The Succubus Collar (Edited RP)

Written by Loren Ipsun
December 13, 2017
6 Breasts Extra Arms Extra Genitals Furry Taur

Jim scraped the chalk against the concrete, completing the circle. “Phyrexilustria, I summon thee!” The scrawny twenty-something youth raised his arms up to the sky, and then slammed them down, purely for the dramatic effect.

As soon as the summon was completed, a mist began to leak from the edges of the chalk-drawn summoning circle. The mist slowly developed into a form that resembled a body. The eyes were first, dark, glowing with brilliant red corruption. Horns sprouted just above them, and her body filled in slowly as the smoke dissipated. She was beautiful, every feature perfectly sculpted but immediately ruined by piercings and tattoos that lined her body. The Demoness was tall, standing well above the scrawny young man, and the muscle and definition in her form showed great signs of physical prowess coupled with seductive curves. Her skin was a dusky copper color with red highlights along her flowing raven hair. She wore what could be described as a fur bikini, the top holding her bust so that the cleavage mashed together while her buttoms bore a bump that no proper female should posses. All said, her features seemed slightly draconic. She looked down at the man with a wicked frown. “Why did you summon me, mortal?”

Jim looked down nervously. “Well, it was mostly to see if it would work… but… you see… I kind of have this thing.” He gulped. “I don’t really know how to say it… You see, there’s this thing called a furry…”

The demoness laughed, a dark and horrible sound. Her slightly deep yet alluringly female voice was dark and full of malice, and there seemed to be a twitch in that strange bulge in her fur-lined panties. “You wish to become more akin to an animal. Is that it?”

Jim nervously looked away, and adjusted the hem of his voluminous robe. It would appear that he was trying to find a way to not answer. “I’ve seen all these pictures. Catgirls, bunnygirls, cowgirls. They are so cute, with the ears and tails. Some of them even have more than two breasts…” His eyes went glassy for a moment as his attention turned towards his inner perversion. “I kinda want ta… be with one…” He looked up, staring straight into the demoness’s eyes. “Can you make that happen?”

The demoness took the tip of her claw and tapped it against her chin, considering the mortal’s plea. It was certainly possible, as many creatures of that sort were present in the realms that she had access to, but at what cost? She assumed that a simple tit-for-tat would be the most expected, such as purchase of the soul or a brief sexual favor, but honestly, that was beneath her. It was so much more satisfying when one damned themselves! Her clawed hand moved from her chin to spin into the air, conjuring a golden collar with demonic symbols scrawled about either side. “I can. Would you like to hear my deal?”

Jim gulped nervously, eyes entirely focused on the collar. “D-Deal?” His momentary hesitation was quickly erased as he thought on the possibilities that the golden ring could provide. “OK, let’s hear it.”

She held up the collar, admiring it with those crimson eyes. “You will wear this collar. For twenty-four hours, you will be able to summon any sort of woman you wish, to your exacting specifications. Make her a feline, bovine, both. Set her personality to dominant, submissive, lust-filled. Make a harem. Just know this: everything you do has a price and consequence while you wear this. Do we have a deal?”

Jim’s eyes shone brightly. “That’s all? Put it on me, lady!” He reached over to shake the clawed, demonic hand.

Returning the shake, she snapped her fingers, securing the collar about his neck. “I will be back for this in twenty-four hours.” With that, she stepped through a mist that rose from the summoning circle and disappeared.

Jim reached up and toyed with the collar, tracing his fingers along the inlaid runes. “This is gonna be fantastic.” He shook off his robe and idly kicked the edges of the summoning circle, smearing the chalk into non-existence. “Any kind of girl I want…” Images of animalgirls fluttered through his brain, rapidly cycling between all manner of form and species. He shook his head. “What am I doing, fantasizing about this, when I could have one here right now!” He conjured up an image in his head of a four breasted cowgirl, fully anthropomorphic. Muzzle, hooves, bovine legs, and an udder, just like he had dreamed of so many nights in the past.

Right before his eyes, the bovine woman materialized. She was just as specified, the right amount of cow mixed into her features, but just human enough to be oh-so right. Her four breasts sagged, completely full of milk and almost bursting! Her thick cow-legs held her up, hooves clinking against the ground as she stood, three-fingered hands splayed across the swell of her hip. The curves were almost impossible, beautiful, and everything just seemed bloated and inviting, not to mention the musk emanating from between naked legs! Still, all of the splendour was almost enough to have the man ignore the gurgling in his own stomach.

Jim sat on the edge of the bed, stunned. Even with all he has seen today, he didn’t think the collar would actually work. It WORKED! The most beautiful creature he had ever seen, in the flesh, was sitting right here in front of him. Say something you idiot! “H-Hi, I’m Jim…”

The cowgirl turned to him and opened her muzzle, letting out a gentle moo sound as she made her way towards him. “I need.. Help! So much milk, I’m so full!… Didn’t get a chance to… Mih.. Mooo!…” Sure enough, milk was leaking from her nipples and teats, dribbling onto the floor, creating little puddles of the stuff. There was a haze in the cow-girl’s eyes as she looked over Jim, almost begging. Again, Jim’s stomach began to gurgle, feeling… full.

Jim did not hesitate for even a second. It’s like his words came out of her mouth! He threw her against the bed, getting her into a position where it would be easier to satisfy her request. The cowgirl was rather difficult to move, but momentum took over as she crashed on to the sheets, all of her breasts and udder jiggling oh-so enticingly. He tenderly approached from between her spread legs, and lowered his mouth down towards her udder. He grabbed a long teat, and rolled it around with his fingers, licking the small amount of milk that budded on the tip. He slid it into his mouth, getting a taste of that delicious, fresh milk. Before long, he had switched to a more efficient sucking motion, trying to drain the helpless bovine of her burden. During this time, his hands slithered upwards, alternating between caressing the delicious four-pack and squeezing one of the cowgirl’s nipples.

Her three-fingered hands gripped the sheets tightly as a long moo escaped her lips, bliss coupling with relief as Jim wrapped about her teat and began to suckle the excess from her udder. The milk came out so easily, and the creamy, musky, straight-off-the-farm flavor was impossible to resist! Underneath the pair, the bed bounced and strained under their weight, milk dribbling from the nipples above as they were tweaked and loved on. “Ohhh! Yes, please! Mooh-Moore!” she cried. It seemed wildly appropriate that Jim was enjoying the milk so much, because that gurgling was forming into an unsightly lump that sagged below his stomach, little bumps appearing on the side. It was small for now, but that milk.. Milk was always good for growing, yes?

Jim came up for air, and wiped some of the excess milk off of the corner of his mouth. He stared lovingly into the wide, brown eyes of the bovine milk-dispenser, and whispered “You. You are delicious.” He leaned forward, pressing against her lovely, jiggling chest, and planted a deep kiss on the end of her muzzle. His thick, human tongue slid through her lips and played with her long, flat one. “But let’s not let these go ignored, shall we?” He proceeded to shift down to her breasts, his waist still deliciously crushed against her udder, and suckle the shorter, more human-like teats up there. He reached around the summoned animal, attempting to crush her breasts against him in a deep hug as he suckled.

The cow was panting for breath at the heated passion, her thick, almost clumsy tongue flicking in and out from her muzzle with each inhale. She wrapped her arms around him as he scooted up and mashed the pair together, drooling milk over the bed and over them both! “Oh, thank you! Thank you!” she moaned and moo’ed, reaching one hand back to prop up one of those heavy breasts for licking and suckling, though it didn’t help much with the meaty, veiny vessel that was softly propped up by her three-fingered hand. The milk from up-top was just as sweet and lovely as the milk from the udder, though the flavor was slightly different, almost… more human? As poor Jim was enjoying his intimate encounter with the girl of his dreams, his newly formed udder had finished forming, the four sensitive teats begging for attention of their own as they blossomed. Some of that milk was recycle, and the almost alien feeling of the bulging sack steadily filling was almost easy to miss in the midst of suckling, drinking, and passion.

Jim found it harder and harder to reach his lovely lady’s perfect spheres. There was something in the way, something stopping him. Had her udder shifted underneath them? He pulled back, attempting to reposition, only to see two udders. “What the fuck?” he yelled. An unbelieving hand reached down, and idly tugged a teat. The sensation caused him to shiver. He half-heartedly asked the cowgirl. “Did… did you do this?”

The bovine looked shocked as the suckling and pleasure suddenly stopped, a grumpy, frustrated look crossing her face. She sat up slightly, then gasped at the presence of another udder, coming from Jim’s body! Honestly, it was just a bit arousing, seeing that budding vessel, on a male human, no less! The tugging he gave would register in a note of foreign, but blissful pleasure. “No, it wasn’t.. It wasn’t me! Honest!.. Puh-please, don’t stop now!..” she begged him, and one quick look under her own udder would reveal her blistering need, which was edging closer and closer to orgasm with every suckle and licked. This cowgirl found milking simply, undeniably, erotic! A little whisper echoed in the back of Jim’s mind, saying, ‘Everything you do has a price and a consequence~’

Jim ignored the voice in the back of his head. What was that stupid voice good for, anyway? What Jim needed was help. Someone who could finish milking her… and him. The thought swept through his head, unbidden. Nevertheless, Jim imagined up a helper: A catgirl, one that loved milk. Four arms, to milk them faster, and six pert breasts, so she knew what it was like to play with them.

The catgirl appeared, just as the mental image was formed! Appearing just beside the bed was a grey feline with little specks of silver in her fur. The muzzle was short, and the ears above were huge to compensate, making her look absolutely adorable. Six pert breasts lined her body, each reasonably sized but perky, standing at attention, nipples warm and already erect from the few seconds of watching the pair! Unlike the bovine, this feline didn’t come naked! Her lovely body, form arms with flexible paws too, was all wrapped up in a form-fitting and custom maid’s uniform that emphasized her curves and added just the right amount of sexy frill to the ensemble! A loud purr went through her system as she approached, mewling, “How can I help? I want to help!” Jim would also begin to feel just a bit itchy, especially down his torso, but honestly? It was likely just nerves!

Jim took a second to admire the uniform. This was the best collar of all time. Whatever the consequences were, they were going to be worth it. He caressed the needful cowgirl’s udder, and stated “She needs to be milked, and, uh, I think I do too. I can’t drink any more, because it will change me. Can you do that?” Receiving a nod from the feline, he proceeded to lean towards the cowgirl again. Holding his udder up, he approached her dripping hole with his fully erect maleness. He lets his udder flop against hers, as he asked: “I think you want me to do this, right?”

The catgirl mewled in appreciation and got to work! She crawled onto the bed, paws and knees, and began to massage the udders together with her paws. Stubby fingers pulsed and pressed into the flesh and worked it, before taking a teat from each and putting both into her mouth, careful not to nip with her little fangs! She was such a good little feline, and soon enough, both udders were getting some long needed relief between purrs and mewls! The bovine, meanwhile, was mooing in pleasure at the addition of the feline, and when presented with Jim’s maleness, she practically fainted. “Oh, moo! Yes, I need you inside me!..” she said, trying to make words from her animalistic noises that threatened to break from her muzzle at every opportunity. She was slick with arousal, and the entrance would be easy and satisfying! The itch was getting worse, prickling pins and needles criss-crossing his entire torso as little welts appeared down his chest at regular intervals. Something was tickling across his ears too, oddly enough! Was.. was his hair getting longer?

Jim felt his hair tickling the back of his neck, but he could get a haircut later. There was a cowgirl begging for a stud, and an adorable kitty working *his* udder. Why would he want that? Later. Fucking now. He slid his erection into the bovine, slowly at first, feeling around. The slick fluids of her arousal puddle underneath them, mixing with the milk on the bed. With a gasp, he detected the right spot, and rhythmically started pounding away at the gorgeous animal. The ministrations of the catgirl combined with the tender moos of the cowgirl drive him to ever higher heights of pleasure. He barely noticed that it was getting more and more difficult to satisfy the bovine. Was his udder swelling and pushing him away? Or was there less of his maleness to enter her?

What could a little more milk hurt, Jim thought? The catgirl was fine, and it smelled so delicious… As he pounded into the cowgirl with decreasingly satisfying results, udders awkwardly slapping together, he leaned down, and took one of the cowgirl’s lower breasts’ nipples in his mouth. He took a few tentative sips, and found it even more delicious than before. A rubbing against his face revealed the catgirl suckling next to him, cheek to cheek.

The cowgirl kept right on moaning and moo’ing until each thrust came up with less and less favorable results. Eagerly, needfully, she moved her hips back a bit so that the swollen manhood could continue to penetrate her musky entrance, but nothing she did seemed to make their intercourse any more satisfying! It was like he wasn’t even trying! “Why did- why did yoooou stopp?” she asked between animalistic noises, but the pleasure from the pair of mouths suckling at her teats was enough to sustain her, even if the throbbing member was gone. And that was a fairly apt description, for all that remained of Jim’s male pride was a little nub, hidden between thick thighs as his scrotum sucked in, rearranging into a pair of feminine lips. As the new hormones started to flood, the itchiness on his chest simply intensified, welts turning into nipples, and fat pouring behind them as they started to bud into a sextet of proper breasts to mirror those on the feline that was so eagerly obeying Jim’s command and suckling milk right at his side. Her purring was almost contagious, eyes glassy from the devotion she paid to her work as paws pumped both udders, the amount of fluid almost choking the little feline.

Jim reluctantly broke away from the plush wellspring of ambrosia and moved to the cowgirl’s lips. In between kisses with the wide, bovine muzzle, he whispered “I didn’t… stop…” The haze of his lustful delirium faded by degrees, and he realized that his chest was jiggling. Jiggling! He did a double take, looking down at his newly-formed sixpack, and raised a disbelieving hand. He gently caressed one of the nipples, sending shivers of pleasure down his spine. The purring of a fellow- I mean the catgirl almost drew him back into his reverie, but he snapped out of it. He had breasts! Six beautiful, bouncing breasts! Wait, no! He shouldn’t have breasts! But why? Look at how happy they were, he could be like that… Almost as if reading his thoughts, the catgirl reached up and gently massaged his lowest pair. He practically melted under her capable paws. No! Penis! He tentatively reached a hand underneath his large, delicious udder, and confirmed that he… is no longer a he.

As he came to that realization, he felt his ears lengthen and migrate to the top of his.. her head. They flared out into a pair of feline ears just as a soft layer of fur finished covering the length of her torso, making sure that every inch had something soft to touch. The pair of women were almost oblivious to these changes, welcoming them, encouraging them! The feline was especially happy at the addition and took a break from suckling milk to do something rather.. unorthodox. Maid outfit still emphasizing her assets, she slipped between the kissing chimera and the cow, pressing six-pack to six-pack as she vied for attention of her own, pouting and mewling as the purrs send pleasant vibrations between all three of the writhing animal people. It was bliss.. But it could always be better, couldn’t it?

Jim shiverd as she ground against the adorable catgirl. Think Jim, think! Why is this happening! The catgirl licked her now fully feline ear, sending her to new heights of ecstasy. Oh God, I didn’t know that could be an erogenous zone! I need more! She pulled the catgirl into a deep hug, in the hope that she could somehow have more breast flesh pressed against her. No! I’m a guy, damnit! She purposefully blanked her mind, hoping to clear it a little, or at least diminish the increasingly comfortable waves of pleasure emanating from the girls against and below her. First she summoned a cowgirl, and she grew an udder. Then she summoned a catgirl, and she grew breasts and cat ears. The catgirl’s muzzle rubbed across her cheek as she sensed Jim was distracted, and the former human almost lost her train of thought. I… gain the attributes of the girl I summon! That’s it! So all I have to do to be a guy again is summon a penis! A long, delicious shaft, to… own? She pushed the feisty feline away, and concentrated. I need a horsegirl, with a big horsecock. Something that could satisfy two girls! She willed the horse to appear before opening her eyes.

She wanted a horse, so a horse she got! Behind her materialized a horse-girl, exactly to Jim’s specifications. Of course, Jim was hardly a fitting name for such a creature as she. The newly created, or summoned, creature that stood behind was shapely and fit, with bulging muscles that rippled all across her ebony skin, making her an impressive study in combining the beautiful curves of a woman with a lifestyle dedicated to turning oneself into a muscle-bound super-star. Like the bovine that mooed and leaked under ‘Jim’ and his maid, this particular equine had three fingers and sturdy hooves below, and her face pulled out into an equine muzzle with a beautiful mane of dark hair cascading along her spine, mohawk on top. Her primary feature, of course, was not one but two equine members that were already out of their sheath and swollen. Huge black things with flared tops that delivered an enchanting musk, they would make any human wince, and was more than enough for two girls. It seems, however, that this horse favored leather, and was adorned in straps and garters with a bit and bridle on to complete. She confidently clopped up to the horny chimera and pressed her rods against the girl’s furry back. Unfortunately, Jim’s distraction at the act of dominance caused her to miss the sudden numbness in her feet..

Jim jumped at the alien feeling against her furry back. I didn’t mean me, I meant the cowgirl! But she had no room to budge. The strong horse girl grabbed her, thick fingers pressed against the new chimera’s middle breasts. The catgirl mewled in appreciation, and let out a deep purr. “New frrrrrriends!” Jim attempted to reply, but the horse chose that moment to whinny, claiming the girl about to be skewered on her piece of meat. “You are going to enjoy this, girl.” the powerful ebony equine whispered in Jim’s cat-like ears. With a thrust, she pressed down, completing Jim’s first female penetration. He wanted to be a man, damnit! But he could be a girl for a little longer… at least long enough to give this a try…

Her thick fingers massaged her other member while she looked for another lovely cunt to bury it in. Of course, below, there was a bovine and feline slit to penetrate, but.. That was increasingly becoming a non-option. Jim’s feet had turned into hooves. Of course, they were going to eventually, but the presence of the equine heralded their more rapid change, causing muscle to bulk up and down the expanse of those feminine legs. However, the influence of the horse was not done as Jim began to feel her torso lengthening all the more, causing her position to become rather awkward as those hooves slipped away. Two nubs, just level with his hips, began to press out. The feline seemed rather excited and began to massage herself with one pair of arms while the others milked the bovine, who had orgasmed from milking alone and was building up another one!

Jim was too lost in the pleasure of her first penetration to notice the pair of swelling growths on her torso. She was going to be a girl for a little while, so she might as well enjoy it! She gently maneuvered herself to be on top of the cowgirl, taking care not to let the salami-sized shaft be removed from her nether regions, and looked back to direct the horsegirl. “Me and her at the same time!” Needing no further prodding, the horse gleefully slammed her second shaft into the bovine, causing their voluminous udders to slap against each other in an orgy of milky pleasure. It would appear that the excitement had recharged the cowgirl, who was leaking milk anew. Jim leaned forward, her six perky breasts pressed against the cowgirl’s four larger ones, and proceeded to explore the bovine muzzle with her tongue, as they rocked to the beat of two meaty, arm-sized shafts.

By this point, the feline had snuggled out from between the chimera and the bovine and was watching from the sidelines, trying to decide what she wanted to do! There was so much to milk, or fondle, or play with that the choices were almost maddening. Jim, by this point, would have to adjust herself quite a bit in order to keep making out with the bovine while they were both being gleefully penetrated, for those nubs were growing into proper hooves with legs sure to follow. Indeed, she was developing the lower body of a proper horse, more a young mare. Sturdy, but small, with a slit that was begging to be pounded into. Movement would be difficult as the udder started to migrate between the original legs, where it belonged, but the feline was quite happy with this development! Careful not to bother the horse as she mated, the feline began to suckle at each of Jim’s four teats, bathing herself in milk beneath. The entire orgy was a mix of farmyard musk, fluids everywhere, and the struggled, sex-crazed noises of rampant love-making.

Jim was completely lost in lust at this point, desire for a penis completely forgotten. She was a slutty little mare, getting fucked by her stud, and she was happy. Jim shakily got on new legs, not even shocked by their appearance, as she stood over the cowgirl, for the first time as a quadruped. The delicious sensations of her owner’s horsecock plunging into her coupled with the fantastic sensations of the catgirl working her udder (why would she have ever wanted to get rid of that?) made her think. That poor catgirl! She deserves to have some fun too! Jim leaned down and grabbed the feline’s tail, pulling her out from underneath the milky orgy below and into a feline-only embrace. The kitty purred in appreciation as Jim’s tongue plunged into the catgirl’s muzzle. Jim’s lips split as she formed a tiny, cat-like muzzle, which Jim used to dive further into the catgirl’s mouth. Jim’s fingers snaked into the catgirl’s uniform, and worked their way into the catgirl’s dripping vagina. The catgirl was already on the edge, and the addition of Jim’s fingers made her cry in pleasure. Jim’s fingers thickened under the assault of the dripping juices, sprouting pads and fur as they turned into cat-like paws. The newly-thicker fingers completely filled the feline, bringing her to new heights of ecstasy. The fur spread up Jim’s arms as she became fully feline from the waist up.

As Jim’s transformation completed, the horsegirl came, flooding Jim’s womb with virile seed. Jim and the cowgirl mooed and mewled together, the sounds not even remotely human anymore. Jim clenched her paw at the sensation, finishing off the catgirl, and all three cried as they orgasmed simultaneously. The horse slowly withdrew herself from her property, giving Jim’s voluptuous ass a soft spank. “Good girl” came the deep rumble of the horse’s voice. Jim fell on to her bed, which had long since snapped its supports and collapsed against the floor under the weight of the animals fulfilling their bestial desires. The catgirl collapsed against Jim’s upper torso while the cowgirl cuddled against Jim’s udder, as all three drifted off into an exhausted slumber. The horse hermaphrodite stared at the exhausted, cuddling couples, and nestles herself against Jim’s back, both erections pressed against the flank of her newest filly.


The Succubus had never left the room. In fact, she had simply turned invisible and sat in the corner to watch the spectacle. As the creatures came into one another, she had also reached her climax, clawed fingers curled around her own horsedick, spurting globs of corrupted seed against the floor to mix in with all of the milk, sweat, and semen. It was undeniably sexy, and the poor man had damned himself into nothing but a creature, fit to be owned by a hermaphroditic horse, no less. That was payment enough, and she would collect the collar the next day. As a parting gift, she whisked the four away back to the horse’s home, a barn, where they would likely spend the rest of their days at the beck and call of the twin-dicked taskmaster, providing milk, children, and pleasure to one another until time immemorial.