The Cantrip (Edited RP)

Written by Loren Ipsun
December 13, 2017
4 Breasts 6 Breasts Furry

There’s been talk of a new venue in a seedier district of town, something not dissimilar to the brothels and “escort centers” nearby, but promising a much more exotic and wild experience than anybody else can possibly provide. The Cantrip is another in a set of new, anthro-focused whorehouses, but the rumors are flying that it is indeed a unique experience, certainly not to be missed. And besides, it’s relatively cheap.

The night is cold and a bit drizzly, but the inside of the club is warm and inviting, bedecked in a sultry crimson decor, with the occasional “magic-themed” prop lying around. The sounds of sex and pleasure can be heard almost outside the door, and inside it’s almost overwhelming over the low ambiance. Anthro girls of various species and in various states of undress move occasionally from room to room, while the odd customer leaves happily or is escorted somewhere more private for… obvious activities. There is what can only be described as a concierge in front, being manned by a curvy vixen in a decidedly low-cut suit. Seems she’s the one to talk to for business.

David opened the door quickly and shut it behind him, clearly uncomfortable being in this part of town. He shed his voluminous trenchcoat and handed it off to a waiting skunkgirl, not quite managing to refrain from ogling her as her tail swayed its way into the coat room. He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath, gathering courage. Several breaths later, he opened them, and approached the vixen. “Hello. I would like to be with one of your women tonightohgodwhatamIsayingIshouldgo.” He turns and starts to head back out of the door, trenchcoat apparently forgotten in his shame.

The vixen smiles at David… but watching him walk out is almost painfully embarrassing. “Sir! Sir, excuse me. First off, you’re forgetting your coat… second, we’d be happy to accommodate you here at the Cantrip. Trust me, there’s not going to be any judgement. What happens here, stays here.” The skunkette valet, having just put away the trenchcoat, is now scrambling to try and get it back to it’s owner.

David paused, caught by the vixen’s call. He turned around again, slowly. “I’m sorry, I’m just really nervous. I would really like to meet your girls, it’s just…” He pauses, looking her up and down again, and nods, apparently having made up his mind. “I’m new. Not just to furry girls. To girls at all.” He looks down, ashamed. “I can’t even muster up the courage to go to a regular brothel to lose my virginity.” He looks up again, searching her eyes for forgiveness, or at least acceptance.

The receptionist nods knowingly, looking down to start flipping through some notes. “Don’t worry at all about it, we get first-timers here all the time. Please, don’t be put off by it, I do my best to try and make everyone feel welcome.” With that, she puts away whatever she was looking at and stands up, showing off how that suit she was wearing is definitely a little too small on her ample curves, probably deliberately so. She reaches over her desk, leaning forward a bit and offering her hand. “I’m Stacy, one of the managers here. It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir. What can I help you with?”

David reaches up and shakes her hand, some small margin of confidence returning. Not social graces, however, as he cannot help but stare at the amply presented cleavage. “Uh, I would like a girl? One who is willing to show me the ropes?”

Stacy certainly notices the staring… and doesn’t mind. That’s what the cut’s for. She sits back down after the greeting, going back to her notes. “Well, I can certainly help you there. Do you have any preference on what kind of girl? Species-wise, I mean.”

David shakes his head, but it is obvious he is not telling the truth. He raises his shoulders up in a half-shrug. “I really like breasts?”

“Hah! Well… I might have someone on call that can help you with that.” Obviously amused by the request, Stacy starts writing away. “If you don’t mind, we do take payment up front. That’ll be $100 for the night… and you can stay the night, if you wish. I’ll be pairing you with Jessica.” She slips forward a small glossy photo of a curvy cow-girl with four hefty breasts barely being contained by a Western-style halter top, as well as a noticeable udder above her wide, Daisy Duke-clad hips. “Don’t worry, she’s not normally that cheesy. The photo’s just from an older job of hers.”

It takes several seconds for David’s mouth to close. “One hundred dollars? For a whole night? That’s… unbelievable.” He scrambles to pull out his wallet, and tosses the hundred on the desk, with another fifty on top of it. “For her. Tipping is alright, right?” He picks up the picture and examines it closely. “She’s… amazing.” he mumbles to himself. His pants definitely concur with his assessment. He finally puts the picture down, and excitedly asks the vixen “Which way?”

The vixen takes the money, smiling wide. “Oh, tipping is absolutely fine. I’m sure she’ll appreciate this.” She can’t exactly see David’s more… visceral reaction, but she can definitely tell just by the tone of his voice. “In fact, she may even make this night extra-special for you. And don’t worry, she’ll come out to get you. Enjoy!” Sure enough, almost as if on cue, the cowgirl from the post card walks around a hallway, sauntering up past some of the other private rooms towards the lobby, a loose black robe only barely showing off her endowed frame. Jessica comes up to David, walking around and tracing a finger over his shoulders. “Well, hello there, I’m Jessica… what’s your name, cutie?”

“I-I’m David.” he stammers. He leans into her finger, excited at meeting the woman that is going to take his virginity. “You are just, gorgeous. Can I give you a hug?”

“Oh, absolutely, David. And I’ll let you do more once we get in private.” The hug is full of various cushions, from the cow’s natural padding, to her double pair of heavy breasts, and even the udder that’s being concealed by her current clothing. She hugs him back, squeezing the human a bit into her warm bosom, then keeping an arm around his shoulder, as she leads him back into one of the private rooms.

David follows closely, enchanted by the soft press of breast flesh against his torso. When they have finally reached the room, he closes it softly, intent on enjoying her coming show.

The room itself is surprisingly well appointed. Cabinets of, presumably, toys, rest against one wall, closed so as not to be too intimidating. The bed itself is a surprisingly comfortable looking Queen, with four posters and a hanging curtain above.

Jessica shrugs, slipping the robe off her shoulders and exposing her full beauty to David. Four large DDs, covered in soft fur, dominate her torso, above a pink, basketball sized udder. The teats and breasts sway with every motion she makes. And make them she does, as she tries to show off her assets. But David finds it all attractive, from the cloven, digitgrade hooves, to the three-fingered hoofhands, to the cute little muzzle gracing her face. He stands there, frozen, unsure if he can take what is being offered. “Is something wrong?” She asks.

David jumps, startled from his reverie. “It’s just… You are so amazing. I have never seen a more beautiful girl in my life.” He gestures at her chest. “Your breasts are perfect. I can’t imagine what it must be like. You are so lucky.” He looks away again, ashamed at his admission.

The cowgirl feels a little blush rise to her cheeks as the compliments get to her, but it doesn’t really diminish her smile. “Well, David, as sweet as it is for you to say that… what if I told you that I could let you experience how I feel?” The words leave her lips with an air of mystery to it, something unexplained left hanging in the air as she moves closer to the human, one finger lifting his chin up to turn his gaze back into her eyes, another lazily tracing his flat chest. “You could be just as lucky as I am… maybe even luckier. The Cantrip specializes in this sort of thing…”

David gulps. “You-You can’t be serious, right? That’s not possible.” He blinks, then looks down at her ample chest. “I could… try that?” He glances up to her eyes again. “It wouldn’t be permanent, right?”

“Oh, absolutely. Some people come here with more… exotic requests.” She moves away from David, going over to the cabinet and opening it up, revealing rack after rack of labeled vials filled with colorful liquids. “And rather than hiring so many girls to cater to specific needs, the owners have come up with their own way. And we are allowed to let the customers sample, if they wish.” She turns away, facing back towards David, running her hands over her whole body. Starting at the head and tracing over every curve, she feels over her breasts, letting out a low moan as her fingers tease over her nipples. “I could let you experience everything…” From there, her hands run over her soft stomach before coming down and squeezing at her udder. A small droplet of milk appears at the end of two of her four teats, the cowgirl clearly enjoying the stimulation. “And of course it’d be temporary… ” One hand stays to massage her milk-bag, the other moving downwards between her curvy thighs, starting to barely trace over her lower lips, a thin sheen appearing over the finger. “… if you want it to be.”

As her fingers find their way to her udder, David’s brain has already shut off, and he misses the last couple of words. But he heard all he needed to hear. “Please. I would like to try it, please.” He stares, practically begging, as the cowgirl runs her fingers over herself. “I would like to be like you. If only for a night.”

Jessica grins, turning back to the cabinet and taking a few choice vials out, her thin tail whipping back and forth in clear excitement. “I guarantee you’re going to love it… in fact, I’ll make you feel better than you ever have before. Now, it won’t do you any good to be busting out of your street clothes there, so… maybe do a little disrobing for me, David, and we’ll get to the exciting stuff.” She takes a goblet out and mixes the various liquids into it in some proportions, preparing a swirling cocktail of some sort of chemical, one which is held ready to be ingested whenever the recipient is ready. “And don’t worry, I’ll let you keep your cock. That’s what I’m here for, right?” She giggles a bit, swaying in some anticipation of the whole process.

David breaks a record for shucking his shirt, and fumbles with his belt. Within seconds, he stands naked before the cowgirl. No one could call his physique spectacular, but he does not attempt to hide it, so intent is he in the bovine’s concoction. He eagerly takes the chalice, and drinks the entire potion in one swill, before handing it back and smiling. “That, actually, tasted pretty good. Did I get a hint of vanilla?” He sat on the edge of the bed, and watched the cowgirl. “So what happens next?”

The cowgirl giggles lightly at the speed of the human’s discarded clothes, walking back over to him and looking his form up and down. “Well of course… wouldn’t do any good to have our customers lose their lunch.” There’s a noticeable heat that starts to build only seconds after the ingestion of the drink, as Jessica’s fingers trace over David’s stomach, where soft white fur is starting to push out of his skin. “What happens next is… we wait for you to be complete.”

David brought a disbelieving hand up to the fur, idly toying with the tufts. He met the cowgirl’s eyes. “You mean it’s real? I wasn’t sure before, but… I am really going to be like you?”

As fur continues to take over the human’s skin, the internal heat kept building up, feeling almost like an alcoholic buzz, but without the intoxication. “Wouldn’t do me any good to lie, would it?” Jessica’s hand moves from David’s growing pelt upwards, starting to lightly trace over an overly-sensitive nipple as the flesh beneath it swelled up slowly, a small curve making itself known on his otherwise masculine body.

David grabbed the cowgirl’s hand in his, and drew it over the swelling lump. He relished in her thick fingertips teasing his sensitive nipple. “Thank you.” was all he could manage, barely a whisper, as the changes continued.

“Don’t start thanking me yet… it’s only going to get better from here.” Case in point, the slight pinching sensation in pairs down David’s chest, four small red bumps appearing a few inches apart on either side of his torso, taking their time to develop into new nipples, all starting to swell gently. The bed creaks slightly as the cowgirl takes a seat next to her changing client, watching the wave of pure white fur continue to encompass his body, starting to bring a smoothing of his frame into play. The angles and hard lines of David’s body started to soften, causing slight curving from redistributed mass around his hips and waist.

David rubs a hand idly down the row, moving from his nearly completed breast to the lowest nipple and back gain. “I’m going to have six breasts? This is amazing!” He lies back on the bed, enjoying the pleasurable sensations he gets from his roaming hand. His other swirls idly through the fur spreading along his thigh. He shivers at softness. “I am so soft. Am I going to be a bunny?”

Jessica grins, her hand moving from playing over the still-forming breasts, down through the new fur to the human’s hardening shaft, giving it a gentle stroke with her soft hands. “Mmhm… I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for bunnygirls, so excuse me for indulging. You’ll be quite the example, I think…” Once all of the new pelt has wrapped around David’s backside, there’s a bit of pressure from the end of his spine as a small poof of a tail grows out, quickly covered in the same snow-white coat as… most of the rest of him. Of course, said tail is atop a swelling rump, one whose curves only serve to accentuate the growing femininity of David’s body.

David wiggles cutely as the tail grows in, adjusting himself as the new appendage is crushed under him. “Wait, I have a tail?” He sits up, then looks over his shoulder at the fluffy stump. “I have a tail!” He dives over at the cowgirl, enveloping her in a massive hug. “You are the best!” he exclaims, delight in his eyes.

There is the odd sensation coming from David’s chest as those new growths of his are squeezed against the cowgirl’s almost identical sets, new flesh sending new signals to his brain as all six breasts continue to expand. Jessica reciprocates the hug, wrapping her arms around David and pulling him even closer, her hands tracing through the new pelt and soft skin on his back, peeking over his shoulder to watch how said new tail wags excitedly without any sort of conscious input. “Hah, thanks… don’t worry, I’m going to show you all the best parts of your new body, when it’s all good and ready.”

David leans in close, resting his head against Jessicas. A tear forms on his cheek, slowly sliding down into her fur. “Thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me.” He grows quiet as he enjoys the swelling warmth on his chest, the soft press of her breasts against his as they expand against her.

Jessica keeps him close, having a pretty good idea of what he’s going through right now. But she knows he’s not done yet, even if his overflowing chest is nearing completion… She gives him a few moments to express his gratitude before softly pushing him away by his furred shoulders. She moves down to the ground, getting on her knees in front of him, starting to slowly stroke through the sensitive fur covering his supple thighs.

Something within David’s body finally triggers as a massive wave of heat passes over him, his male member becoming rock hard without any sort of stimulation, an intense arousal overtaking his still changing body as the chemicals got to work on the next stage of his transformation…

What happens next is a churning deep within the mostly-rabbit’s body originating behind his hips as his body shifts to accommodate the most important change: that of his gender. Jessica moves up between his legs, pressing her muzzle right up against his hard cock, nuzzling it gently while one of her hands traces up from a thigh to just below the base of his groin… and hits something intensely pleasurable, a spike of alien sensation shooting up through David’s body.

David collapses against the bed, staggered at the spike of pleasure rolling through his body. “Oh my GOD” he exclaims, before raising his head and attempting to meet the cowgirl’s gaze. “That’s what it feels like? How do you ever get anything done?” His head flops backwards as he idly fingers his chest and fur, enjoying her ministrations.

At this point, David’s chest is an erogenous zone in and of itself, sending warm waves of pleasure through him, though nothing nearly at that intensity. There is more churning and shifting as Jessica’s finger traces over a small split in the fur between his legs, as yet more sparks shoot up through him… or hir, as the case will soon be.

By this point, David’s entire body has been transformed into that of a bunnygirl, all soft fur and softer curves, everything from the neck down. Once the pelt starts to encroach on his head, there are a few moments of uncomfortable repositioning of bone as his face pushes out into his field of vision into a furred muzzle. As well, his voice starts to rise with the disappearance of his Adam’s Apple, going through the octaves to settle on a voice more appropriate for his body, a soft alto.

David panics slightly at the pressure on his mouth. “What is-” His further words are lost in a slur as nose presses out into a cute, triangular muzzle. He brings a hand up to it, running a finger along the length, tracing his cleft lip, twirling his whiskers. “Do you-” he eeps as he hears the sound of his higher, more feminine voice. “Do you have a mirror?”

There’s a moment of numbness in David’s extremities as, while his head is completely enveloped in fuzz, his hands and feet start to enlarge slightly, more fluff gathering at those points while soft pads appear on the palms and soles. Slight discomfort accompanies these final changes, especially as the former human’s hearing is lost while his ears stretch out and relocate to the top of his head, new appendages flopping over his eyes. A slight pressure and another pinch occurs between the rabbit’s legs as the slit on the outside connects with the new developments inside, marking a true transition of gender.

David brings a hand-paw up in front of hir face, and slowly turns it back and forth. “I have paws.” shi states stupidly. Shi wiggles the fat, furry fingers before bringing them up to caress hir long, floppy ears. Shi rubs the membrane back and forth, delighting in the sensation of hir rough paw-pads against the soft fur. “I’m a bunny. You did it!” Shi leaps off the bed, tackling the cowgirl in an expression of pure joy. Shi laughs as their breasts mash together, hir erection wedged uncomfortably against her udder. Shi plants a kiss on her lips, then another, tongue exploring, turning hir muzzle sideways to allow more hirself to go deeper. When the kiss is finally broken, shi laughs again, hir ears dragging against the carpet and causing hir to giggle. Shi stands, admiring hir large, fat paws, and digitgrade stance, hopping idly from foot to foot as shi finds hir new balance. “This is a miracle.” shi states, all shame or discomfort forgotten in the joy of hir new form.

Jessica finds herself a little surprised by the rabbit’s… enthusiasm, but she suspects it’s not undeserved. When the new David suddenly tackles her, though, she flails a bit off balance, grabbing onto hir… and leaning right into that kiss. There’s nothing wrong with it, not at all, in fact she reciprocates hir little twist by pushing back, letting that passion fly free.

Once David finally finds hir legs, she similarly stands up, brushing her short fur back down before walking behind the rabbit, her breasts and udder pushing into hir back while her hands start to rub and grope at hir three new pairs of breasts. “So, now… how about I show you what this body can really do…?”

David melts at the attention, leaning into the cowgirl, and letting her fondle hir new assets. “You mean there’s more?” Shi whispers dreamily, entranced by the cowgirl’s knowledgeable hands.

The cowgirl giggles a bit, almost wishing she had extra hands just to keep the bunny occupied completely. Alas. One hand continues to press and rub against hir chest, while the other snakes downwards through hir fur, stopping momentarily at hir hard shaft before moving deeper down. Jessica’s leathery hands find David’s new slit, starting to barely rub at the opening. “Oh, absolutely…”

David rocks forward at the touch, before falling against the cowgirl’s plush assets once again. Hir tail wiggles against the cowgirl’s udder. “That’s fantastic. Can we…?” Shi nods towards the bed.

“Mm, well… I believe you asked for a mirror a bit ago?” She lets go of David’s body, opening up a closet door and revealing not only a full-length mirror on the inside of the door, but also a wardrobe full of various outfits clearly geared for some sexual roleplay. “Don’t mind that stuff, that’s not what’s important.” Instead, she maneuvers David in front of hir reflection, the former human now able to see the herm-bunny beauty shi’s become in full glory.

David pads over to the mirror before admiring hir reflection. Snow white fur covered a beauty so alien it was practically a work of art. Nothing of the man that walked in the brothel remained. Foot long ears perked up and flopped as hir attention shifted. Long, brown hair cascaded down hir shoulders and against hir back. Shi tossed her head, laughing as she imitated a shampoo commercial. Hir face was next, large, adorable blue eyes resting above a pert muzzle, with a tiny, triangular pink nose. She smiled, watching her flat teeth. “I’m so cute!” shi said, ecstatically, to the cowgirl, before admiring hirself once again. As shi looked at hir chest, a paw rose up of it’s own volition and traced the ample curves of hir sextet of breasts. Shi hopped, watching them bounce and jiggle. “And bouncy!” Hir paw snaked lower, caressing the sheath of hir new manhood, inhuman erection showing all that shi had. Hir paw wrapped around it, and gave it a tentative stroke. “This is… nothing like before.” shi whispered breathily. Shi turned to the cowgirl once again. “How do you live like this? It’s like my body is built for sex?”

At some point while David was admiring hirself, Jessica went rummaging through the toy cabinet and pulled out a silicon dildo modeled after a horsecock, shining a deep blue in the light of the room. “It’s, ah… well, that body of yours is a little more hyped up than normal… just a little something in the concoction. But I live like it by working here!” She smiles, letting David take hir visual fill of hirself before leading hir back to the bed, laying hir down gently on hir back.

“Now… this might feel a little weird, but it’s going to feel amazing after that.” The bovine returns to her position between David’s legs, brandishing the lubed dildo in one hand. She nestles it right underneath hir erect shaft, the tip pushing and grinding gently against the rabbit’s virgin slit before slowly parting the lips and entering hir for the first time.

David’s eyes grow wide as shi sees the massive blue horsecock. “That’s going in ME?” But Jessica has proven to be a miracle worker, so shi lies down on the bed and does not resist. Shi moans as the shaft penetrates hir, new sensations flooding through hir body. Hir left hand goes to hir chest while hir right reaches down and grabs hir erection, stroking softly to the beat of the cowgirl’s toy’s thrusting.

If Jessica merely touching David’s new sex while it was developing was enough to make hir wonder how girls live, then the sensation of being filled to the brim with the toy is nothing short of heavenly. Something in hir new body responds damn well to being penetrated like that, the pleasure starting to rise higher and higher with every thrust. “So… David? How does it feel now?”

“Its. Amazing” shi manages, in between thrusts. The little barking yips shi is making are adorable, mostly because the cowgirl could tell they were unintentional. Hir stroking became faster, polishing the shaft and relishing in the sensations of hir furry paws against the skin. Hir left hand grabbed a lower breast and squeezed, toying with the nipple to get a third source of pleasure. “Don’t. Stop.” Shi begged.

“Mmm, I won’t… but I can tell you that it’s even better if it’s a real cock…” She’s relishing teasing the new herm, monitoring hir progress while picking up the pace with the toy’s thrusting. A low rumbling comes from her own body as she feels some tension in her udder… looks like she hasn’t been milked in a bit. “Ahh, David… you want to do me a little favor and help milk me a bit? I promise you I’m delicious!” With another soft laugh, Jessica repositions herself to something akin to a 69, crawling onto the bed such that the bunny’s muzzle is positioned right between the cow’s legs.

David’s paws leave hir body and make their way to the cowgirl’s udder. “Yes Ma’am!” shi cries enthusiastically. Shi pulls one of the udders teats into hir mouth, gently running hir thick fingers along the length to open up the nipple. Shi is rewarded with a squirt of milk, thick and creamy and sweet and everything shi could have ever asked for. Shi turns her head and confirms “You are delicious!” Shi eagerly resumes hir suckling, head bouncing against the bed as shi tries to take as much of that delicious milk into hir mouth as she can. Hir paws run along the udder, teasing it, caressing it, holding up the delicious taughtness until the mouth can alleviate the pressure.

Jessica certainly enjoys having the pressure alleviated, letting out a low moan of pleasure as her udder is played with and emptied. Unfortunately (or “fortunately”, depending on the viewpoint), Jessica’s milk and the chemicals still left in David’s system have a weird little reaction as the rabbit’s stomach gurgles, a new growth appearing just above hir shaft, pink skin poking out from underneath the fur and bulging outwards, four points starting to elongate on it. The cow doesn’t exactly notice, now going back to playing with the fake shaft buried in David’s slit, pushing it in and grinding it against hir body.

David moans as the warmth returns, but the delicious milk must not stop flowing! Shi brings hir paws up and starts playing with the other teats, covering hir muzzle in streams of milk. Rivulets of the precious fluid flow down and pool in hir hair, before disappearing into the bed. David tries to get out a coherent sentence, but the delicious warmth in hir belly, milk in hir mouth, and sensations in hir nether lips make verbalization impossible.

The warmth only intensifies as the rabbit’s new udder continues to push out, starting to fill up with milk of its own, becoming taut and tense. Once Jessica is drained of her own cream, she detaches from the herm bunny, slowly retracting the toy from hir slit. “How about I show you what it’s really like for us girls…?”

“Don’t stop!” David begs, before looking up at the cowgirl. Shi sees hir udder for the first time, and runs a paw along it. “I have an udder… It’s gorgeous!” Shi pulls and twists a teat, and is rewarded with a spray of milk. Shi lets go, udder flopping against hir throbbing erection. “What do you mean, what it’s really like?” Shi tries to sit up, only to be shocked at the weight of breast and udder flesh holding hir down. Shi brings hir arms behind hir and props hirself up on hir elbows to watch the cowgirl.

What she means is, while David was busy playing with hir new udder, she snuck over to the toy cabinet and pulled out another vial… and now she’s looking back at the bunny with a throbbing bullcock between her legs, smiling wide. “THIS is what I mean. It’s so much better than a toy when it’s deep within you, hot, hard, throbbing…”

“Oh god YES!” David cries with excitement, collapsing against the bed, and sending hir numerous breasts jiggling. Shi spreads hir legs a little in anticipation of the gift she is about to receive. “Stick it in me!”

“Now that’s the enthusiasm I like to see!” Jessica walks back over to the bed, moving up on top of David, pressing udders and breasts together as she looms over the bunny. Her new shaft twitches as she maneuvers it underneath the herm’s ballsac, grinding the hot length against hir slit. “Do you really want it? Because this could be a point of no return for you…”

David leans into Jessica, enjoying the feelings as their udders squashed against each other. Shi is clearly in a haze of pleasure, but manages to make out “What do you mean?”

“Since you’re still… fresh, there’s a warning that we’re not supposed to engage like this until your body’s got some time to settle… I don’t really know the particulars.” During her explanation, she continues to bump and grind, nearly sticking herself right inside that inviting warmth. “So… if i’m not careful and don’t pull out… you could be looking at a new life as a bunny-herm.”

David fully opens hir eyes. “What?” Shi pushes the cowgirl away. “This could be permanent?” Shi brings up a paw to caress a breast. “I… I don’t know. You… I want you inside of me, but…” Shi shudders as Jessica presses up against hir. Shi looks up at Jessica, fear temporarily overriding the lust in hir eyes.

Jessica nods, seeming quite understanding of the whole thing. However… there is the matter of having felt full, and David’s body needing that feeling again… the desire is overwhelming. “I completely get it if you want me to back off… I know that could be a scary proposition.”

“No, Wait!” David cries. Shi appears to be thinking. “I want you… Nothing will go wrong if you pull out, right? You can just pull out?” Hir high, feminine voice is full of pleading, hoping Jessica will tell hir what shi wants to hear.

“If I pull out, then there shouldn’t be any problems. I’m just warning you of the possibility, okay?” She retakes her position, moving up a bit more, her hands on David’s thighs, caressing them softly as she continues to unconsciously grind into the herm’s body.

David bucks subconsciously, trying to grind the massive bullcock against hir lips. “Just be careful, OK?” Shi lies back, paws playing with hir udder again now that the mental crisis is resolved.

Jessica nods, steeling herself before starting to push into David’s body. The sensation of a real shaft overwhelms the pleasure of the fake dildo. She slowly pushes in and hilts the rabbit, grinding their hips together as she uses her grips on the herm’s soft thighs as leverage.

David cries, a high, feminine squeal as shi is fully penetrated by the bovine’s appendage. Shi rocks back and forth with the thrusts, hir entire body moving with the cowgirl’s pushing. Every breath is a gasp of pleasure, a cute little exclamation of the bliss shi is feeling. “Oh god YES fuck me!” shi manages.

“Now that’s what I like to hear!” The cowgirl gladly takes David’s suggestion, starting to push and pull back rhythmically, watching her partner’s various body parts jiggle up and down on the bed. She groans, closing her eyes and starting to put some true muscle behind her pounding, one hand moving forward to squeeze at hir fresh udder, extracting milk with slow pulls and watching it cover her leathery pads.

David lets out a louder moan as hir udder is played with. Hir entire body is jiggling by this point, pounds of breast flesh sending hir to new heights of pleasure. Shi can’t even vocalize, so caught up is shi in the cowgirl’s ministrations. Hir hands lay limply at hir sides, for there is nothing shi could do to increase the pleasure shi is feeling.

Jessica buckles down, having gotten enough leverage to now use her other hand to start pumping at David’s hard cock, groping and squeezing in time with her thrusts. Some pre is already starting to leak from the tip of her augmented shaft, but the feeling of it flowing into hir pussy is probably lost in all of the immense pleasure.

David gasps as hir cock is grabbed and rubbed. “You.” shi pants, in between moans. “You. Are. Magic.” That clearly took a lot out of hir, as she flops down again, tongue lolling out of the side of hir mouth. Hir legs wrap around the cowgirl, spreading hir lower lips wider to encompass more of that delicious cock.

The cowgirl barely notices David’s legs lock her in, her eyes closed as she pants, expending so much energy to try and drive her partner to untold levels of ecstasy. What this means, however, is that she only catches herself about to climax barely too late, her massive bullcock twitching as she feels herself tense and shudder…

David howls as shi comes, both from hir lapine penis and from hir new vagina. Shi bucks against the cowgirl, trying to milk the long cock for all it was worth as the orgasms roll through her body. Shi is lost in pleasure, all coherent thought gone from hir mind as shi experiences hir first orgasm as a rabbit herm.

David’s milking only makes Jessica’s predicament worse as it increases the pleasure being put upon her shaft, all of the twitching finally coming to a head as, locked in by the rabbit’s powerful legs, she lets loose a torrent of hot, sticky seed into the virgin herm’s body. The cum shot into the rabbit’s womb, locking hir into this curvy, sexy form.

David’s cries finally fade, echoes still rumbling down the hall. The post-coital bliss is apparent as shi lies there with half-lidded eyes. As Jessica withdraws, shi sees the telltale signs of cum dripping from the massive bullshaft. “Oh no.” Shi whispers. “What did you do?”

“You… you kinda locked me in…” She’s still coming down from her own climax, panting hard as the last strands of seed fill David’s slit up. “I… couldn’t pull out in time… though, ah… looked like you were having a good time with it.” She sheepishly laughs, as if that’s supposed to be some kind of condolence.

David turns hir head away, and says nothing for a time. Hir breasts finally come to a stop, and Jessica’s seed leaks out of hir lower lips. Shi sits up, without saying anything, and turns to the side of the bed, head resting in hir hands. The deep sadness of the moment is slightly alleviated by a long, floppy ear drooping in front of hir face. “It’s permanent, isn’t it.” Shi finally manages, in between gasps that quickly reveal themselves to be from crying.

“It is, though… some of it can be undone. The udder, at least, if you… don’t…” It takes a bit for Jessica to notice the crying, but she eventually kneels down on the bed, holding a soft hand up against hir chin. “I’m… I’m sorry. But… I… I mean, you liked the body so much… and you looked so sad before…”

David dives against Jessica, burying hir head in her shoulder, trying to muffle the crying. Their breasts rub against each other pleasantly, further reminding David of the consequences. “I DO! Don’t you get it? I do love it!” shi manages between sobs. “But I shouldn’t! I’m a freak! A whore! Forever!” Shi breaks down again, just appreciating the cowgirl’s closeness.

Jessica wraps an arm around the newly-minted rabbit, letting hir cry it out. “Well… maybe you could work here. Nobody’s going to judge you for your body, and you’ll get to use it doing what you love…”

David pulls hir head away, tears streaking hir fur. “Do-Do you think so? Would anybody want me? Want this?” Shi nods downwards, trying to encompass all that was hirself.

She grins, running a hand over the sides of David’s breasts. “I know I absolutely would. And besides, there are enough ways to… customize you, if need be. As for life outside, well, there’s a reason that it’s called The Cantrip. Walking around with an udder turns heads, but I’m able to hide it while I’m out.”

The tears have finally stopped as David hears what shi needed to hear. “Do you mean it? I could work here, and still go outside?” Shi emrbaces the cowgirl in a deep hug, breasts squashing together. “Oh thank you thankyouthankyou.” shi manages, this time crying tears of joy rather than tears of fear.