Ownership (Edited RP)

Written by Loren Ipsun
December 13, 2017
4 Breasts Furry

Ian followed the heavyset woman through the large, clinical building, impressed by how modern the dairy was. He had inherited control after his weird uncle passed away, and spent the last several days touring his new holdings. A farm that grew ears of corn the size of small dogs. A robotics facility that make shirt folding robots. And this! This one was the weirdest of all. A dairy that sold premium milk? He had tried it, of course, and it was damn good, but he couldn’t put his finger on why it was special. And $1 an ounce! The stuff was practically worth it’s weight in money! The tour, so far, had been rather underwhelming. Genetic engineer cubicles, a surprisingly up to date surgery facility, purification tanks… But when he broke through the next door, he was floored. His first glimpse of the cows may have been through a large window, but he was literally stunned. They weren’t cows! They were people! All manner of people, modified to give milk. Some girls have a single large pair of breasts, while others had four, and some even had an udder! There were even girls that looked like they were attached to a full cow! He turned to his guide, awestruck. “Those are… the cows? But those are people!” He stared as a girl with horns and cow ears hooked herself up to a small pump, milk soon jettisoning into a receptacle.

Heather the guide smiled at Ian. “Yes they are, sir! They are the product of our genetic engineering team’s hard work! Everyone here volunteered to be changed into their current forms to work for your corporation!” She walks through the room with Ian as they pass girl after girl, all of them looking happy and content. “We make sure to treat all our employees with care and respect. As you can see they are well taken care of. A happy cow makes happy milk as your uncle used to say!” She motions with her hand to a girl just returning from break as the cow girl walks in, her udder shaking back and forth as she hooks up her own milking machine and waves at the tour guide and her guest. “I’m sure this must all be kind of a shock to you. Would you like to know more about the process we use here to make our wonderful employees?”

Ian is distracted by the girl walking past him. He turns with a start to answer Heather. “What? Yes! This is amazing. I had no idea we could do this! Is it, like, a retrovirus, or a raygun, or something?” His gaze falls on the cowgirl again, watching her udder getting pumped. “That must feel amazing.”

Heather giggles “We just use plain old injections to modify bodies usually. No zappers here or crazy viruses. This seems like something out of a movie but there is actual science behind it with splicing DNA.” Heather then motioned to the stall across from them where a cowtaur with a front udder and four breasts with long nipples had three milking devices hooked up to her. “Specimens like Laura here have more advanced work done on them. She was willing to endure the extreme changes for the extra pay.” Heather walked further down the stalls as Ian followed. “And since you mentioned it, yes it does feel amazing, at least according to the people that have tried it. You see, sir, we are also able to grow bodies in our lab and have minds transplanted into them. So people can test out being a cowgirl ahead of time before making a commitment. It really is fun and easy to do.”

Ian could barely keep his eyes of of Laura. He snapped his head back towards heather at the transplant comment. “You are kidding. You’re kidding! That’s… unreal! You have mind switching technology?” He stares back at Laura. “So someone could, like, test out being a cowgirl, before they committed to joining up?”

Heather nods. “Yep, any form they wanted to! We can generate bodies of any kind. Full cow, bipedal cow, cowtaur, human torsoed cowtaur, number of breasts…” Heather keeps naming off configuration after configuration before realizing Ian is just standing there in shock. “Oh sorry… got carried away. Yes, any form they want, and they can easily test it out!”

Ian’s mind runs slowly. “…Easily test it out?” He looks at the floor, fidgeting for a moment. “Anyone could?”

Heather nods. “Yep, even you could too, sir!”

Ian blushes madly, his clever floor staring no match for her deductive skills. “God, that obvious, huh?” He gives Laura one last look, before turning to Heather. “Well, uh, if I am going to own this place, I might as well, uh, get to know how it works from the, uh, employee’s point of view.” He looks away, then looks back. “Totally reversible, right? I wouldn’t be a cowgirl forever, just for a little while?”

Heather laughs gently. “Don’t be embarrassed, sir, most people get excited once finding this out and are curious about trying it. Yes it is reversible… provided you are careful….” Heather smiles as Ian starts looking a bit nervous. “You see, sir, there is one thing you have to make sure to not do. Don’t have an orgasm while in the cow body. That will cause your mind to become permanently locked in place and we can’t reverse the process. Other than that you are safe to so as you please for as long as you want.” Heather motioned down to the genetics lab office. “Care to step in and pick which body you want to try?”

Ian tries not to leap as Heather opens the door, managing to keep it to a respectable speedwalk as he makes it into the room. Tubes line the walls, filled with all manner of blanks. He walks past the ones near the door, nearly human except for the four nipples on each breast. Too common. As exciting as Laura was, the taurs were too… exotic. He didn’t want to be an animal. He stopped in front of a girl with four large breasts. She was gorgeous. He stared at her, about to choose, when another girl caught his eye. He walked over to her tank slowly, the decision made before he realized he had made it. She was the perfect mix of cow and girl. Her head bore floppy cow ears and a cute pair of horns, with hair that went down to her waist. She had an adorable little cow muzzle, sticking out several inches in front of her. Her chest bore four large breasts, probably about a D. They rested on each other, as most of her stomach was occupied by an udder. An udder the size of a basketball. He remembered seeing that first girl milking herself and knew, knew he had to pick an uddered girl. Her wide hips were graced with a long, fuzzy cow tail, while her digitigrade legs ended in hooves. He turned to Heather, surprisingly fierce. “This one.”

Heather smiled at Ian. “A fine choice, sir. We can arrange for you to be placed in this body right away.” She looked over and called over the lab assistants. “Guys, please take this test subject to the mind transfer room. We have a guest that wants to try her out!” In a flash the orderlies disconnected the tank and wheeled her off. “Are there any other questions before we go in for the procedure sir? I just want to make sure you are fine and comfortable before we proceed. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes before they are ready for you in there.” Heather smiled as she saw the excitement on Ian’s face. She wasn’t too sure about this one at first, but it seems she lucked out.

Ian fidgeted a little harder. “Umm, not really. I guess… I’m just curious what it feels like, and I’m gonna find out in a couple of minutes, right?” He turned and looked at the other girls in the tanks. “Do you have a lot of people that use the, um, testing?” He shakes his head. “How can this not have gotten to the general public yet?”

Heather nods. “We are very protective of our secrets, sir. We have all employees sign a strict NDA stating that what goes on here never be repeated. We have also bribed the local authorities very well so if there ever was a call about this place they will simply say they investigated it and saw nothing. We also have cell phone jammers up to keep anyone from sending a picture out from here. We take great steps to ensure nothing happens to our amazing farm! I assure you of that.” Heather walked with Ian towards the waiting area. “Yes, lots of people have tried it out. A few liked it enough to stay, or be swapped into other bodies and become employees. They say it’s an amazing experience and everyone should try it at least once. I personally haven’t done it yet.”

Ian takes a couple of minutes to admire the girls in the room. There was another one with four breasts and four arms that he almost considered switching to, but the allure of the muzzle was too great. Before too long, Heather was beckoning him to the other room. He entered, surprised to see the girl sitting in a chair, with a mass of wires strapped to her head. The girl. Him. He was going to be a girl. Second thoughts fired through his mind, but he saw her chest heave as she took a breath, and knew that he couldn’t back out now. The way her breasts moved from a simple act like breathing… He followed the tech’s directions, sitting down and getting strapped in as they lowered the helmet onto his head. “Well, here goes nothing.” he whispered, as he gave the thumbs up to Heather.

Heather pushes the button, watching the progress on the monitor. Soon Ian’s eyes closed as his body stilled, and the cowgirl’s opened. Heather walks over and looks down at her. “Wake up sleepy head, time to try out your new body!” It takes a moment for his vision to swim into focus. The first thing he sees is Heather’s grin as she stands over him. He raises a hands to rub his eye, comprehension dawning slowly as he realizes the hands aren’t his. He pauses and turns them around. They were cow hands… no, human hands, but they had cow patterns and fur on them. Ian wiggled all the fingers as if making sure they worked before reaching down to touch his face. He thought of the muzzle of the girl he chose, and realized that he could feel it. Not only feel it with his hands, but feel it being touched. The impossible had happened. He was a cow girl.

Ian put his hands down on the armrests and tried pushing himself out of the chair. Immediately he felt a struggle he wasn’t familiar with. It was if a great weight was holding him down, and it was. Four of them, to be exact. Heather leaned in and put her hands on Ian’s shoulders. “Easy does it sir, getting used to this body might take a bit.” Together they worked to get Ian up as he looked down in disbelief. Sitting before him were four large mounds of flesh. Heather had seen this reaction many times and knew to keep holding Ian. Without thinking his hands moved up and started exploring his new chest. He let out a deep moan as his hands caressed the top pair, soon transitioning to the bottom pair before he forced himself to stop. “Stop it, you have to control yourself.” Heather just grinned to herself as she watched Ian start to give in. Looking further down, Ian saw his massive udder resting in his lap. He reached down to it, running his hand over the sensitive mass of flesh. In a way, it felt even better than his breasts did.

Heather realized she should do something to knock Ian out of his trance, so she spoke up. “So, sir… or should I still call you that like this…. Whatever, how do you feel?”

Ian broke out of his pleasure induced haze. Holy mother, it felt amazing! The way his breasts rested on each other, and the udder! He took a breath, and shivered as another wave of delicious sensations flowed through him. Her, he corrected himself. He was in a girl’s body, now. “Umm, you are right. I should probably be incognito while I’m on the floor,” she murmured. “Call me… Lily.” Yes. That sounded right. A beautiful name for a beautiful cow. She braced her thick fingers on the arm of the chair and stood, with a small amount of help from Heather. Her udder rocked as she tried to balance herself on her new hooves, getting her excited once again. Heather held her shoulder as they took a few tentative steps together. Within minutes, Lily could stand upright unsupported, although every step caused her udder to rub against the fur of her inner thigh, driving her wild. “This is… a bit overwhelming.” Lily managed. “I don’t know how the girls do it. But… I should do the tour, right? Find out what the conditions are like?” Her stomach grumbled. “Any food around here?”

Heather still held Lily’s hand for now to be safe. “Yes Lily, this way is the cafeteria. It’s where all the girls go to eat when on lunch. You will fit in well with them and no one will suspect a thing.” Together they walked down the hall. Heather took it slow with Lily so she could get used to this body. Plus, the easier Heather made it for Lily now, the easier it would be later on. “We can do the tour after you get a bite to eat if you like. Changing bodies like that can use up a lot of energy.” Heather walked them over to the ordering area. “Look over the list and pick anything you like Lily.” Lilly decided on a mixture of grains. “Well, might as well get the full experience while I’m at it,” she thought. Heather got a salad, and the two walked over to an empty table to eat. “So Lily, how are you feeling so far? Good?”

Lily poked a spoon at her bowl of wheat kernels. “They’re… not even cooked?” She grimaced, and pulled a bite up to her muzzle, bumping into the underside and spilling the grains all over the floor. She nearly dropped her spoon in embarrassment. Heather reached over to pat her arm. “You’ll get used to it, Lily.” She scooped up another spoonful of the grains, and maneuvered it to the end of her elongated nose, crunching happily. Wow! That was actually pretty good. She said as much. “…I can’t believe uncooked grain tastes this good!” She took another bite, then another, her wide tongue coming out to lick her nose in her excitement. Her lower pair of breasts rested heavily on the table, while her udder bulged out underneath it. With the new influx of grain, her body was getting the energy it needed to start up the milk production. Lily polished off the bowl, holding it up to her muzzle to run her tongue along the bottom in a long, wide stroke. She looked up at Heather afterwards, blushing. “Sorry. That was just… really good. DO they do something special to the grain?”

Heather put a hand on Lily’s shoulder to comfort her. “Don’t worry Lily, it comes with trying the body out. Look around at all the other girls here. They are all happily eating their grains too.” She said with a smile. “The food here has been modified some by the genetic engineering department though. It helps the girls produce more milk.” Heather finished off her salad as Lily sat there taking in the scene of what looked like dozens of cowgirls all eating at once. “Wow, how big is this farm anyways?” Taking Lily’s bowl Heather looked around also. “Honestly Lily, I don’t know. Since I started working here the place seems to just keep getting bigger. Considering how in demand the milk is, I’d say thats a good thing.” Heather walks off to return the bowls as Lily gets up and walks over to the door. A cowtaur enters. It was Laura from earlier in the tour! Lily started to say “Hello again!” but stopped herself realizing she needed to maintain stealth while she was like this. Instead, she smiled and waved as Heather returned. “She is one of our best employees, Lily. She gives three times the output of a normal girl. She won employee of the month several times.”

Heather held the door open as Lily walked out. “We can continue the tour if you like Lily. Anything specific you would like to see next? Maybe the residential area? The processing area where we bottle the milk?”

Lily stares at Laura, gaining a new found respect for the cowtaur. Her udder was massive and heavy. She couldn’t imagine what it must be like to have four legs. “Have you… ever asked her what it is like? That looks really hard to carry around.” She hefts one of her heavy breasts with her thick fingers. “These aren’t exactly so light, either.” She brushes the hand against her udder. “Nor this.” She turns to heather. “Do you… have some kind of support? Like a bra, or something?”

Heather nods. “Yeah Lily, I can take you by the outfit room next and we can get you some proper clothes. Its right down this way.” Heather points down a hall. They all looked the same in this place, but had numbers marking each so people knew where to go. As they strolled down the path Heather continued. “Laura is a special case. She was one of our first employees actually… You see, she came from a poor family and she didn’t know how she could take care of them. So she heard rumors of a dairy farm that paid well for its workers. Which of course was us. So she agreed to become an employee…. she actually agreed to be the first girl we made like her with the cowtaur body. She didn’t stop there, she wanted the second udder and four breasts so she could make more milk.” Heather opens the door to the seamstress area and lets Lily in. “We kinda felt bad for her, so for being willing to test out such an extreme form, we pay her extra. She can’t go home anymore, but her family live comfortably now. She has told them she is working overseas so they don’t worry about her.”

Heather walks over to a large storage closet and starts going through clothes. “Please feel at ease, Lily, we are going to get the right outfit for you!” Heather keeps looking, first finding a four cupped bra in Lily’s size. “Here we go!” She turns around, showing the black, four cupped support system. “This should fit perfectly on you!”

Heather walks behind Lily and places the bra around her. Lily raises her arms as straps are lowered onto them. Not being able to resist starting working on her end goal, Heather makes sure to snugly and carefully “re-adjust” the bra until she hears Lily moan. Finally, she runs her hands back around and put the hooks into place, giving Lily a small rub up her spine. Heather can see Lily shiver as her fingernails run over the soft cow fur. She strolls back around front and looks over her guest. “Perfect, but we need some support for you down stairs…”

Heather returns to the closet as Lily gives in to the urge to caress her chest again. Heather can hear the cowgirl moaning in the background as she looks through the udder bras. It doesn’t take long before she finds the perfect matching one to go with Lily’s top. Spinning around, she gives a smile to Lily, who looks to already be going into a trance again. Heather clears her throat to get some attention “Here we go! Support for your udder!”

Heather walks over, playing the same teasing game as earlier. She “snugly” puts the udder holster around Lily and jiggles the girl’s udder a few extra times for good measure. She reaches around, connecting the hooks above the tail, which is swishing around like a propeller at this rate, and runs her hands back around. She caresses the udder gently and thoroughly “Just gotta make sure there are no folds in the fabric. We don’t want you to be uncomfortable.” She makes sure to stop around each teat, giving them a special go over as Lily stood there, eyes closed, trying to control herself. “So my dear, how does it feel?”

Lily doesn’t answer for several seconds. The adjustments were driving her mad, but the lacy fabric snapping in to place around her teats was pushing her over the edge. Her mind was blank, lost in the sensation of being a cow. She looked down, her wide, glassy cow eyes staring past the muzzle at her breasts. They were hers. She wouldn’t give them up. The heavy sacs of flesh were a part of her, as much as an arm or a leg. The feel of the bra against her nipples, the way they swayed gently with her breath. She wanted to keep them. She’d have to move here, of course. Maybe be a cowgirl on weekends, and change back during the week to conduct business? It was perfectly safe, right? Heather gave another adjustment to the udder bra, and her tail flicked agitatedly. There was something happening between her legs. She felt hot. It was very strange, but… pleasant. The udder was nice too. She caressed one of the teats that poked out of the lacy support. That was… That was bliss. Maybe try the udder every once in a while as well. Her thoughts drifted to Laura, wondering what it must be like to be such a mega milker…

Heather’s question snapped her out of her reverie. “That’s… much better.” she replied huskily. It was a good thing that she had asked for support, because her lunch had worked through her system, and her breasts and udder were getting heavier. “I think I’m…” She thought about the extra weight for a moment. “I think I… need to be milked.” She looked to Heather, her eyes begging for permission.

Heather smiled. “I kinda figured you would be Lily. You ate a lot of grain and it’s fast acting too… So lots of girls need to be milked after eating. They say being aroused speeds up the digestion process and makes your body need to be milked faster” Heather motioned for Lily to follow her to the exit door. Heather though, had to start concentrating herself. Seeing Lily walk along, those four beautiful mounds of flesh in their holders, that massive udder bouncing up and down…. Heather closed her eyes as Lily walked out the door .”Calm yourself Heather, not yet… Don’t get too excited and give it away… calm down and she will be your’s soon enough.” With a deep breath she ran out to catch up. “Right down this way Lily.”

Together the pair walked towards the milking area. There was a special room for new recruits to try out the equipment to see how it felt. Heather held Lily’s hand and guided her towards it. “In here…. this is where people testing cow girl bodies go to see what milking is like.” Heather held the door open again, being as courteous to her guest as possible. Once in, a few other girls waved back at them. There was another cowtaur sitting on a table, being milked in her front and rear udders. Beside her, a cowgirl similar to Lily, only without a muzzle, was being tended to. Heather took Lily across the room to a booth and helped her up onto the table. “So dear, what would you like milked first?” Heather seized the opportunity to tease Lily some more. She brought her right hand down to the udder and shook it playfully. “Your udder…” and her left hand up to the girl’s chest to give a squeeze to her lower right breast. “..or your chest.”

Lily, barely able to speak from the pleasure could only whisper the word “…both…” Heather nodded and moved behind Lily to help take the clothing off. First came the udder as Heather reached down to the strap. She undid the hook, pulled back a bit and let it go, causing Lily’s udder to flop on the table. This shocked the cowgirl as she let out an “Eek!” Heather, fully aware of what she did replied with an “Oh, sorry”. She repeated the process with Lily’s bra, letting the four mounds of flesh flop into place after being freed.

Once done Heather slid off the table and brought a milking machine over. She showed Lily how to connect the first hose to her udder and moved onto Lily’s breasts while she did the other three. Soon she was fully hooked up. Heather confirmed she was ready and let Lily turn the machine on herself.

Lily tried to stifle a moan as her udder was freed from its lacy prison, biting her lip with her dull, flat teeth. It felt like she was going to pop! The bra straps came next, each breast rolling into place causing her to moan in excitement, lip biting or no. She was hornier than she had ever been as a guy. Her tail wagged lazily, spreading the scent of her arousal around the room. Heather connected the cups one by one, each latching on with a tiny amount of suctions. It was like someone pausing in the middle of a handjob. She was so close! And then, Heather gestured at the switch. Lily didn’t even think about it. Her large, clumsy hand flicked the lever for all it was worth.

Heather smiled and helped Lily out. “I can’t let her give in yet… Not until I am satisfied myself…” Heather flipped the switch and saw Lily express a sigh of relief as the milk started getting sucked out of her body. “How do you feel dear?” Heather inquired. Lily, finally being able to speak some as the pressure was being relived gave a nod. “Yes…. thank you….” Heather nodded and got back on the table behind Lily. “You look tense my dear. Here, relax… you are in good hands…” Heather reached up and stroked Lily’s fur some. She moved both hands up and started rubbing the girl’s shoulders. “…relax Lily, relax.” Heather massaged Lily’s shoulders as the girl felt like putty in her hands, waiting to be molded.

“Doesn’t that feel good. It’s amazing isn’t it Lily?” She looked and saw a nod come from her. “Just imagine how all the girls here feel, being milked every day….. They wake up and go to work happy. How many people can say that about their jobs.” Heather worked her hands down Lily’s back. “So tense and stiff. Carrying around all this weight must be doing a number on you from not being used to it.”

“Yes…” she managed with a breathy sigh. She looked like she was trying to hold something back, and it wasn’t difficult to imagine what. The machine was going nice and slow, tantalizing her as it stroked and sucked each breast and teat in turn. Her loins were an oven, the desire building up to levels she had not known a human could endure. But she was no longer a human, she was a cow. To get milked every day… She couldn’t, of course. Only weekends. But what weekends… “It must be nice…” she followed up, trying to hold her breath in her excitement.

Heather smiled as she felt Lily’s resistance just melt away in her hands. “It is nice Lily. All our girls are happy and taken care of well. There is no shame in embracing the lifestyle here and being a cow girl.” Heather continued the teasing for a few more minutes until Lily’s milking was done. Together they removed the tubes, Lily working her udder and Heather her breasts. “There we go, you should feel much better.” Heather handed Lily her undergarments again and helped her put them back on, making the teasing a little less noticeable this time as to not give herself away. Though from how Lily was feeling, there was little chance of her figuring this out until it was too late.

“Lily, you seem to be enjoying yourself so far. Would you like to goto the residential area for some… rest and relaxation?”

Lily panted, apparently exhausted and horny at the same time. “Yes…” She took a long breath, and then another. “Some… rest. That’s what I need. To lie down for a minute.” She stroked Heather’s arm, her thick digits running through the fabric of Heather’s shirt. Their eyes met. “Thank you.” Those two words resonated at a primal level. When the gaze was finally broken, Lily looked down, content to follow Heather wherever she was being led.

Heather held Lily close, still keeping the same smile she had on most of the time they were together. “You’re welcome my dear, please follow me this way.” Heather walked them to the door as they exited back into the hallway. They turned right and walked forward, heading to the residential area. Heather knew of an empty room where she could seal the deal and directed Lily towards it.

Once inside, Lily was stunned. The place was a fully furnished apartment with everything a cowgirl would need. There was a kitchen filled with grain and other foods manufactured there to help milk production. There was a large comfy sofa for people to relax on with a large soft rug on the floor in front of it. Heather walked Lily over and helped her onto the sofa. “Give me a sec dear, I’ll get us some water.” Lily threw her hooves up on the couch and snuggled in, feeling exhausted. “I need to calm down, I’m enjoying this too much… I’m going to be stuck a cowgirl if I don’t get a hold of myself….” Lily thought. “…but would that be so bad?” Heather returned before Lily could mentally answer herself. “Glad to see you are making yourself at home!” She bent over, hading the girl a bottle of water as she sat on the end of the couch by Lily’s hooves. “How are you holding up Lily? Feeling good?”

Lily lifted her leg to rest on Heather’s lap. She closed her eyes as she recalled the past few minutes. “Oh, Heather, you have no idea. It’s amazing. Just… I can’t describe it. But I needed this break.” She takes a sip of the bottle of water. “I, just… It’s too much. It’s overwhelming.” She sighs contentedly. “This was a lot of fun. I’ll have to come back soon.”

Heather rubbed Lily’s leg. She brought the other one up too and stroked them, from hooves to her knees. “Why come back Lily. Why not just stay?” Heather kept rubbing the cowgirl’s legs. She felt the soft fur being stroked under her finger tips and strong muscles from the cow DNA. She rubbed over Lily’s thighs and smiled up at her. “Don’t tell me you haven’t considered it. Everyone does Lily…. There is no shame in it, I saw the look in your eyes as you were trying on your bras.” Heather leaned in and gave Lily’s udder a kiss. “You know you want to. Why not give me the OK and we can make your change permanent?”

Lily moans again as Heather’s fingers snake through her fur. She feels so soft all over, every touch sends shivers of pleasure through her. And then Heather’s head bows down to kiss her udder. She was shocked. Was Heather… coming on to her? Then she heard the fateful words. “No, I can’t. I can’t! I’m a guy, I can’t be like this… forever.” Her certainty diminished as Heather’s fingers worked through her fur, but she just couldn’t… could she?

Heather continued working on Lily’s udder, kissing each teat and giving them a lick with her tongue…. Lily felt like something was off. It must have just been the pleasure she was feeling clouding her mind. Heather ran her hands over the udder, caressing it while speaking. “There are many guys here who became cowgirls. There is no shame in it Lily. People from both sexes give in and become employees here. You would fit right in. I promise we would take good care of you, as you have seen today.” Heather crawled up on Lily, no longer caring if her secret got out as she laid over the girl. At first Lily thought it was just her leg, but once she felt those in place and another poking sensation hit her thigh she looked up at Heather.

“I see you are catching on, love. You see, I am telling the truth when I said I never tried out being a cow girl… I just went ahead and did it.” Heather sat up on the couch as she straddled Lily. The bulge under her dress was plainly visible now as Heather slowly pulled it up to reveal her foot long shaft. It was no normal human one though, it was a bull’s! “I am part of a new group of experiments here. We decided to start mixing in bull DNA and, well you can see the results.” Heather smiled as it sat there, pointed at Lily while her eyes opened wide. “You too can have one of these my dear. I know you don’t want to give up being a man… you don’t have to give up that feeling. Give me the OK and I will modify your body to be like mine. You will still have a penis, along with all the other pleasures of today. You will be beautiful!”

Lily’s eyes focused on the tool between Heather’s legs. She wanted it. She wanted it more than anything. She wanted it inside of her. And to have one of her very own… To keep these four breasts and the udder, to be milked, forever. “I… don’t know. I can’t. I’m… a guy…” Her statement lost confidence with every word. Her muzzle tracked Heather’s shaft, obviously wanting to do more than stare at it. Even without a sensitive cow’s nose, Heather could smell Lily’s arousal.

Heather unbuttoned her top and started taking it off. Smiling down at the girl under her she slowly slid it off her arms and tossed it aside, revealing a chest equal to that of Lily’s, only covered in human flesh. “You are happy as you are now, aren’t you? You don’t need validation to be happy Lily, you only need to listen to your feelings.” Heather pulled up her dress, fully revealing the changes she had done to herself. Her udder was freed with a big flop, landing on Lily’s and trapping her penis between them. Heather leaned in and squeezed both udders together, using them to stimulate her member. “Mmmmm, this feels amazing Lily. Give me the OK and you can do this too. You can be happy as the self you were meant to be. You can be a herm cowgirl and never live another day in boredom.”

Lily squeezed her eyes shut tight. “Yes.” she squeaked.

Heather leaned down and kissed Lily, thanking her for the answer as their chests squished together. “I promise you won’t regret this Lily.” Heather reached behind her, pulling out a small sheathed needle. She popped the cover off and flicked the tip. “I had this placed here just in case earlier today. It will only take a bit for the changes to start sweetie.” With that, Heather slid the needle into Lily’s thigh. The shot went in effortlessly, after which Heather moved up to be beside Lily. She comforted and held the cowgirl while as change began.

Lily fidgeted a bit as her crotch started feeling funny. Heather just kept her embrace around Lily and leaned in against her. “Its going to be OK, don’t worry.” she reassured her. Lily nodded as she could feel a push against the skin. Soon with a small burst the head of her new member formed itself. Slowly it started growing outward, getting longer and thicker. Lily cried out in pleasure as it rubbed the underside of her udder. She thought to herself how Heather did masturbating herself with the two udders and could only feel her excitement rising. Heather smiled and giggled as the shaft became visible. It grew, pushing the udder up as it hardened right before both girl’s eyes. Once done Heather reached down and gave it a squeeze, causing Lily’s back to arc up as she moaned. “Perfect!”

Lily reached around her udder and stroked the head of her new shaft. Her. She was huge! Far larger than she was as a man! Her stroking sent wildfire up her spine. She pulled it against her udder, enjoying the feel of skin against skin. She wanted to feel that. She needed it. “Fuck me.” Her eyes closed again, barely peeking over her breasts. “I want to feel it. My cock crushed between our udders. Your dick inside of me. Fuck me!”

Heather leaned in and kissed Lily. Her modified tongue, more like a bovine’s than a human’s, parted her snout as she embraced the girl happily. “I have been waiting for you to say that all day Lily. You’re mine now.” Heather ran her hand down Lily’s body, feeling the fur under her fingertips as she got to the udder. She climbed up on the couch, her own rod rock hard from all the teasing she had done all day. With a smile on her face, she looked at Lily. Disparate the girl begged and pleaded. She had fully given in and couldn’t take it anymore. Heather leaned in, squishing Lily’s addition between their udders and pressing against them with her hands. She teased a bit, rubbing the udders up and down before plunging inside Lily, causing both girls to scream out. They were getting the relief both had been desperate for.

Lily screamed as Heather inserted her aching shaft. Fuck! She wanted this. She needed this! She cried again as Heather withdrew, plunging harder into the sopping hole. Her shaft was crushed between their udders, giving her the best tit job of her life. And not the last. Her excitement rose to unsustainable levels. The rolling of her breasts. The rubbing of their udders. The teasing of her cock. The glorious shaft inside of her… She couldn’t take it. She finally released the breath she had not realized she was holding in a long, loud “moooo” as she came, sealing her fate as a cow.

Heather screamed as she exploded inside Lily. The two girls, exhausted, collapsed together on the couch. Lily brought up her arms and embraced Heather, who returned the same. “Thank you for that” Lily whispered. Heather looked up and smiled at her. “No, it is I who should thank you my dear…” Heather gave Lily one last quick pet on her snout and sat up on the couch. “You see, it is my job as a recruiter to get girls like you into our organization. I do my best to convince them to join us here and make them submit.” Heather reached over and patted Lily on the udder. “You though… you were a special case sweetie.” She stood, stretching. “You see, the recruitment manager was holding a contest this month for the girl that could get the best recruit for the farm…. and thanks to you, I just won it.” Heather laughed. “I just got the owner of this company to submit to me and become a cowgirl. My bonus this month is going to be insane!” She smiled. “So, want a drink, ‘Lily’?”