The Gift of Life (Edited RP)

Written by Loren Ipsun
December 13, 2017
4 Breasts Furry

A shaft of light crossed from one end of the dusty chamber to the next as the hours passed. The air was still, and nothing within moved or drew breath… When compared to the staggering amount of life outside those walls, the temple felt more than just empty. It felt like a tomb. Long ago the last of those who came to worship had left, and never returned. The jungle claimed the site over time, and had hidden it from anybody who happened to get close for many, many years. It was just past noon that day when this was all to change.

Marko slashed the last of the vines away, revealing the once fine stonework that had been hidden by the growth of the jungle. He ran his hands over it, imagining how it used to look in ancient times. He laughed. “Cut off my funding, will they? Well, who will be laughing when I bring them back a piece of this!” He cleared away more of the vines, until he came across a relief in the wall. He dutifully pulled out a yellowed piece of paper and took a rubbing of it. Examining his handiwork, he stared at the odd contents. Some kind of animal headed god? With maidens? Must be a fertility ritual. Well, they were quite common back in those days.

He pulled out his flask and took a swig of whiskey for good luck, before working his away around the temple and locating the entrance. A tree had fallen across it and sprouted a veritable cornucopia of jungle life, which made his earlier efforts to locate it unsurprising. In one end of the log was a hole, and Marko crawled inside, assuming that it would lead to the internals of the ancient complex.

The log would be a tight squeeze, but a minute or so of crawling through its hollow trunk would lead to a cracked and weakened section where one could see into the entrance of the temple. The stonework inside was the same as that outside, but in much better condition. A fine layer of dust had settled on the walls and floor, but it was occasionally kicked up by a breeze of air filtering through a small hole in the roof, through which the light of the sun shone. An eerie sense of foreboding would accompany the last detail of the room… A darkened stairwell which led further into the temple.

Marko dragged his backpack behind him through the tight squeeze, not daring to let any of his precious tools out of his grasp. And a good thing, as well! The light was nearly gone by the time he was able to stand again. He pulled out a pitch-wrapped torch and lit it with his trusty zippo. It flared into life, illuminating the dusty walls. He took a second to admire his discovery. Reliefs covered all the walls, elaborate depictions of scenes long dead. “I am going to be so damn famous…” he muttered to himself. This was going to rank up there with the burial chambers in Giza. The Royal Society wouldn’t dare keep him out! But he needed something to bring back, something more than an etching. He wandered down the stairs, hand trailing against the wall, carving a path in the aeons of dust.

The torch cast a warm, comforting light around the explorer, though the shadows cast by its light only seemed to emphasize the darkness further. The stairwell led to a hallway which continued straight ahead for another twenty feet, with more etchings along the walls to the side. Two doors (One on the left, and one on the right) marked passages to other rooms within the temple. Above the ornately carved stone mantle of each was a symbol. Stone plinths sat adjacent to the wall after each door, a chiseled brazier sat cold and empty on top of each. A faint gust of wind from outside sent a melancholy whistle echoing through the nearly empty structure.

Marko examined the braziers. Likely these would be lit to allow supplicants to know the guiding light of their faith. Surprisingly, there was still some kind of sludge in the bottom! Probably a remnant of the ancient oils used to light the path. Marko touched his torch to it and was surprised when it flared to life! He coughed as the thick smoke enveloped him, but it soon cleared, providing ample illumination of the room. More carefully, Marko lit the other, taking care to avoid the noxious plume of smoke.

Between the fires in the two copper bowls, he could make out many more details than he could before. He examined the markings on the mantles, attempting to discern which he should enter first. Although it was still early afternoon, time could disappear rather fleetingly in a temple complex like this one, and he didn’t dare tromp through the jungle in the dark.

As more light filled the room, the oppressive darkness was pushed back, giving the explorer a chance to see a little into each from from the hallway. The room to the left seemed to have an additional passageway not far from the first, but the unmistakable silhouette of thick roots and chipped rubble indicated that it had been long blocked off by some kind of collapse. A raised section of stone was just barely visible as well. Off to the right, much of that room was easily visible, and aside from some long empty shelves, the most distinctive feature of this room seemed to be the rounded piece of construction in the center, in which stone bricks had been used to build it up from the floor. Straight ahead, the walls of the temple opened up, indicating a much large chamber of some sort, possibly the actual place of worship itself.

Marko looked over his options. He had seen enough damn jungle today. The main chamber could wait, no point in jumping right to the climax! Marko headed off to the right, examining the shelves and circular dais, which may very well indicate a kitchen. Finding out what the ancients ate could be a valuable note in his acceptance speech.

The dais had a dusty copper lid over the top, only visible once the explorer had actually gone into the room. Behind that, hidden earlier by darkness, a waist high section of the wall about six feet long and four feet deep appeared. A primitive sort of fireplace! The features of this room were as equally dilapidated as everything else that Marko had seen so far, but ancient examples of pottery in each of the rooms corners gave a certain ‘lived in’ feel. It wouldn’t have been a stretch to imagine that the temple had once contained permanent residents. One detail in particular would have gone almost unnoticed… A sound. It seemed to be coming from the center of the room, beneath the copper lid of the dais.

Marko drew his sixshooter at the sound of the noise beneath the copper lid. Who knows what kind of animals you could find out here in this godforsaken wilderness. The pottery could wait, his safety was on the line. He used the lit end of the torch to shove the heavy lid slightly to the side, gun at the ready. When nothing vicious leaped out at him, he carefully peaked over the edge, attempting to see the contents of the pit through the crescent shaped slit in the side.

The sound of rushing water began to emanate from somewhere below once the copper cover was removed. There might once have been a mechanism to draw water, but whatever had been used to do so had not survived the ages since it was last used, or perhaps had been taken when the last people to live here had left. The light from his torch was just enough to let him see a reflection of the light in the water below, which seemed to be actively flowing from somewhere. Fortunately, nothing else seemed to be moving around.

Marko let out an exhausted sigh. Here he was, getting his fight or flight response triggered for some water. He laughed and pocketed his gun. He was too worried! This temple had been abandoned for hundreds, if not thousands of years. There weren’t going to be any predators! What would they hunt? His laughter is nervous, however, belying how tense he was feeling exploring this ruin by himself. It went against everything he had learned in school. A broken leg could spell his death. But still, what choice did he have? His funding was gone, and he needed to redeem himself in the eyes of the college.

He walked over to the pottery and carefully opened them, hoping to see what ancient foodstuffs the people had eaten. Or maybe to find that ancient oil. That would be a discovery by itself, still burning after all this time.

The pottery seemed to be mostly decorative, but one of them stood out in such a way that it was immediately noticeable under any scrutiny. This one was (fortunately) the least damaged of all of them, and seemed to contain a congealed, odorous substance. A vessel for holding oil perhaps. The designs on the side showed humans carrying lit torches, all of them surrounding a vessel whose depiction was strikingly similar to this example of pottery itself.

Marko stared at the pot, unsure of how to take into account this meta-depiction of his situation. A little too convenient. Still, it was convenient nonetheless. He picked up the pot, and made his way into the room across the hall, braving his irrational fear of having to chop through roots once again.

The door to this room was clear, but a second entrance inside was thoroughly blocked off by the caved in section of the ruins. Some time and a great deal of effort might see the path cleared, enabling further exploration of the ruins, but for the moment the purpose of this room became evident. Several stone platforms arranged in rows along the wall possessed long petrified and decayed remains of some sort of material. Further evidence of a population being maintained inside of the temple… Food preparation, a water source, and now the remains of bedding in a large communal sleeping chamber.

Marko picked halfheartedly through the rubble, expecting and finding nothing. Foodstuffs would have made a good conversation topic, or jewelry, but he would have a hard time turning this mess into something worthy of the Royal Society. He sighed. It was time to stop delaying the inevitable. Carefully tiptoeing back to the main hall, he proceeded down the main path, to the the central worship area. Surely he would find something there worthy of his membership.

The expansive chamber had a number of the brazier-plinth objects around its perimeter, though those furthest away would be just out of sight until Marko moved further into the chamber. The room not only opened up, but had large tiered steps leading down into the chamber, which was centered around an altar of some sort. The altar itself had the unmistakable glow of precious metals in the torchlight, and other examples of etchings, carvings, and murals depicted various religious rights more in line with what the Explorer had seen outside. A vaguely humanoid figure with the characteristics of an animal seemed to dominate each of them, and there seemed to be sections in which the central figure was replaced by one that varied in appearance considerably.

This… this was magnificent. If only he had had the money to spring for one of those newfangled photographic engines, he would be the talk of London! But for now, he needed better light. He trotted around the room, lighting each of the braziers, filling the room with bright firelight. He marveled at the detail in the reliefs as he went, but his mind kept getting drawn back to the altar. Gold, and jewels… Not only would he be famous, but rich as well! A couple of these could spell his retirement! Finally, room lit, he approached the alter, determined to find something he could bring back to his brethren.

There were parts of the elaborate altar that were unmistakably gold. The base seemed to be made of stone, however, and it was here that the most extensive of the carvings on this particular artifact were located. The ones here were more of the strange symbols like the ones Marko had seen above each of the doors in the hallway behind him, instead of simple pictograms. While these were certainly impressive in their own right, the real prize was the one embossed into the golden surface at the top. A vaguely humanoid figure with arms folded over their chest. The details were almost intentionally lacking in descriptiveness… But for what purpose?

Marko pulled out his sketchbook, and made a rough sketch of the altar. He wasn’t going to win any drawing competitions, but it would be enough for the journal that would inevitably get published for this find. Satisfied, he withdrew his machete, and eyed the statue to locate the more valuable gems. With his eye on a ruby the size of a walnut, he inserted the tip of the blade, attempting to pry it out.

There was some resistance, the ruby having been set into the piece quite firmly. Eventually though, it gave way, and there was a brief but loud popping sound as the bits of metal holding the gem in place bent or broke, and the gem was knocked loose. It tumbled onto the stone floor, clinking along as it went… Somehow remaining undamaged despite the rough trip. There was an odd moment that passed, one where Marko would feel an unusual chill in the air as a more fierce wind managed to find its way into the chamber, the flames in each brazier suddenly dying out, leaving the explorer only with the light of his torch.

Marko looked around, nervous. This temple was in a valley, and during the three weeks he had been searching it he could remember no gusts of wind. Seeing nothing, however, he continued to search the floor to find the gemstone. It must be worth thousands of pounds, he had to have it before he left.

The atmosphere of the place had suddenly gone from a grand discovery to something of ill-omen. The explorer would spend a few moments fumbling around in torchlight looking for the gem, finding it by the light that reflected off of its perfect surface, its shadow stretching to the end of the light, and into the darkness. As soon as Marko’s fingers clasped around the stone, the braziers quick lit up, one after another in sequence. Something from behind the explorer scraped… Metal on stone, and then something else.

Marko flipped, dropping the torch and drawing his sixshooter. “Who’s there! This is my discovery and I am entitled to… it…”

The altar had not been what it had first appeared to be, as the top of it had been pushed aside to reveal its true purpose. A sarcophagus. The occupant had crawled out from within, standing up to her full height as the explorer rounded on her with his gun. It was a beautiful figure, reminiscent of one of the many figures depicted in the etchings on the walls. Her body structure was humanoid, but with distinctly bovine features… A thin layer of fur, hooves for feet, a thin but flexible tail, and a face that was just a bit longer than a typical human, topped with budding horns. Bountiful breasts hung at her chest, and perhaps most bizarrely of all, a thick equine cock swung limp between her legs. “At last, a visitor.” it spoke, the words themselves were in another language, but Marko seemed to be able to understand them almost inherently. “But, what is this? You have prized a gem from my resting place…” the figure noted, her gaze falling upon the stone in Marko’s hands. “Such misfortune that my first visitor in so long should be a thief.

Marko was stunned. He honestly had no idea how to respond this this figure. The gun wavered a little as he replied. “I’m not a thief! I’m an explorer!” Even to his ears, that sounded inane, especially when presented to what could only be a living manifestation of the ancient gods. Mark scrambled to his feet, dusting himself off, before half-lowering the weapon. “I simply needed something to present to the royal society. This would be enough to fund an entire expedition to explore this ancient ruin… Are you a cow?”

She gave him a quizzical look at the mention of some of modern societies trappings. “I am many things. A deity of fertility being the greatest of my responsibilities to your people.” she informed him, obviously unaware of the fact that other civilizations besides this one existed in far off places. The ‘god’ seemed to be ignorant of many things… “I would not have given you the gem, and yet there it rests in your hands.” the bovine like humanoid accused once more.

Marko stared down at the gem in his hands, then looks back up at the bovine. “Lady, I have news for you. Your civilization is long dead. No one has been in here for a thousand years. That makes this discovery mine, and gives me salvager’s rights. It’d be a shame to have to shoot you, but I am going to take this and go. We can chat when I am back in a couple of months.” He raises the pistol once again, backing off slowly in case she tries to make a move towards him.

She frowned. If his words were true, then she had been resting in this place awaiting her awakening from a people who had been gone for a very, very long time. It was pure luck that she was even standing here now. Still, she wasn’t content to sit here and wait for this human to return, especially after stealing something from this chamber. “I cannot allow that.” was all she said before giving a wave of her hands. The gun would feel heavy in Marko’s grip, and the trigger felt as though it wouldn’t budge at all… Some sort of magic to stop his weapon from functioning? If only that had been the extent of it! Physical changes were slowly occurring in his body now, to the point that he might even have been able to feel them.

Marko attempted to squeeze the trigger. He put all his might into the grip, even dropping the gem and bringing up his other hand, but despite his best efforts, the metal was a useless piece of scrap in his hands. He looks at the bovine goddess in horror. “What did you do?” Tossing the pistol, he draws his machete once again, and attempts to leap at the cow person.

Marko wouldn’t have had any trouble in reaching the goddess under normal circumstances, and even she appeared momentarily distressed as the man launched forwards with a machete in his hands. Something about him had changed enough that he’d misjudged how much force he would need to make such a movement though, and suddenly very top-heavy, the explorer stopped short, wobbling forwards and threatening to fall over. His chest had grown outwards, a pair of heavy breasts having grown… “An excellent addition, wouldn’t you say?” the goddess tittered.

Marko brought a hand up, disbelieving, and rested it against one of the mounds. He stared at the fine pair of tits sprouting from his chest, a pair he would have loved to see on any gal in a bar. They were… his? He gave it a gentle squeeze, shocked at the sensation that rolled through his body. He looked up at the cow goddess as the machete dropped from his hand. “You’re… real?” He could not have been more surprised to see the very face of God.

The existential question caused her to give him a conservative grin. “I can see you approve then. It is good that my rewards for awakening me are not wasted.” she replied, stepping forwards. The difference in their height then became obvious as the goddess stood in front of him, a solid few inches difference. Just enough to have to cast her gaze downwards to meet his. “You might be a thief, but I would be willing to forgive you, provided you do not mind further changes.” the goddess informed him.

Marko cowered under her, fully aware of how much larger she was than him. This thick muscles, coupled with that height could break him in half… He looked down at the length swinging between her legs, and realized that he might get split in half either way. He may be in shock, but his life was on the line. He bowed awkwardly, attempting to give himself a little distance. The jiggling of his new breasts caused him to stumble before he caught his balance. “I… would not want to waste your time, Goddess. I am sure you have more valuable things to do. Please, take the gem, I am sure I will be able to convince the Royal Society to fund an expedition based on my description of you…”

She shook her head, her interest in the human having already decided the appropriate course of action. She stepped forwards, taking Marko’s hand and the gem in hears, the goddess secreting the gem away while giving his hand a reassuring squeeze. While the goddess had earlier given, now she would take away. The explorer would begin to feel somehow… Reduced. He became lighter, and even a bit shorter, his hair grew long and thick… He was becoming a woman. The goddess smiled as Marko’s lips became soft and plump, and his skin smooth to the touch. The transformation was completed a few moments later when Marko’s genitalia changed to match the rest of his appearance. “I could give you so much more…” the goddess offered, bringing her hand up to gently trace her fingers underneath Marko’s chin.

Marko watched with trepidation as the cow goddess brought her hand up to his face. The fur was soft, the small, hoof-like nails providing a counterpoint against his skin. He stared up into her eyes, watching her grow distant as she grew… or he shrank. He felt his hair cascade against his shoulders as it sprouted thick and grew, soon reaching down to his waist. Or was that her waist? She looked down, watching the changes flow through her as years of well-practiced muscle dissolved at her touch. The hair on her arms and legs fell out as she adopted a distinctly feminine appearance. His moment of greatest horror approached as she felt a tucking sensation between her legs. Her pride and glory, Mr. Explorer, disappeared into a cute, female slit.

She looked up at the goddess, realizing just how powerful the bovine was. She had him completely in her power. She was no longer a man, but judging from the carvings, she might still hope to escape this place as a human… “You have given me so much already, my goddess, I could not ask for more. I must go, and spread tales of your power…” She murmured, not trying to break the powerful grip of the larger bovine.

She hadn’t decided to free the human yet. There was still so much she could do, so many improvements that she was sure the human would be grateful for. “No, not yet. When you are shaped in the image I choose for you, you will do so.” the goddess promised her, leaning forwards. The difference in their height had been exacerbated, but it was still less than a foot or so. Still, the bovine goddess did have to lean considerably forwards to be able to plant her lips on Marko’s, a soft and affectionate kiss with further transformation inducing properties. Her hands were free to roam about, testing and groping the new additions to the body, squeezing her breasts and kneading them with a firm grip.

A little more pressure just beneath Marko’s breasts gave way to further weight. A new set of smaller breasts had appeared there. The goddess was all too eager to feel these up as well. Smooth skin began to give way to a layer of hair, and then in a few moments, an actual coat of fur. Marko was becoming something other than human, and his desires to maintain that shred of himself quickly became a lost cause.

Marko leaned into the kiss. Was she just trying to appease the goddess at this point, or did she want it on some level? No, it must be the former. I’m a guy, dammit! Still her wide, furry lips against Marko’s felt delicious, and she could not help but enjoy the cow goddess’s wide, flat tongue. Marko had never been much for foreplay, but for this goddess, she could make an exception.

So intent was she in leaning in to the kiss that she did not notice that the goddess’s hands had roamed lower, caressing a second set of breasts which was filling in to be the same size as the first. She had gained breasts mere moments ago, how was she to tell that the wonderful sensations caused by the cow’s hands were coming from the wrong area? Marko’s hands rose of their own volition and caressed the goddess’s much larger orbs, running through the fur, kneading the massive mammaries.

The goddess would be sure to make this an experience that her new servant would find especially enjoyable. She was so pleased to discover that the transformations didn’t just not bother her, but seemed to be almost welcomed as well. The goddess’ work was almost done, a perfect servitor of her will almost completed. She brought a hand up from groping at a shapely rear, and ran it along the side of the girls head, grazing an ear. That one, and the other became enlarged, lengthening into a facsimile of a rabbits ears. The goddess gave these a loving stroke, gently cupping the soft membranous flesh in her palm.

Marko shivered as the goddess’s hands moved up to her head, and drew out her ears. She licked her lips, trying to keep from moaning at the sensations in her soft fur. NO! She wasn’t supposed to have fur, or breasts! Or rabbit ears! Long, sexy rabbit ears, which let her hear the gorgeous cow goddess’s heartbeat… She leaned in close, resting her head against the goddess’s stomach, long floppy ears between the larger woman’s breasts. What could she say? Should she fight? Thank her? She has to fight! She’s not even human anymore! But the changes… they are glorious? Who could reject such a gift? Me! I have fucking rabbit ears! The goddess takes that moment to caress the tip, sending shudders through the smaller half-rabbit woman. How could anything feel so good? She raises her head questioningly and looks in the cow’s eyes. “Do… Do I please you?” She slapped a hand to her mouth as she said it, but the words were out there.

The cow woman held her servant against herself, the goddess larger body and heavy chest provided a safe, warm place for Marko to hide herself while she decided on how to feel about these changes and additions to her physiology. “You please me immensely… But there’s still more to be done.” the goddess replied in a sultry, nurturing tone, reassuringly running her hand through the rabbit girls long hair. She had plans for this one, but only once the transformation had been completed, and their bond solidified by a willing union between them.

Marko did not break the stare between them until the goddess’s hand ran through her hair. She shivered in delight, leaning into the touch like a cat. Was this her? Was the goddess doing it to her mind? Scant minutes ago she had been an explorer intent on being rich and famous, and now she was a rabbit girl, leaning into a cow? With a horse cock? She shook her head, trying to clear the image out of her mind, but she had quite a lot to clear, such as the jiggling four-pack on her chest. She has always been a breast guy, but his was… glorious. Two pairs of the most perfect breasts she had ever seen, covered in silky soft fur. And they were hers! She ran a hand up to caress them, loving the sensations they provided.

Her ears twitched towards the cow goddess. She may not have made up her mind, but her brain was not talking to her mouth. “Please, my goddess, change me to please you further. Whatever you desire, I am yours.” Oh my god did I just say that? The disconnect between her new, higher voice and her new sensitive hearing made it even more difficult to associate.

The bovine smiled again, clearly pleased. She nodded softly, and began her work again in earnest, reluctant to stop patting and hugging her servant for even a moment to do so. She hugged Marko tightly, burying her face between her staggeringly large breasts, and held him there. The magic didn’t require direct contact, but it was always more fun for the goddess that way. She could feel Marko changing even further, and the goddess knew exactly what she wanted her to look like, following the same trend as before in shaping her appearance. Even before this recent bout of transformations, Marko couldn’t strictly have been called human anymore… When the goddess released her, she now definitively was not. Her human features had been replaced with further animal interpretations, all of them based around the rabbit. The anthropomorphic beauty in the goddess arms was a thing of her own creation now, and she gazed lovingly into her eyes.

Marko buried herself in response to the hug, nuzzling deeper into the cow woman’s fur. This was frightening, and she didn’t know if she wanted it, but for a few brief seconds, she was safe. Safe in the loving arms of the goddess, head buried against her chest and breasts. She could feel her face changing, but she didn’t care. Finally, she pulled away, and looked into the cow woman’s eyes. But there was something in front of her face… She brought up a hand to feel her new muzzle, and stopped when she saw what had happened to her hand. It was a cross between a human hand and a rabbit paw, thick, stubbier fingers capped with small nails and with paw pads on the bottom. She looked down, past her drooping, loose clothing, and saw that she had kicked off her shoes, revealing her massive, fully feral paws. Muzzle temporarily forgotten, she reached down and rubbed the large, furry foot, caressing the nooks and crannies between the massive toes. She looked up at the goddess questioningly, all fight gone from her eyes, just confusion.

The goddess had finished, and took a moment to appreciate her handiwork. She pulled away, standing at arms length from the girl, and slowly circled, tracing the thick, hoof like fingernails on her hands around the various creases and curves of Marko’s body, stopping to take a paw in her hand, to splay the fingers just a bit, testing it. When the goddess had finished her inspection, she stepped behind her servant, and wrapped her arms around the bunny-girl’s midsection, her arms in between the two sets of breasts. “How do you feel?” she inquired, whispering into those sensitive ears.

Marko shivered at the goddess’s breath against her ears. It was like her entire body was standing at attention; a fine musical instrument, meant for plucking. She breathed in, marveling at the sensation of her breasts rubbing against each other from something as simple as a breath. “I feel ready, my goddess.” Ready for what? She did not know, but the voice in Marko’s mind was getting quieter by the second.

The cow woman gave one of her ears a soft peck, and with a smile, pressed herself against the girl’s back. She was ready for this too, having been forced to wait in isolation for so long. Her thick horse-cock was already hardening, and with a hand, the goddess brought it up so that it rested between her belly, and Marko’s back. “Your goddess will enjoy this, and you will be well rewarded.” she promised.

Marko turned around at the feel of the hardening member. Had it changed? Before it was something animalistic and repulsive, but now… Now it was a gift, meant for her. She brought up her paw hands and gently caressed the length, getting the feel of the shaft of meat. Gripping it firmly, she attempted to wrap her mouth around the tip, but even with her new lapine muzzle, she could barely get around the flare. She settles for licking it instead, getting a taste of the delicious pre-cum.

Wanting to be closer to her goddess, she envelops the cock in a hug, burying it between her breasts as she presses against the larger bovine. She longs to get as much as the goddess as she can against her… or possibly even inside of her.

The goddess let out a subdued moan as Marko began to lick at the tip of her cock, the pre-cum that had begun to drip from it in anticipation smearing on her furry muzzle. It twitches, a jolt of pleasure coursing through the goddess as her cock is enveloped by those furry orbs. A contended sigh, and a gentle ruffle of Marko’s hair is the bunny-girl’s reward for the moment. “Do you want me inside of you?” the goddess asks, caressing her servant’s cheek.

Marko looks up, suddenly afraid. Was the goddess reading her mind? Would she find out she was unworthy? Just the thought of not being able to please her goddess brought a tear to her eye. “Please…” she whispered, to afraid of rejection to say it in a normal voice. “Please make me yours.”

The goddess helped her up from the cool stone floor, patiently guiding Marko along the path that she had determined they would follow since the transformations began. Was it really mind-reading when all those desires had been implanted within her? The goddess slid her hands to Marko’s waist, giving her rear a quick squeeze before hefting the lighter anthro up, letting her wrap her furred legs and paws around her. She carried her over to the altar, and set her down just on the edge of the sarcophagus, the cold surface of the gold no longer an issue with the fur on her servant’s body. Marko still possessed some clothing from before the transformation, but removing it was a simple affair, and soon they were both nude, the flickering torch-light around the room casting shadows of the pair in every direction. The goddess let her hands part those supple yet firm thighs of Marko’s, revealing her slit, hot, wet, and waiting for the goddess to plunge her member inside. She stepped forwards, pressing the flared tip of that massive cock against the waiting opening, teasing her labia with a few gentle prods.

Marko melted as those strong arms carried her to the altar, and she pressed herself against her goddess. She had been judged worthy to be an offering! She almost wished she had a longer muzzle so she could smile more. Finally she was set down, and she eagerly shed her clothes, wanting to remove all impediments to her goddess’s pleasure. She sat on the altar, waiting for the delicious gift that was to be planted inside of her, and howled when the delivery finally came. “Please, yes, be in me, my goddess!” she begged, all shame and pretense forgotten in her lust to be planted. She reached down and rubbed the shaft, as if that would help it be inside of her faster.

The goddess knew that it would not be a gentle offering, and that the size of her member would make it somewhat painful. She wondered if perhaps she should have made her servant able to more easily accommodate her girth and length, but with a shake of her head, dismissed the doubtful thought. Marko was perfect as she was, and was more than happy to bear with it if it meant that her goddess would be inside of her. She gave a firm thrust, and pushed that flared tip past her labia, her hot insides squeezing against the tip as she slowly forced more and more of her length into the bunny-girl. The bovine goddess licked her lips, and snorted, the pleasure mounting for both of them.

Marko rocked in pleasure as the flared tip pushed past her lips. It hurt, yes, but it was what the goddess wanted, and she would do anything for the goddess. She lay back, rubbing her breasts as she spread her legs, attempting to make it easier for the bovine beauty to enter her. She was lost in a world of pleasure, and she wanted to do anything she could in return.

The bovine grabbed at Marko’s thighs, her fingers squeezing tightly as she began to roughly ride the bunny-girl, forcing herself in as far as she could manage without damaging her new servant. Marko would experience a brief, but sharp pain, as something within her tore. The pleasure resumed, more intensely than before. The goddess had made her a virgin woman, and now had taken that from her. Only when her goddess cock came up against the cervix did she stop, breathing in long, drawn out breaths. The moment of truth. “Will you accept me… All of me, into you?” the goddess asked her.

Marko was panting now, lost in the rocking of the session. Did her goddess just ask her a question? Her mind cleared, even as her pleasure continued. Accept her? Hadn’t she already accepted her? The implanted suggestions lost a little of their power, for this was the moment of truth. No power, no matter how divine, could force a person to say yes. But Marko did, without hesitation. “Yes, be in me, yes!” she screamed, the heat of her new body making all rational discussion fly out of the proverbial mental window.

The goddess took her, forcing her cock past the cervix, and into the womb, the flared end of her cock brushing along the interior walls, and producing a slight bulge in her furred belly that both of them could see. Then the goddess pulled out, that thick meaty shaft leaving a vacant and stretched tunnel, pre-cum, and feminine juices mixed with the swirling crimson of blood from her hymen. The goddess reared back, and plunged in once more, rhythmically pumping into her servant, an occasionally moan or grunt of pleasure turning into a protracted growl from the back of her throat, her eyes full of bliss as she took her new servant.

Marko wrapped her legs around the horsecock’d goddess, and used her powerful thigh muscles to pull the two of them together, nearly hilting. She bucked and writhed on her goddess’s tool, as she was penetrated ever deeper. “Come in me!” she yelled, too lost in the moment to remember the proper title of address, but sensing that her goddess would forgive her.

The goddess understood, and felt that there was no need to forgive her. Marko knew what they both wanted, and the goddess was more than pleased to do so. She was pent up, and had been dripping pre-cum before she had even entered Marko. It wouldn’t be long before she came inside of her servant, filling her with the precious semen of divinity. They continued this way for several more moments, lost in pleasure and uncaring of all else for just that short time, bound together by this act. Then the goddess gave one final, monumental thrust, and released her burden inside of Marko, her ecstasy induced cry echoing through the silent halls of the temple. Semen filled Marko’s womb, flooding it, and spilling out between the goddesses tool and Marko’s labia, pooling beneath them on the golden lid of the sarcophagus.

Marko cried as the seed was finally unleashed. The prodigious flood flowed through her, filling every crevice before leaking out between her legs. She was lost in bliss, back arched, at the thought of finally being with her goddess, both mentally, physically, and… in the future. For the fact that the goddess was a fertility goddess was not lost on her, and she knew the reason she had been chosen to be a rabbit, and why she had been given these four delicious breasts. She relished the feeling of her rolling orgasm for several more moments, before looking up at her goddess’s smiling face. “T-thank you…” was all she could manage, so many words compressed into those few.

The goddess pulled herself out, a strand of cum between the tip of that slowly softening cock and Marko’s freshly seeded body severing after spending a few moments suspended in the open air. The goddess leaned forwards, almost laying down, and hugged her servant tightly, laying a soft kiss on her cheek. “I leave you with one final gift, for our children, so that some day our union will be celebrated across this whole new world.” she spoke, holding up one of Marko’s paws, her hand resting against it so that her fingertips met where Marko’s would have been. A soft glow of light emanated from between them, a final transformation and gift from that divine being. A sensation, like when a warm blanket has been removed, slowly took hold of the bunny-girl, the light obscuring her vision for just a few moments. “You will all have the ability to shape others to your desires.” the goddess promised… The last words she spoke. When the light faded away, Marko was alone in the chamber.

Marko laid back and sighed. She was sad that her lover and mother was gone, but she had been given the greatest gift a girl could ever ask for. Contented, she rested, small gobs of seed still leaking from her nether lips. And for a time, she was happy. But that time would not last forever, for she had a message to spread, and followers to recruit, so all could know the joys she had reached.