Pleasure Island (Edited RP)

Written by Loren Ipsun
December 13, 2017
Furry Taur

Ansom strolled along the boardwalk, taking in the sights. Lights glittered off the tents and buildings, forming a spectacle worthy of the name “Pleasure Island”. This was his first visit to the park, and he had to say, it was living up to the hype. His first step off the boat had been greeted with a kiss, even before he was in the park proper. Yes, the entrance fee had hurt his wallet a little, but after polishing off the best funnel cake he had ever consumed, he felt much less bad about it.

The place was much less crowded than he would have anticipated. There were rides, sure, but the lines were actually fairly short. He had tried one of the dart games just for fun, and won something! That never happened! He fingered the token in his pocket. The man behind the booth had talked him out of a stuffed animal, giving him the coin instead. “If you wish to see the real attraction of the park, boy, hand this to lady at the purple door.” He had taken it out of confusion, and began his wandering.

The boardwalk had the brightest colors, so that was where he had started his search. Restaurants, gift shops, and the occasional ride enticed, but no purple was in sight. He walked off the main corridor to find a drink, and was damn near nailed by someone stumbling out onto the street. He turned to yell, but was shocked by the rich hue of the door the man had stumbled out of. This was not just a combination of red and blue, this was a purple kings had killed for. He opened the door slowly, walking in to the smoke-fogged interior.

Going from alley to interior was much like visiting a dream. The smoke inside seemed to be scented with some herbal blend Ansom had never found in the past. The floor had lush red carpet, but before he could explore further a woman seemed almost to materialize from the shrouding fog out of nothing. Tall, thin limbed, and with a practiced smile she politely began to explain, “I’m sorry sir… this is only for…” But then something about him registers and she looks a bit more intently. “Wait, you were one of the coin winners, weren’t you?” She gets out a clipboard and flips through pages with several pictures of strangers. “Right, we expected you hours back. Did you not follow the full directions?” As always, seems one hand never knows what the other is doing, since no such instructions had been given. “This makes a bit of a quandary… Normally we try to group our guests as we demonstrate this unique attraction.”

Her manner seems a bit sorrowful for all the time he has already missed. “Every day a select group of visitors is given the opportunity to experience… the impossible. Something that stretches the bounds of reason just for your entertainment.”

It’s quite a bit of hype to swallow, but the surroundings somehow make it more believable. The art on the wall looks both expensive and genuine. The metal fixtures gleam with fine crafted cleanliness. Even the woman at the door is dressed several grades better than other park employees. “Would you care for a tour of our services?”

Ansom reached into his pocket, pulling out the coin. It was nothing fancy, just bearing the symbol for the park and “Admit One”. He handed it to the security woman. “Why not? I’m already here. Why don’t you show me what you have to offer?”

Taking the coin she smiles brightly, “You don’t really believe me when I say ‘the impossible’ do you?” she states with some amusement. She closes the door and applies a lock, “I think you’re probably the last one… Hmm, we need something completely afield… I know, how about a game?” There is mischief in her voice as she leads him to a side room. There are signs that some celebration was recently there. Refreshments largely gone, gift wrappings on tables, and party favors scattered about. The previous guests however have all moved on. “Imagine for a moment, that magic was real, that this was a party from your childhood…” She states, and goes over to a wall where a child’s game is on display. “Let’s play… pin the tail on the donkey… I’ll let you go first.” It’s a silly request, but the mischief in her eyes promises something more to the game than he might think.

Ansom laughed lightly. Well, he certainly didn’t think anything truly mind blowing was going to happen in what was, essentially, a Pizza Pete’s, but… This girl was kinda cute. And she seemed interested in him, given the personal tour. He stepped over a pile of wrapping paper and took the aforementioned tail from the girl, closing his eyes and beginning to spin. Play along, maybe you can spin this into a date, Ansom. He stepped forward, and was delighted to feel paper. He pinned the tail to the sheet, then opened his eyes.

There, on the wall where he had applied pressure, the paper tail with pin had struck actually quite near the rump of the drawing. One difference however, as the wall sprouted what seemed to be a real animal tail on the spot it struck home. She claps with a “Well done! The closer your request comes to fruition, the more visible the effect.” As he puzzled over the unusual sight, “And lest you think it a trick…” she states, picking up another paper tail. “Allow me to show you otherwise.” This donkey tail gets pinned not to the wall, but to the seat of his pants! That quick prick however soon lances into a larger sensation as his pants and hips feel the growth and presence of an identical tail, not on the wall, but on him! It is very new… almost uncontrolled, but responding to his thoughts and emotions. “Magic!”

Ansom watched the realistic donkey tail sprout from the wall, astonished. What a trick! He examined one of the other paper tails, but they seemed to be ordinary construction paper. That’s when the woman pricked him. He turned, amazed, as the paper inflated, swelling out to a limb of flesh and blood! “What the fuck!” he yelled, spinning and stumbling in his haste to examine the appendage. He caught the edge of the table, standing again, as he lifted the tail. “Holy shit, this is real.” He looked up into her eyes, a mixture of fear and respect. “What did… How did you- This can’t be real.” he murmured, edging away from her slowly.

Smiling she offers a calming gesture. “Don’t worry… I promise you won’t be like this in the morning. This area of the park, is like a crystallization of dreams and fantasies for everyone who visits. It’s usually a bit easier to take when all the guests are in a group, but sadly, you were a little late. I couldn’t have used the donkey tail on you if you didn’t agree to play the game. Nothing that happens can happen without you agreeing to it in some way.” She smiles and tugs at the wall. “But think of the potential. Fantasies that are literally impossible, you could recreate this night. Just make a request from me, and I can make it as real as that tail. Feel it… Swish it… I can see this is shocking from the way you’re holding it now. All the fun you could desire, until morning!”

Ansom contemplated this, tail lashing gently behind him. He had a donkey tail! Only until morning. HE. HAD. A. TAIL. He blinked as his mind roiled, contemplating the repercussions of what had transpired. It wasn’t… that bad, was it? Just a furry little limb, twitching against his thigh? And this woman promised so much more. He could undergo a little humiliation, couldn’t he? After all, she had said that it all had to be with his consent, right? He stared down at the tail again. Anything was possible… But how could he ask! Just straight up tell a complete stranger his fantasies? “I… I don’t know what to ask. I barely know you. I didn’t even catch your name! I’m Ansom, by the way.” He proffered a hand in greeting.

The woman grins while gesturing to her name badge. “Why do they guys always notice the uniform, but never take their eyes just a little to the side for the name?” she asks. “I’m Allura, and don’t worry so much. It’s all overwhelming at first, but I should explain some of the rules. First, you have to agree to things for the magic to work. Second, if you ask for too much, the magic might drain away too quick, which is no fun for anyone. Third, all this is possible because of the wishes and fantasies of our visitors. This means you might not always get exactly what you expect, but hopefully you won’t be disappointed. Anything that happens happens because somebody out there really liked the idea!” She takes his hand and then tugs lightly to a table where an unopened gift box is still present. “You’ll probably want to skip the cake and stuff, to use your time wisely. We only have until morning before the magic runs out…”

Ansom stares at the gift, his mind still in turmoil. He couldn’t help but think that it was more than it appeared. Not just a physical gift, but a metaphorical one as well. Taking it would signify acceptance- It was already in his hands, the traitorous limbs working on auto-pilot. His subconscious had overridden his uncertainty, taking the gift for what it was. He surrendered to his subconscious will, pulling off the wrapping paper and lifting the lid. And with that, his acceptance of the night was complete. He had determined that he was going to enjoy, rather than fear, it.

Allura continued to chatter, though much of her words are cheerful background noise as the gift box took his attention away. It contains not quite what he might have expected, just a deck of cards and a some blink cardboard tickets as if for a park ride that hadn’t yet been invented. The cards, opened, prove to be a tarot deck. As he puzzles to look for answers, the guide’s voice congratulates him. “Nice… Something mature and something adventurous both in that box… The deck is probably a bit random in its effects, but the tickets are for writing things down. Why don’t you imagine some kind of experience you’ve always been curious to try, or thought might be fun, but knew you could never afford it ever? I’ll write it down, and then we can try it.”

Ansom looks up, giving Allura a bit of a “deer in the headlights” look. He opens his mouth, closes it again, then builds up the courage to ask. “You can do anything? Really anything? But just until morning?” His face is covered in a crimson tide. “Could you… could I… try being a girl? Just until morningofcourseohgodwhydidIsaythatoutloud-” He stares intently at the blank ticket so as to avoid her gaze.

Allura seems to like the question, reaching to snatch the ticket as he squirms, “I like that one… Sounds like fun!” She takes out a pen and writes on the ticket, “One ride ’til morning – As a girl!” The lack of judgement in her eyes probably helps a little, but the request is still quite the embarrassment for any guy. “I’ll let you trade in for what I’ve got, and that way you can find out how you like it. Shame it’s only ’til daybreak, but you’ll have fun for sure. Just tear it, and we’re off.”

Trade in? He was still a bit confused, but Allura seemed to be implying that this was a thing that could actually happen. It was silly, of course. It couldn’t- But no, he had a donkey’s tail, didn’t he? He accepted the ticket with due weight, and tore it halfway through.

The guide woman grins and takes his hand, “I think for this, we should find a better room. Somewhere folks aren’t likely to come in by accident, no?” The magic, if it is at work, doesn’t seem to do anything immediately, giving her time to lead him from the party room to a large guest room with a veranda looking out on a pasture. Strange that… wasn’t the building in the middle of the park?? “Perfect… private, nobody for miles.” She states, then … starts taking off her top?! “Better take off your shirt so we can trade clothes fast!”

Ansom followed her in a daze. This was unreal. He had said he had wanted to try being a girl and now it was going to happen! The fact that she was taking him seriously blew his mind. He stumbled to a stop as they reached the bedroom. He gazed over the pasture. “It’s quite nice here.” His tail flicked happily, swatting at an imaginary fly. He glanced up, noticing that she was taking off her shirt. His mouth dropped open, not even realizing what her words were implying.

Allura pauses as he gapes at her undressing. Still wearing a lacy black bra she stops at that point with hands to her hips. “Hey Ansom! Pay attention and pick up the pace. You need to start getting out of that outfit or you’re going to regret it…” She decides to give him some more space. “Tell you what… I’ll toss the clothes from the bathroom so you can try things on a little easier…” Taking her uniform into a side door, he can hear her snap something free shortly before a bra comes sailing out into the room. “Tell me when you’ve got things on!”

Ansom, feeling ridiculous, slides his shirt over his head, and unbuttons his pants, letting them slide to the floor. He stands there in just his boxers. He shivers as the furry tuft of the tail dances against his leg. He picks up the bra, curiously, and holds it up to his chest. He looks over to the bathroom, still trying to grasp the situation. “You… really want me to put it on?”

The act of picking it up sends a tingle into the fingertips as Ansom pulls the lacy garment from the floor. Pinpricks of sensation seem to dance on his skin where the lace touches. The answer from the bathroom is a giggly girl saying “Nope… I want to try the nude racing circuit, does that sound like fun to you?” Even as she jokes though, he can feel that tingle sliding from fingers to hands, and with a glance it becomes obvious the change is spreading outward from where he handles the garment. Skin tone clearing and softening as the hands and arms become distinctly mismatched in appearance.

Ansom nearly drops it, so shocked is he by the sensation. But… He takes it as a sign. This is really going to work! He lifts the lacy bra and attaches it to his flat chest, fumbling behind him as he works the clasp for the first time. After thirty awkward, tingling seconds, it is done. He pulls his hands in front of him, examining the new digits as they become more slender and fine. “Holy shit, it’s really happening.” he mumbles under his breath.

As the bra goes on, a matching set of lace panties is tossed out the door to land in front of him. They look impossibly tiny compared to his boxers, but from the evidence at hand, that might not be for long. As the lace cups go over the pecs, the tingling of the fingers repeats on the chest. This time though, in addition to softening skin, the sense stretching and ballooning flesh fills into the cups as well. The wrists and arms keep changing, a slow pace going upward as hairless skin replaces the rougher tan he was sporting on arrival. The chest too has changed, shoulders shrinking in as the rib cage feels oddly distorted inside, body reworking to fit new garments and look. The tingle and pace of it is oddly sensual, a fact which makes the donkey tail swish faster in reflection of that enjoyment. So strange, it seems to react to moods without any sense of control.

From the bathroom Allura calls out. “Hey, you okay in there? I won’t take you for a ride unless you talk to me!” As she says this, he can feel the neck thinning down, adam’s apple disappearing, throat tingling.

Ansom can’t help but stare at the budding breasts forming on his chest. Breasts. He’s growing breasts! Her call shakes him out of his reverie. “I’m doing-” He eeps as he realizes that his voice has changed. “I’m doing OK! I’m turning into a girl!” he states stupidly. As if she didn’t already know. He kicks off his boxers, not surprised to see that he is already a little excited. Who wouldn’t be, with a pair of breasts his very own! He picks up the silk panties, sliding them over his growing erect, tucking it up into the waistband. The silk is delightfully soft. “Where can I get a pair of these!” he giggles in his new, more feminine voice.

The response from the bathroom is a bit more delayed as Ansom plays more. The swift slide of silk garments up the legs sets those tingles to going across most of the skin at once. The band pressing on the cock only adds to that sensation as the sparkle of changing nerve endings work against the self control. The too-small panties tent lewdly with that erection, but even as he gets harder, the sense of getting softer also intrudes. Little Ansom, after a noble rise, begins to shrink down while the tingle at the neck spreads up to clear out stubble and facial hair as well. The tongue and teeth feel… different… Smoother as a lingering taste of male is in the now more feminine lips. The change of the eyes seem to shift colors in the room briefly as they become a delicate green.

Ansom watches the changes progress along his legs with delight. His feet grow daintier, the callouses he had earned with barefoot running becoming smooth skin. The hair on his legs falls out, leaving super-modelesque expanses of skin. But it is the changes beneath the panties that excite him the most. Even as his cock begins to shrink, he can’t help but delight in the pleasant buzz that runs through his system. He collapses back on the bed, smashing his tail before adjusting himself. One of his hands snakes under his bra while the other rubs what is left of his penis. “Oh Allura, this is amazing…” he murmurs… or was that she now?

The entry of Allura back into the room is quite different from before. The sound of footsteps on carpet are heavier, and when he glances to her, well… obviously the gender changes are a two way street! It’s like looking into a mirror as he strides over to the bed, nose sniffing the air. “Mm… Is that lady lust in the air?” the voice of the man chuckles as a rougher set of fingers move to slide on one arm. “I’d say you got your wish… Though were you wanting a bit more?” While standing nude he smiles, “I could check your gifts for more toys if you like…”

Ansom manages to stop fingering herself for a moment and be a lucid participant in the conversation. She was girl! Holy fucking shit this was amazing! She sat up, clapping. “More toys, more toys!” she exclaimed giddily. What else would the night bring her?

The answering chuckle comes from Allura in a deep voice. “As you wish…” Reaching for the tarot deck the fingers make a show of rifling through them at random before eventually pulling one out. “Ah what suit do I get. Swords? Interesting…” Flipping the card where you can see, it appears to be a page leading a donkey that bears a knight’s sword at its side. “A low suit… Almost menial in some ways, but at the same time, free to pursue goals freely. No commitments to hold you back…” He leans over to Ansom, pressing his lips against her mouth… with her previous mouth. “Shall I show you your place tonight woman?” the teasing voice asks. “Would you like that?”

Ansom leans up in to the kiss. It was strange. She had never been attracted to guys before, but this was… exciting? She felt her heart flutter. It must be her excitement in being a girl. That was definitely it. Her eyes blinked languidly, looking up into the ones that had once been hers. “I want to see what you have to show me.” she whispered huskily. While the thought of what was to come held no appeal from an objective sense… she wanted it. She wanted it more than she would ever dare admit.

Smiling, “Let’s do it raw then…” The hands move to start undoing that bra with a rougher force, “No clothes… no civilization… Heck… we could even do it outside.” Barely waiting for an answer, the stronger arms reach to lift her from the bed, moving to the open veranda and the soft pasture grasses beyond. “Can free our lust… like animals…”

“Like animals…” Ansom repeats, in a daze. Her fantasies, back when she was a guy, had never been quite this strong, but she found it… intoxicating. She looked up into Allura’s eyes, and smiled, no longer abashed. “You know this body best, Allura. I trust you.” Much to her surprise, she found she wanted to mean it.

The air outside proves cool, but far from chill. Setting her on the grass, the tickling blades caress the back as the leans in roughly to start nibbling at her chest. Maybe Ansom was unused to that body, but the quickness with which the new Allura finds that delightful pulsing twinge on a nipple proves that isn’t the case for all involved. The teeth feel wild, exciting the senses in new ways as the air seems to take on the musky need of growing desire and pour it back into them both. Unnoticed is the discoloration on that nipple, the flesh thickening with a black swollen color.

Ansom closes her eyes, taking a moment to revel in the sensations Allura is inflicting on her. “Oh god, it feels. It hurts, but it feels good, too.” She opens them, leaning up to kiss the top of Allura’s head. Her hands slide up, wrapping around Allura’s neck, digging into her hair. They slide down the boy’s back, feeling every tensed muscle, every rib of what used to be her body. “Don’t stop.” she whisper huskily.”

The growl of “not a chance…” responds heavily as the hands start working on the shape of her head. As the hands work on her skin, she could swear there was fine hairs tingling where he touched. The sensation only adds to the lustful sense of need though, even when his hand tug on ears, it’s like her body just give in, letting him tug them longer, making every sound in the silent pasture magnify. Though now the only sounds are two souls panting with growing lusts. “Tell me… just tell me how bad you want it…”

Ansom clenches, her whole body tightening as Allura works her ears. She had no idea that was such an erogenous zone. “I want… the whole experience…” She manages. “I am only a girl until morning, so I… want it. Need it.” Her voice drops lower. “Show me.” With that, her hands drop down to his butt, slipping down the front to brush the tool she was only too familiar with.

The reply to the request is swift, “Mm… good girl… You deserve more… and more…” The hands take grip on the jaw line with a possessive pull. She can feel her skull seem to stretch as now the scents add extra depth. Before it seemed unimportant that he smelled masculine, that she smelled aroused, but now a redoubled … tripled… intensity of the aroma seems to entice the body into following deeper into a needful rut. She can tell something odd is happening now, but it feels so good even when he gruffly orders, “Get on all fours!”

Ansom manages to roll, slowly, off of her back. Her head feels oddly heavy, like there was additional weight. Her tail flicks behind her, belaying her excitement. “Ooh, is this another gaaaame?” Why did her voice sound odd? She blinks, realizing that she can see her nose in front of her face! Her question is stifled by a slap on her rump, reminding her what she must do. Without hesitation, she drops to all fours, tail wagging behind her. “Like this?” she asks, her lips working into a smile on her new muzzle.

Allura answers with an “Almost right.” as Ansom rolls to her hands and knees. Standing up, Allura lifts her hips, tugging them up until she is almost overbalanced, back arched as she rests on her hands and feet uncomfortably. The grope of his hands sculpts her hips, adjusting the way that they bend to be forever locked in this 90 degree position. “Can’t have you give up those tits though…” he states more thoughtfully. The hands seem to reach INTO the legs, adding mass before suddenly parting a seam at the hips. The hands press downward, drawing the seam out, forming two legs into four. As the hands pull the twin limbs apart, they proceed to work on hackles and feet, drawing them up and forming them to proper hooves.

Her complete lack of balance isn’t left for long either, moving in front, he places a foot at the hip joint, then PULLS. The sense of stretching, drawing out, is dramatic. The newly formed forelegs being tugged away from the hind legs so he can give those jiggling breasts proper breathing room…

Ansom gasps at the dramatic changes happening behind her. At first she thought it was a game, but this was something else. Her hips are roughly handled, widening the joint as her legs crack! She doesn’t dare look behind her. This must be part of the game, right? She can feel his hands running down her thighs, her knees, her shins, and finally working on her feet. She feels strange, like she has too many limbs. “Can- Can I stand up now?” It is half a request for permission and half true uncertainty.

There is a grunt of agreement, “You may” he states as an allowance, keeping a firm tone that brooks little choice. It’s so easy to accept that direction though as she bends at… the upper waist? lifting her head and chest to be much taller now than he is. “Ah… a lusty mare in heat, you have quite the scent to you.” he comments, “Animals though, they can sense when they need it, when the right season has come. You need that now.” Seeing the confusion the guide grins, “Hey, you going to make me do all the work? You need a proper workout…” His hands go to hers, then put them at his own erection. “Feel there… Imagine how it needs to reshape… bigger… longer… perfect for filling you in your time of need.”

Ansom glances back behind her, not quite comprehending what has happened. There’s a donkey behind her… She takes a step, and the donkey moves. But not a real step. A step with four legs. Her ear flicks, and her tail twitches. But… But that’s her! Realization hits when she realizes that she is attached to the body of the donkey! Her hands run up to her face, running over her muzzle, feeling the fur for the first time. She has the head of a donkey as well! Panic starts to set in before the heat of her new nethers begins to flow up her body. She feels a burning need, deep behind her. What… could it hurt? It was only for the night. She looks down at the body that had once been hers, and stares at the erection held in her hand. It… had been fine before, but now?

She strokes the length, not quite sure what to do. To her amazement, it begins to extend in the palm of her hand. She strokes it again, adding another half inch to the length. She smiles, realizing what she must do. She kneels down, putting her head roughly level with Allura’s, and bends, stroking the shaft. Every touch increases its length, longer and longer under her caress. Once it is nine inches, she lifts the half-flaccid length, and kisses it with her wide muzzle. The head of the shaft flares, pressing flat as it nearly doubles in girth. Her wide tongue runs along the length, the color changing from a bright pink to a dark brown in its wake. She tilts her head, licking the shaft over and over as she encourages it to grow. A foot. Fifteen inches. At eighteen, the shaft swells once again as a medial ring forms. It no longer looks remotely human, instead something that would belong on a barnyard animal. Her hands cup the balls, which swell under her touch, growing to the size of softballs as they fill with equine seed. Fur covers the spheres as a furry flap of skin covers the base of the shaft, forming a sheath and completing the ensemble. She dives low, swallowing a good nine inches of the new length, before sliding back, leaving a trail of saliva. “Does this please you, Allura?” she asks.

The facial expression has a tough time resisting that sensation. The eyes half roll as the grip and tug of those hands bring length past human limits. He wraps his fingers around the girl’s ears, he tries to resist hurrying her, letting that grip and caress take part in reforming the tool she needs to be completed. It is oversized in proportion to his body, but the turgid stiffness pulses hard with a faster human heartbeat. Swelling needs start a leak of pre as she licks and tastes the changing flavor of that skin. When she finishes, he has to nod… “Lovely… And yes…” His hands move to lift her head, kissing the fuzzy lips before using his fingers to make a faux nip on her neck with a pinch. “Good girl, You’d do anything for the herd stud, right? He’s always in charge, don’t you agree?” Not really waiting for an answer of words, he moves back then to the hindquarters of the donkey body, tugging up the tail and placing the flat head at the animal cunt. “Stud’s always right…” he states, then begins a push to penetrate, “And I’m the stud…”

Ansom fidgets, her forehooves lifting and settling again. She can feel his hand on her flank, the other lifting her tail. She wants it. She wants it more than anything, right now. “You’re the stud. Please. Please put it in me.” she begs, her ears tilting down in a sign of submission.

The next step, taking her, is harder to explain. The drive of the shaft into her pushes in with a commanding speed, but the pulls back… feels like it is pulling back more than was given. The next thrust seems to push all that energy back, but it feels different now. Rutting … fucking like an animal… The intensity of the sex is mind blasting, making any comment on the other sensations moot. He isn’t quite as strong as a donkey buck, but the body can’t seem to care. Instinct and command combine together to allow him free reign.

It is after the third or fourth thrust that she notices her entire body is tingling now. Bare unsculpted patches growing grey fur, half shaped hooves firming to proper shapes, vision… the world spreads out wider as her eyes convert to more of what a herd animal would see. The push of energy making her the proper jenny taur increases… making her feel like she is going to burst inside, yet the loss of … something else, makes some of that a hollow experience… “Soo good… Giving me all your magic… and long before morning too…” he states as a glow starts in the east. “Mmm… You’ll be a good worker…” The pumping goes faster now, feeling so close to explosion. “Just ask for it…”

Ansom brays as Allura thrusts in to her. Her mind explodes at the sensation. She can feel her passage clamp down on the equine phallus, milking the shaft for all it was worth. It was bliss. Never having had sex as a girl before, the pleasure was more than she was prepared to handle. Combined with the heat Allura had left her in, she could not form words. She brayed in pleasure, panting. She wanted this. Needed this. Needed this more than anything she had ever had before. She adjusts her forehooves as they change in shape, becoming more animalistic by the second. She runs her hands along the joint between human skin and donkey torso, feeling the fur spread up her chest. She rubs her breasts, lost in the pleasure of the rut. “More. Give me more!” she brays!

Allura thrusts hard and gives his own call as the final bursts of seed and energy pump in from behind. The flow of it is deep to the core, but instead of withdrawing, the pull back instead spears downward at an angle. Instead of slipping back into her channel, it instead feels as if that donkey cock had suddenly thrust out and down from the hips. The interior arrangement of the jenny being critically altered as the phallus she had shaped is added in a final touch between the hind legs. This time the pull back makes a wet sucking noise, and a confused half turn back allows an eye to see Allura, now with a purely human phallus again, taking a step back. “Mm… All yours… oven, batter, and baby in place… Heh. But despite all that, I’m still in charge.” A firm slap at the rump sends a tremor through the taur, as if all the loose energy was aligned once more. “Told you that you wouldn’t look like that in the morning… and I was right. You’re looking not a bit like that now… You have given me more than enough power to make that happen.”

Ansom brays again at the final burst of seed, a sound that had never left a human mouth. She panted as the orgasm rolled through her, followed quickly by a sympathetic orgasm from between her legs. Her knees were wobbling. She steadied herself, resting a thick-fingered hand on a tree as the pleasure began to die down to a level that let her think once again. She bent down, looking between her legs, to see the massive donkey dong she had gifted Allura placed on her instead. She looked up at the girl, now entirely human again. The fact that words were spoken wormed into her subconscious. “What.” pant “What do you.” pant “Mean? Morning, power? I’m so confused.” She stood up, towering above him, but still somehow looking like the weaker party. Perhaps it was the fact that she was literally just fucked silly. “Allura, I’m scared.”

The pat on the rump is made in a near comforting fashion. “The power of fantasy gathers in these parks, but it’s formless, shapeless. Concentrate it on a few people and their fantasies and desires lets you shape it, hone it, purify it for other uses. You’ll be fine. No need to worry, we’ll keep you happy running the farm, and us… We get to make our dreams come true. What could be better?”