the fabric of his crotch.  Did he find her sexy?  He stared at that massive pink orb.  It was basically a giant breast, right?  His cock surged again, and he unbuttoned his pants to free it.  A big boob, hanging between her legs, constantly getting jostled while she walked.  It was kind of sexy, in its own way.  She wouldn’t be able to help rubbing herself.  He gave himself a few strokes to simulate the experience.  Suddenly, something caught his eye.  The teats were… strange. He zoomed in.  They were dark, and far too large, not the pink finger-shaped protrusions he had seen on cows during his trips to the countryside.  They were-

They weren’t teats.  His eye caught another detail.  There was something in the picture, hidden on the far side of the udder, extending out.  It was tough to see against the skin of her leg, but…  He zoomed in again.  No, it couldn’t be!  A cock.  She had a cock.  Coming out of the far side of her udder.  But not just any cock.  The head was large, too flat.  The girth was far larger than any human penis.  She had a horse’s shaft growing out of her udder.  Suddenly the large, strange teats made sense.  They weren’t nipples, they were sheathes.

Evan leaned back in his chair, slowly assimilating the information.  His cock throbbed, fully erect.  He pulled down his boxers to give it some breathing room.  Holy.  Fucking.  Shit.  This woman didn’t just have two udders, she had four horsecocks.  He stroked himself gently, his erection almost painfully eager.  He was no stranger to the internet.  He had seen futas before, and cowgirls.  Some even with udders.  But in real life?  He wrapped his fingers around the head of his cock, teasing himself.  A real girl.  Not a picture.  The most extreme girl he had ever seen, and real.

He found a bottle of hand lotion, and began stroking himself in earnest.  This was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.  A chance encounter in an alley had become the ultimate fetish fuel.  He closed his eyes, trying to picture what she looked like.  He hadn’t seen her face, so he pictured someone young and pretty.  Long brown hair, that would dance against her breasts as she laughed.  He’d been too focused on the extra legs to stare at her breasts, but it was easy to imagine.  They’d probably be big.  She was a cowgirl, after all!  Big and bouncy.  He tried to remember the pictures of cowgirls he had seen, the ones with udders.  One, in particular, had four breasts.  As soon as he thought it, it just clicked.  Of course she had four breasts.  She had four arms.  It would only make sense!  He laughed as he squeezed himself, his excitement growing.

So.  Four arms, four breasts, and an udder.  But what did she look like down below?   That didn’t take much imagination.  He had seen the goods.  Four legs, all surrounding a second, larger udder.  And not just any udder!  An udder with horsecocks for teats!  He imagined her getting excited, the shafts slowly slipping out of their sheathes, dangling for all to see.  Free to swing, to rub against her legs.  What would that feel like, to have four massive cocks of his own, every step a wind chime of pleasure… He shook his head, banishing the thought.  No, he was just fantasizing about her.

That complicated udder sent him over the edge.  With a small gasp, he came, spilling his seed on the desk.  He came again, a second splash, and then a third.  This was way more than he usually produced.  His penis began to grow thick in his hand, his fingers breaking apart as they could no longer wrap around it.  What the fuck?  He looked down, and was staggered by what he saw.  His manhood was changing.  No longer the tool he was familiar with, it was growing by the second, longer and fatter and… flatter?!?  Realization dawned.  His penis was turning into a horsecock!  As it surged past a foot, the skin at the base started to grow black spots, giving the shaft a mottled color.  The head flared out, losing any remaining semblance of humanity.  A medial ring formed in the middle, a thick ring of texture for his potential mates to better feel the size of his endowment.  The growth slowed when it hung down to his knees, the head flaring like a mushroom.

What.  The.  Fuck.  He lifted the hefty monster, feeling the weight of it, as if measuring it could prove it wasn’t real.  But it remained resolutely thick and warm and attached to his groin.  He stroked it gently.  He couldn’t help himself.  It was over a foot and a half long, a masterpiece of flesh.  It responded, the head flaring as a surge of blood flowed into it.  Suddenly the sensation of growth hit him again, and he watched as the cock began to swell again, this time outwards instead of forwards.  Within seconds, the girth doubled, far too big for any girl to ever take.  Then it doubled again.  It was like having a third leg.  It bounced forward, stiff as a board, before lines began to form.  A crease appeared on the side of that massive, flared monster, slowly running down the length as the head split into four separate shafts.  Oh god.  Oh god it was happening to him!  Sure enough, the crease ran down to his groin, each piece forming into a separate horse shaft, twenty pounds of virile stallion looking for a mare.  The forest of cocks lay against his thigh, rubbing against his skin and causing them to leak in excitement.  He pulled his hands away, fearing that touching them was accelerating the change.

That, however, did not seem to be the case.  His balls began to swell, but not as he would have expected.  They swelled up, growing over the base of the lower cocks, then over the upper ones.  The skin lost it’s wrinkliness as it expanded, pushing up the throbbing lengths. Evan swallowed heavily.  He knew what was happening.  He was growing an udder.    The bulging sac of flesh lifted the cocks off of his groin, the errant spears now free to bounce and jostle, no longer rooted to a stable base.  The udder grew larger, brushing against his thighs as his new, erect stallionhoods bounced against his shins.  What was happening?  Did he do this?!  He couldn’t imagine how, but had that errant thought caused this monstrous transformation?

No, it couldn’t be.  That was impossible.  But so was the change.  It just didn’t happen.  He frantically ran over his thoughts, trying to remember if he had imagined any more changes.  But no, it had just been the udder.  He breathed a sigh of relief.  At least it was over.  A tingle ran down his legs, causing an involuntary shiver.  He looked down, but didn’t see anything happening.  No, wait… all his leg hair had fallen out.  His legs were growing smoother, skinnier, more… feminine.  He watched as his toes became small and dainty, a cute foot on what would have been a cute girl if they weren’t attached to him!  Just above his legs, he felt two bulges beginning to form.  Out from his belly rose two geysers of flesh, soon forming themselves into long protrusions.  When a joint formed, he realized what was happening.  Legs.  He was growing a second pair of legs.  The new pair kicked into existence, dainty feet like his (now) originals squirming into being as they fell on top of his udder.

He stared at them in disbelief.  But how could he disbelieve what was right before his eyes?  A pair of cute girl’s legs was resting on top of his new udder, which itself was sitting on his original pair of legs.  He felt his body shift a little further, his spine adjusting to align that massive weight below his spine.  Two surges of icy fire caused an involuntary shiver once again; a brief flare of pleasure in between each pair of legs.  He tried not to look, to not imagine what was happening, but he knew.  Vaginas.  He had grown a pussy.  Not just one, but two, one for each pair of legs.  He gaped at the innocent little slit, unable to comprehend that he had become a she.

But that delusion would not last for long.  The tingle of change was sweeping up his torso, his belly slimming as it became more feminine.  The skin of his stomach grew pinker, bulging out like an inflated balloon.  Four tiny lumps formed, wayward fingers sprouting from his burgeoning udder.  It grew to the size of a beachball, resting heavily on his forelegs, hiding his new slit from view.  He pressed his hands against the udder, shoving it, as if he could stop the growth by pure will.  The pressure doubled, pain increasing, as two more hands began to shove it away.  He opened his eyes, seeing his new, lower pair of arms for the first time.  No, no!  As the changes swept upward, two points between his new arms darkened, gaining the familiar shape of areola.   These, too bulged outward, soft flesh gaining a spherical form as his new pair of breasts developed.  His original nipples soon followed suit, exploding into an identical pair of tits, just barely more than a handful, which sat heavily on his lower pair.  Was it really his?  Was he still a he?  He had a vagina (two, in fact), and four big, beautiful tits.  His whole body was feminine.  Two big udders bulged from her body… She was a her now, wasn’t she?

The changes swept over her head.  She couldn’t see what was happening, but she knew.  Her face was turning more feminine, cheekbones gaining definition as her beard fell away.  Her scalp tickled as her hair grew out, giving her the luscious locks the strange woman in the alley had.  And with that, the sensation faded.  She waited several seconds, dreading a return, but it did not come.  She was, apparently, complete.  The head of a cute girl.  Four arms, like the woman from the alley, and four breasts, just like she had imagined.  The smooth, flawless flesh gave way to a heavy udder bulging from her belly, four finger-sized teats almost begging to be played with.  Behind it a pair of legs, hiding an untouched slit.  And further back (yes, there was a further back), a second udder, but unlike any other.  For instead of having teats, she had cocks.  Horsecocks, to be precise.  This second hybrid udder was currently resting against her hind legs, putting a pleasant pressure on her inner thighs.

What the fuck just happened?  She’d seen a picture of the strange woman, had some fun, and turned into a copy of her?  This… It just didn’t happen!  It was unreal!  She placed her hind feet on the ground, braced her lower arms against the armrests of the chair, and attempted to stand.  Her center of balance was totally wrong, and there was too much weight on her chest.  She fell back, unsuccessful.  Taking a moment to catch her breath, she rolled forward, and this time her forelegs made contact with the floor.  As she rose, she felt the heavy mass of her lower udder dangling beneath her, bouncing against her legs as she steadied herself like a pendulum.  She was up.  Her belly udder protruded out in front of her, making her look pregnant.  Lifting her legs one by one, she found that she had control over her forelegs, able to move them as well as her old pair.  She waddled into the bathroom, desperate for a mirror.

The sight that greeted her was not a surprise, but it was breathtaking nonetheless.  She was gorgeous.  The perfect girl next door.  Long brown hair rolled in waves down her back.  Her breasts were perky and round, squishing ever so gently against each other.  A few inches below that her udder rolled out, the teats sticking out like fingers on a glove.  She reached down with a lower hand and wrapped her fingers around one.  It was squishy like a water balloon.  She tugged it gently, and was rewarded with a  jolt of pleasure.  She was… a cow.  Human, but a cow too.  She glanced at herself in the mirror, and saw the lower udder.  Human, cow, and… horse.  She was sad at the loss of her manhood, but had she really lost it?  She was far more endowed than she had ever been before.  Her new cocks looked to be about a foot long apiece, and she had four of them.  Enough meat for an orgy, all on her own.  She laughed, breaking a little of the tension.  What the fuck was she going to do?  She raised her upper arms and caressed her breasts.  She’d always had a thing for breasts, and now she had a pair of her own.   Two pairs, in fact…

Her fingers danced over the full, lush spheres, feeling the smooth flesh.  It tickled, in a pleasant, gentle way.  Her breasts were flawless, light and creamy and delightfully heavy.  She cupped the upper pair, lifting them.  They were heavy and full in her hands, the perfect size to be held and squeezed.  She did so, her slim fingers sinking slightly into the pliant flesh.  A thrill ran through her body.  It felt so good.  She found that her lower pair of hands had wrapped around her second pair of breasts, and was squeezing them as well. She didn’t complain.  It felt wonderful.  Her fingers wrapped around her fat nipples, pinching and rolling the miniature teats.  The pleasure swelled, and she felt a draft around her legs.  What?  She looked in the mirror, and saw that her excitement had caused a few of the horsecocks to emerge from their sheathes.  The fat, flat heads were dangling in the open air, the slick coating of her sheathes causing a chill when it contacted the air.  She smiled.  She never thought she would get to see that woman up close!  And now, now she had four dangling horsecocks and two udders.

Her upper arms continued to play with her tits, but she directed her lower arms to pay attention to her udder.  It was big and mysterious, a new canvas to explore.  She wrapped her hands around two teats, gently tugging them like before.  It was a different sort of pleasure than playing with her breasts.  While they were high and light, this was deep and muted, like a bassline to her melody of masturbation.  She rubbed the head of the teat with her thumb, and felt it stiffen up under her fingers.  To her surprise, she felt a bead of liquid drip out.  She was leaking milk!  She laughed.  Well, that only made sense.  She was milking herself!  She continued her awkward stroking, first dribbles then small stream of milk spilling onto the tile floor.  “Moooooo.” She said to herself quietly.  Oh god, this felt fantastic.  It was like her whole body was built for this, an instrument of various pleasures.  She was not surprised to see that her cocks had all left their sheathes, dangling down to her shins and swaying as she played with herself.  It was an incredible turn-on.  Her only regret was that she would never be able to reach them.

…But she didn’t have to, did she?  As the pleasure began to rise, her lower right hand snaked underneath the udder, fingers finding that feminine slit.  She could reach it, just barely.  Her fingers danced along the lips, fingers finding themselves lubricated by her own juices.  A spike of pleasure raced through her as she found a thick nub.  Her fingers came back to that, more lances of pleasure rolling through her body.  She pinched it with her thumb and forefinger, moaning and growing weak in the knees.  What was this?  Two of her fingers slipped into her slit as she played with her new clit, her arousal beginning to leak from her cleft as her cocks firmed to full erection.  Every small movement caused her cocks to bounce against her legs and each other, sending sporadic shivers of joy through her body, almost like a topping to the orgasmic sundae of her vagina.  She lifted her breasts with her upper arms, burying her face in the soft flesh as she plunged into her slit, muffling her cries of joy in her prodigious bust.  She felt the crescendo building uncontrollably, the pleasure rising to unsustainable levels.  With a loud cry, she came.

The pleasure rolled through her body in a wave, submerging her in orgasmic bliss.  The waves of joy from her vagina were matched by the sporadic spikes of pure ecstasy from her cocks erupting.  Copious spurts of seed spilled on the floor, mixing with the milk of her udder to make treacherous footing, even with four feet.  She was so addled by the orgasm that she slipped, falling into the wall and causing her udder to splay out in front of her.  She could see the horsecocks bucking as they spilled their load, strands of cum leaping out in front of her to join the puddle.  Wonderfully, slowly, the orgasm began to fade.  She felt the levels of pleasure sink to sustainable levels, leaving her with a warm, exciting afterglow.  Her cheeks were flush with the excitement of touching herself.  She took a minute to breathe and slow her beating heart.

She found that she had closed her eyes as she rested, and opened them again.  The floor was a sticky mess, covered in a puddle of milk and cum.  She tried to get to her feet, and slipped on the copious mixture.  Realizing that she would never gain her footing in the bathroom, she unglamorously crawled into the carpeted bedroom, and slowly got to her feet.  All four of them.  As the heat of the moment faded, realization slowly dawned.  She was a freak.  A sexy freak.  She didn’t know how, or why, or, most importantly, what to do about it.  But those were questions for later.  She felt drained, exhausted from her marathon exploration session.  She crawled onto the bed, tossing the covers over her monstrous, glorious form, and was asleep before she managed to turn off the lights.


He woke up in darkness.  A void surrounded him.  No walls, no floor.  Just emptiness.  And then the woman was there.  The woman from the alley.  She was walking towards him, slowly.  She was in front of him, and her clothes were gone.  He saw her.  He saw every bit of her, from the four legs to the two udders to the four arms that were wrapping around him.  She pulled him into a hug, pressing her breasts against him before letting him go.  He was naked now, too.  Her foreleg rose, her dainty toes touching his leg.  His thigh.  His cock.  Her foot brushed along his length, teasing it to erection.  They were in bed, and she was standing over him, his manhood rising like a flagpole.  She brushed her toes against it, and he felt himself nearing the peak-

He woke up with a pleasant buzz.  Morning wood.  He grinned, and turned to roll out of bed.  Except… Except there was too much of him.  Too much weight, with strange momentum.  He flipped off the covers, and saw a mass of pink flesh.  No!  It had been real!  She saw that she had been stroking one of her cocks with a foot in her sleep, causing the equine shaft to stiffen.  She rolled awkwardly out of bed, landing on four feet with the one errant cock bouncing against her shin.

What the fuck was she going to do?  Apparently that dream, that nightmare, had been real.  She was some strange creature.  A freak.  A sexy beast.  In Romania!  He didn’t know anyone he could go to for help.