Cowslut (Edited RP)

Written by Loren Ipsun
December 19, 2017
6 Breasts Animal Parts Extra Arms Extra Heads Extra Legs Strange

Kevin opened his Aberrant Art account, checking out his queue. There were quite a few new pictures, because he followed a lot of people. Everything from concept artists to photo manipulators. It was a Friday, so it was the latter he was looking for. There was just something… exciting about a girl with extra limbs, or animal ears. A new one by Transformation Wizard (A cowgirl with an udder and a horsecock. Interesting.) and a few by some other artists. Nothing terribly fappable, though. He checked out the journal stack, since nothing particularly caught his eye. “YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS” one proudly proclaimed. Kevin mentally shrugged and clicked.

The post was simply a link to another artist. Well, he was always looking for new people. He clicked again. The page was… small. Only three photos, but holy shit, they were the best photos he had ever seen. They were of a strange girl with a multitude of… everything. Four arms, four breasts, four legs, two udders, she was basically two girls in one. He stroked himself through his jeans, feeling his manhood surge in excitement. Wow, she was sexy as fuck. Strange, but sexy. And the photomanipulation was SO GOOD! There were a few artists that could hide the seams and match the shading, but this one had artfully made them un-detailed. They looked like a poor cell-phone shot. It must have taken a lot of work to make it look that way, although he would have preferred something more traditional. A rumble in his stomach reminded him that he hadn’t eaten. He thought about it for a moment. He was craving something… Meaty. A cheesesteak. That sounded perfect. Just a bunch of meat and gooey cheese. How could you beat it? Abandoning the computer, he hopped in his car and headed out to the local cheesesteak place.

Except… Except it had moved. There was a sign stating the address of the new location. Fuck! He had left his phone at home to charge, since he already knew where he was going. He was familiar with the general area, but not the specific street. He wandered, slowing down at all the corners to check the street name. No luck. He grimaced. This wasn’t a super nice area. The streets were dark, largely abandoned. It was mostly industrial. As he came to a small parking lot, however, a porch light beckoned invitingly. He pulled over, a strange whim overtaking him. He would take the hit to his manhood just this once, and stop to ask for directions. Parking the car, he hopped out to knock on the door.

Hearing the footsteps approaching her door, she peeked out of the peephole. She eyed up the man on the porch as he coughed and straightened his jacket, subconsciously covering up his slightly discarded masculinity. She scrambled upstairs and threw on a large nightgown. It hung from her body, but did a fairly good job of concealing her….parts. Something she had to do to go out in public, but even then, only after dark. Rushing back downstairs, she saw that the man remained standing on her porch, seemingly anchored to the spot. “Is he…Did he…?” She quickly checked her phone, logging into her AA account and checking her follows. She had quite a few, even more after… well. It could be possible that he had seen one of her phots. But the chances that he was so close? Astronomical. But still, it could happen. Tapping one of her many feet on the floor, she decided to open the door. At worst, they would run away. She slowly gripped the doorknob in her hand and slightly pulled open the door, chain tethering it to the doorframe. “Hello? Who are you? Why are you here?” The anticipation was killing her; was he “one”?  One the curse worked with?  It hadn’t happened before, but maybe this time it would be different.
The door opened to a tall girl in a nightgown. It didn’t fit her well. It was lumpy in all the wrong places. Was she fat? Had she stuffed pillows up there? He cleared his throat, embarrassed that he had interrupted whatever she was doing, apparently. “Hey, I’m sorry to bother you. I was just looking for Church street. Apparently Mighty Cow Beefsteaks just moved out here? I was craving some… Well, cheesesteak.” He finished lamely, acutely aware of how stupid a reason that was to knock on a stranger’s door.

“Oh! Its fine! Come in, it’s cold out there!” She ushered the man in, making sure she brushed past him in all of the correct ways. “So, is that the only reason you are out tonight? Any other reasons?” She was pressing too hard, and it seemed suspicious. But if it wasn’t someone that was…affected, then surely he wouldn’t mind? “My names Vanessa, what’s yours?” She bit her lip. This was awkward but maybe it would work out? Hopefully? Her phone jostled in her pocket, she just had received a new follow and it was going spastic “Sorry! I just posted some pictures online and they appear to be popular!”

He nodded. It was cold outside, and her apartment practically radiated warmth. He didn’t know why, but it felt like a home, almost. He stepped inside, brushing past her; She was surprisingly squishy. It was nice. Very nice. He took a seat in her living room, claiming a spot on the couch. “Oh, no reason. I was just craving some meat.” He looked around. Her decor was sparse. “What kind of pictures, if you don’t mind me asking?”

She bit her lip again, this time harder. Should she show him? It was weird that right after she posted pictures this man came to her door, like a magnet. “Ok, but they are sort of weird, like…really weird.” She pulled out her phone, swiped to her AA page and blew up her best photo to biggest size. Her udders were bulbous and large, her breasts equally as impressive and her four legs long and slim. “These. Do you like them? I take them myself. What do you think?” The ultimate test, the test that would either send him screaming or begging for more

He stared at her phone for almost a minute, silent. He looked up at her, surprised. “That… I was just looking at those. A few minutes ago. What a strange coincidence!” He brightened slightly. “Did you do them? They’re very good! I can’t tell where they are manipulated at all! I am not sure the ‘selfie’ aesthetic works for them, but they’re pretty amazing. Are you, like, a graphic designer or something?” It was such a random coincidence, but a fun one, too! All thoughts of the cheesesteak disappeared. It wasn’t every day you get to meet someone from the internet.

“Well, sorta! I’m not really good with computers! I just sort of…take them, I guess!” She bit her lip harder still. The curse was working. In mysterious ways, but working. This is why she had taken those pictures, and posted them online. She wondered how much of it was in his head; How much she could affect. “Oh! You should see the other pictures I haven’t posted yet! Just swipe right on my phone.” She nudged past the man and opened up a camera app, displaying all of her pictures in a nice linear photobook. Dozens of them, some weirder than others. “Isn’t it random that two people just happen to meet up that love this stuff?! Weird, right?”

He took the phone from her, staring at the pictures. He swiped right. A huge view of an udder. He swiped right again. Four dangling horsecocks. Right again: Four feet, all pressed up against each other. It wasn’t possible. He swiped again, disbelief struggling under the mass of evidence. She wasn’t good with computers, but had dozens of photomanipulations of multi girls? And all of the same girl. He answered in a vague, confused way. “It seems… Very unlikely.” He looked up. “If you aren’t good with computers, how did you do these? There’s tons of them, and way better than most artists!” His eyes were angry and pleading at the same time.

“What if I told you… I just look like that! No computer needed! I just take the photos!” She raised her dress a tiny bit, showing her ankles. Four ankles, connected to four legs. She giggled quietly, knowing the seed was planted deep in his mind. Just like her, and the ones before her. “So I haven’t freaked you out yet? How about seeing the rest of this wonderful body? I know you already like it, or you would have run away by now. So how about it?” She rubbed gently against the man, feeling his body as she brushed past him. “I know you are feeling quite… turned on by me, aren’t you? Do you want to stay for a bit?”

She lifted her dress, and there were four feet. Four feet, four legs. No. It was impossible! People didn’t really look like that! He felt his dick surging in his pants again. Even if she was hiding another person beneath that nightshirt, it was hot. She leaned over him, brushing against him. Her touch was hot velvet, smooth and electric at the same time. He wanted to run, to escape this weirdness, but his body wasn’t obeying. What were the odds? That she would not only exist, but be in the same city? That she would be eager to show off her assets? What could he even say? He swallowed, saying nothing, hoping she would take that for assent.

She grabbed his hand and led him into her bedroom. She walked unsteadily upstairs, bracing herself with her free hand. The distinct sound of four feet stepping on the stairs could be heard. Pushing the door open to her room, she plopped down onto her bed and patted lovingly next to her. As the curious man sat, she revealed the rest of her body, slowly removing the nightgown to show her true self. A woman, with four legs, four breasts, a big udder dangling from her groin, and another from her belly. She spread herself out wide on the bed, stretching all of her body parts wide. “Go on, touch. Feel as much as you want. It’s all real, no prosthetics, no plastics. Flesh and blood is all I am!” She placed two hands on her breasts, and the other two on her hips. She ran her fingers along her curves. “So, how do you like it? Am I real enough for you? To think, you fantasized about something that actually exists!” She started to feel around her bulging udder, grabbing the teats, and pulling on them in a teasing way. “I think you are feeling turned on, no? Or are you imagining yourself in my position? How this must feel on a daily basis?”

He was powerless to resist. He wasn’t even sure if he wanted to resist. This was a strange, alien, sexy creature, in the flesh. He was left breathless. She was real. Impossible but real. Four breasts, two udders, four legs… Four arms, even! He watched as she began to fondle herself, two arms touching her breasts while two more played with her udder. She wrapped her fingers around a finger-thick teat, squeezing and pulling it gently. “You can’t be real.” he finally managed. “You- You’re impossible.” Impossibly sexy. The woman straight out of a twisted porn, in front of him. He reached out tentatively and touched her udder. He imagined what it must be like for her to live with that. His pants grew tight in his excitement. “H-How does it feel?”

“How do you think it feels? Walking around with an udder stuck between your legs every day. Feeling it rub against you, your teats dripping in excitement from every touch. Its divine. Simply wonderful actually. Like living in bliss every day for eternity. Are you jealous of me? Do you want to experience this? I don’t know why somebody wouldn’t, the deepest of pleasures!” With all four hands, she groped every breast she could, massaging them and kicking at the bed with her feet. “And I am very real, flesh and blood through and through. I promise! Now, do you like all this? How does it feel looking at your dream in real life?” She chuckled slightly, knowing full well what she was doing to him. Spreading her own form of corruption.

How did he think it felt? He closed his eyes, imagining. A pair of breasts, hanging heavy from his chest. No. Not a pair. Two. The top pair resting slightly on the bottom, rubbing gently against them as he turned his body. Like being touched all the time, in everyday tasks. The udder… He couldn’t really imagine it. So heavy and full, sitting on her thighs like a medicine ball. It would be hard to walk, being forced to waddle. He opened his eyes again. She was groping her breasts, rubbing them with all four hands. It looked divine, like she said. Pure, physical bliss. He straddled her legs, her upper udder pressed against his groin, staring at her. He reached down, hefting the massive milkbag. It was unreal. “How did this happen to you?” he asked, somewhat breathlessly.

“You could say…it was magic? Or a blessing, just being given this form has to be a blessing right? I mean surely nobody would be given this form out of spite! Just look at me.” She pushed against his groin as he ground against her udder. “I bet you want to be just like me, don’t you? To feel what I do, to touch these four breasts daily! It’s usually what everyone wants when they see me. I bet it’s the same with you too! I bet if I just press against your chest you will feel like you have breasts, huh?” She started to feel around his chest, pressing softly against his nipples. She felt a small bubble of weight start to form under his shirt. “See? Don’t you already feel it? The weight pushing down on your body, the feeling in your head telling you so? I bet you feel it, huh? I bet you even are imagining it right now. Wishing it were so. Wouldn’t it be nice?” She chucked a bit as his shirt begun to fill out as he entered into a daze at her words. The curse was working in full swing, just as it had happened to her, and the ones before her. Marvelous, the true work of a cunning witch.

Her words were entrancing, especially coming from such an enticing form. He could certainly see how she felt it was a blessing. She was practically a sex goddess. She sat up, grinding the udder heavily against his crotch (and, much to his delight, his dick) and wrapped him in a four-armed hug. Her breasts were pressed against his shirt. He… He did want to feel it. Her breasts pressed against him felt so nice. Like big, squishy water balloons. He wanted breasts like those, big and heavy so he could play with them. They felt so wonderful against his chest, his nipples rose in excitement, rubbing against the fabric of his shirt. “It does.” he whispered happily, taking a small amount of initiative and leaning in to kiss her. “God, you’re beautiful.” he murmured, unaware that anything was happening to him.

“I know I am.” And soon you will be too, she thought deep in her mind. Pushing against the man, she could feel his chest size grow even larger. His erect nipples were visible through his t-shirt. His chest was rapidly gaining size, quickly pushing C-cups, but still he didn’t notice. Instead, he fixated on her, the apple of his eye. Knowing this, she grabbed around his waist with two of her hands, and with the other two rubbed his head close to her cleavage. She let him feel the softness of her body. It was nearly unbelievable that the curse would act this fast, especially after so long. It had been ages since she changed somebody, especially since that new technology called the internet. In the old days it was much harder, having to hope a random passerby found her attractive. Snapping back to the task at hand, however, she pushed him deeper into her cleavage as his own set of breasts grew in. “Don’t you feel those breasts of yours pushing against me? Aren’t they nice, round and sensual? I bet you want to grope them, don’t you? Feel up your own body as you imagine being something like me. Moaning my name as I let you think these things. Go on, do it, feel like me. You can get a taste of that feeling!”

She pulled his head into her cleavage, and he was drowning in a sea of breasts. It was luscious. The upper pair pressed against his forehead, blotting out his vision, while the lower pair rested on either side of his mouth. It was heaven. He didn’t want to leave. He reached up and groped himself as she commanded, getting into her curious roleplay. Breasts. He felt breasts. Her voice was hypnotic. He could feel the round, squishy orbs. They were delightful, sending little crescendos of pleasure throughout his body. No. He didn’t want to be like her. He wanted to be more! He imagined not four, but six breasts, two extra sets of cleavage running all the way down his torso. He’d barely be able to sit up with all that weight on his chest. Doing a crunch would squish them all together. He could rest an arm between each pair, groping them all at once… He kissed her breasts. “Oh Vanessa” he moaned. “You are a gorgeous beast.”

“I know, isn’t this…amazing? It’s great. I love that I turned out this way, feeling my breasts every day. My udders rubbing against my thighs from just walking around the house. Milking myself is even fun too, with these large things.” Using her bottom hands, she caressed her teats, slightly pulling on them as beads of milk started to form at the tips. “But you want more, you want more than I have on your body. You want to feel everything I feel, and more. How does six breasts sound? Sounds nice, right? Imagine going into the shower and playing with them every time you take a bath. Using all four hands to hold your body.” She breathed slightly in, unable to control even her own arousal. A deep moisture was building up in both of her vaginas. It had been years since she had been cursed, but every day it felt more like a blessing. “Just imagine six breasts, how heavy that must be on your body. How that pulls you closer into my bosom. Feel it yet? How it weighs you down?” Two more breasts started to form under his slowly growing original pair, and then two more beneath those. The nipples on the top pair rapidly expanded outward, completing the new pair of DDD’s.  He was very well endowed, almost matching Vanessa’s own pairs. “Come closer, feel your weight push you into me” She caressed the changing man’s head, knowing that more was to come

He could see it. Her delight in her form. She was the sexiest creature he had seen. But- How did she know? How could she see that he was thinking about six breasts instead of four? No matter. It did sound nice. An entire chest full of breasts, his breasts, to play with. To touch as he pleased. Standing in the shower, water dripping off of them in complicated patterns… She was right. He would need four hands to play with all of them. To touch all those heavy, luscious spheres of pleasure hanging off his chest. “I… I do. I do feel it.” And he did. His chest was growing heavy with the weight of his imagination. He could see the breasts growing off of him, as beautiful as hers. He leaned into her, relaxing into her grip as his new tits pressed into her udder. “Your voice is amazing.” he murmured.

“Just listen to my voice then, as you imagine all of these changes happening to you. Next, don’t you need some arms for those extra breasts? How would you hold them, how would you touch them? Just imagine a new set pushing out of your body, slow and wonderful. Imaging them finding their way to your breasts and never letting go, touching and massaging them. You can’t even control your own arms at the thought of your new, sexy body. You have to touch yourself, to feel your new mounds as they hang heavy from your chest. I want you to touch your body, imagine all of the changes so far as they rush into your mind. Feel the pleasure control you. You need that feeling, don’t you?” Vanessa traced over his changing body, the dazed man still unsure that the changes were even real. She traced his arms, where they begin to split at the shoulder, a long, slender arm soon hanging below the original. New and very real. She had more work to do, but it was a marvelous start to the curse. The best she had seen yet. “Do you feel your new arms? Your new pair hugging your body and feeling up your new breasts?” His arms had finally finished, able to grope the changing curves of his new body. “How does it feel? Do you feel like me? Do you feel whole yet? Or is there something still missing?” She knew exactly what he wanted. She just wanted to hear him say it himself.

He did. He listened to her and imagined, caught in her thrall. More arms… A lower pair, slowly tracing down that sextet of breasts, before cupping the bottom pair. The thin, feminine fingers pinching the new nipple, thick and fat and filled with pleasure. His upper arms mirroring the image, playing with the top pair, and then the middle. Both pairs of arms squishing four breasts together. “Oh yes, so beautiful.” he murmured. The pleasure was everything. His lower pair of arms hugged his chest between the lower and middle pair. “It feels amazing. It feels like I have four arms, and six big tits to play with.” Pleasure was flowing through him now, a rising tide of lust. “No, no not yet. You’re still so much more. There’s so much you.” he murmured. He opened his eyes, rising up to kiss her briefly before descending into mesmerized lust once more.

She brushed down his lovely body, feeling his new curves as she traced them all the way down to his thighs. A bit bare, she thought. Starting to rub his thighs, she whispered into his ear. “Don’t you wish to have four legs, now? Look at mine, cute little toes on four thin, long legs. Kicking the bed in absolute pleasure, holding your beautiful body up to balance those six breasts you have. A gentle stride, causing your hips to swing with every step, your breasts jiggling softly against your shirt. How would you love that? Your thighs brushing against each other as you walk…” She continued to touch his thighs as they, too, split and two nubs pushed out, quickly forming a second pair of legs. His original legs grew slender, and lengthened to match. All four ended in cute, feminine feet. Feeling that his legs were finished, she once again stroked his hair, brown but soon to be much more. “How do you enjoy it? The curves of your body, the weight of your breasts, feeling the entirety of your new frame? You must be in complete ecstasy, lost in the world of your own mind. How I envy you right now.” She knew exactly this feeling, the exact joy of believing you were something… until you woke up and realized you were. Soon, very soon he would see. She- would see.

Four legs… He hadn’t thought of that. Hadn’t even considered it sexy, to be honest. But anything she said in that low, sultry voice would be sexy to him. He was in her thrall. He did as she commanded, imagining four legs beneath his hypothetical six-breasted torso. What would they be good for? Well… Well, two vaginas, for one. Two places he could touch himself, to slip those lower arms into this sexy monstrosity of a body. Four cute legs, with dainty little feet on the end. He could imagine standing over her, playing with her udder, squeezing the teat with a foot while the other three gave him balance. He could play with himself and her at the same time. Never get tired. He imagined the shower again, playing with a dildo in each pussy… “Oh yes. Yes that is wonderful.” he murmured. He touched his middle pair of breasts, fondling it with abandon as his hind legs kicked off what remained of his pants. Four sexy girl legs descended from that torso, mixing with hers like an octopus. “Keep talking. I want to hear it all. Everything.” he cried, lost in mental pleasure.

“As you wish….Ma’am. Isn’t that what you crave to be called? Miss? Kelly? I want you to feel a weight from your bottom, a orb in-between your legs holding you down. Your udder, that wonderful sphere of pure bliss that would rub against you long legs. Every. Single. Day. For the rest of your life, all four legs a constant bliss of massaging your sac. Feel my udder, how warm and full it is. How the teats become erect and long when handled. I want you to have more than myself, to feel all that pleasure and more. Oh how you crave the feelings that I’m making your imagine.” She couldn’t contain herself, both of her slits were incredibly wet. The moistness clung to her legs and her lover’s thighs. She couldn’t help but feel her work, her accomplishment as the…woman in front of her became ever more complicated. So close, but still not perfect, not yet. “Now feel that sac, that orb in-between your legs grow. Feel it fill with that milk, and feel your teats harden, lengthen, become erect. Feel your milk give them purpose, imagine how it must feel. You will have to do this every day, you know. Become erect like this, and well, you know.” Vanessa took one of Kelly’s changing teats into her hand and began to stroke it, much like a cock. A small amount of milk beaded at the tip. Using her other hands to massage the new udder, she coaxed it to its full size. Simply gorgeous.

Kelly drew back, her complicated tangle of legs somehow working to drag her heavy body below Vanessa’s udder. She stared at it… and the one below it. It was huge, bigger than a basketball, and soft. She leaned against it, burying her face between the two udders and finding Vanessa’s slit. Her tongue slipped out, licking the dripping organ, tasting Vanessa’s excitement. Her breasts pressed against Vanessa’s lower udder, causing the cocks to grow erect. One of them buried itself between her lower pair of tits, the shaft getting massaged by the heavy orbs. Oh yes. She wanted this. She wanted a big, squishy orb hanging between her legs, dangling for all to see. Every step setting it rubbing against her thighs, bringing her pleasure like her six huge breasts. Not even teats. Cocks. Cocks that would hang below her, bouncing against her shins when she was excited. And she would always be excited, wouldn’t she? A big, sexy freak. A body that could do nothing else besides bring her pleasure, make her a slave to lust. She imagined the udder growing out of her own body, four beastial shafts sprouting from beneath it. She was a cow, a slut. She drew lower, taking one of Vanessa’s cockteats and playing with the head with her tongue, tasting the sweet milk. “So delicious.” she murmured.

“Suck it. You will need to do this every day. Milking yourself, losing yourself to the lust and the pleasure. I want you to lust after that, to need to milk yourself…and find others to milk you.” She was nearing completion. Just needed to get rid of that annoying trace of masculinity: Kelly’s still unchanged head. She needed something, something new, something Vanessa didn’t have. And with that, Vanessa got an idea. She needed… to be doubled? Vanessa gasped at the thought. Two heads? It would be wonderful… For her! She relished the thought. Surely it would work. Then, and only then, would Vanessa unveil the changes. There would need to be a bit of ground work first but…It would be worth it. “Now Kelly, feel your face, feel it become slimmer, more feminine. Feel your features stretch and change into that of a young woman. Nice, long, flowing hair, a cute nose and face. Beautiful, cute, stunning all at once. Feel that need for it, because you are Kelly now. That’s who you have always been, Kelly. But that’s not enough for you, is it? You wish to do more with my body than that little face will allow don’t you? You want to suck more teats, and be built for sex like the slut you wished you were, don’t you? Feel that need bubble inside of you, feel the need for pleasing others as you please yourself in the body of your desires.” Vanessa held Kelly’s head, brushing her hand through her thick, luscious hair. “I bet you want it, don’t you? Two heads to suck all the cock you can. To suck my udder until you can’t take it anymore, until your mouth fills with milk and you scream in pleasure.” Feeling a small nub appear on her upper shoulders, Vanessa smiled deviously. She thrust her udder forward to wait for her prize, her reward for gifting Kelly everything. The nub bubbled forth, forming into another head of the same size and appearance. This one, however, was different. It had a muzzle, a cow’s long muzzle instead of a human face. Her body however, sensed the discrepancy and rectified it by changing her original head to suit. Two heads, both beautiful in appearance with cow muzzles. This was the best work she had ever done.

And Kelly did. She teased the tip of that fat cockhead with her tongue, rolling it around as she tasted Vanessa’s milk. She tried to imagine the sensation from the other direction, having a fat bestial shaft that someone else could play with, that would leak milk like an animal. She felt herself glowing with excitement, both of her pussies glistening with juices. But her old head would never do.  Vanessa was right. She needed to be young, beautiful, vivacious… A veritable girl next door, if she lived next to a farm. Because she wasn’t any ordinary girl, was she? Six heavy breasts, a fat udder leaking milk? She was a cow. A horny cow that craved cock. The cock that was in her mouth. She felt her nose extending, pressing forward to swallow more of Vanessa’s shaft. It was wonderful. It was exactly what she wanted. To have more cock in her mouth, because she was a slut. A big, beautiful cow slut. If she would, she would suck two cocks at once… And then something strange happened. She opened her eyes. Except her eyes were already open? She saw double, two large cocks in her face, although one wasn’t in her mouth yet so she used her fat cow tongue to rectify that mistake. She sucked on the two equine shafts like her life depended on it… Because it did. Her new life of being an animal. She released one gently to moo quietly, her hands groping her breasts as she resumed suckling from the udder cock. She was rewarded with warm jets of rich milk splashing down her throat. One of her lower hands slipped down to her fore-pussy, fingers slipping into the sopping slit as she played with herself at the thought of sucking cock.

“It’s time Kelly, stop imagining and open your eyes. Look at yourself now.” The curse was subsiding; it had run its course and was now bonded into Kelly’s body forever. Vanessa produced a hand mirror and passed it to Kelly, allowing her to take in what was now her reality. “You are finished, you are my cow-slut now, and it wasn’t imagination. It was real, all of those feelings.” She placed her hands on Kelly’s breasts and squeezed four of them, small beads of milk squirting out from the nipples. “But how are we going to break you in? Your new slits seem perfect for me.” She began to rub Kelly’s slit with one of her hands, feeling the moistness run over her fingertips. Using the same hand, she teased a cock from her lower udder, causing it to surge to full erection. She dangled the horsecock in front of Kelly’s face, showing her what she had in store for the new girl. “Do you love the new body? I know you do, but I want to hear it from your lips yourself.”

Kelly was so deep under the hypnotizing effects of her lust that it took a moment for Vanessa’s words to register. Stop… Stop imagining? She reluctantly let go of Vanessa’s uddercocks, letting the fat manhoods fall from her lips. Vanessa was holding a mirror. Kelly looked into it with both sets of eyes, and saw a pair of cow-like heads looking back at her. “What-” “-is going-” “-on?” They asked haltingly, alternating voice from each of the heads. That was what she had said, but coming out of the mouths of the two cowgirls- No! It was unreal! She lifted her upper pair of arms and touched both of her muzzles at once, feeling the course fur from two separate faces. “I have-” “-two heads?” she mooed inquiringly. Her voice was deeper, more bovine, if that were possible. Vanessa answered by calling her a cowslut and playing with her tits.

And she liked it. She liked being played with, being touched, being used for pleasure. Her right head licked its lips, feeling dry. It needed… It needed something wet, a source of liquid, a cock that it could suck, just for a little milk… No! She didn’t think like that! She was… It was fuzzy. Something had changed, but she couldn’t focus on it. Maybe if she just sucked a little cock like a good cow it would come back to her. She shivered as Vanessa touched her, enjoying the feeling of pleasure coming from someone else even more than touching herself. Knowing that someone was granting her pleasure made it even more delicious. She mooed, both heads soon lowing in chorus. She watched as Vanessa teased out a horsecock, full of not milk and need. “I-” her other head interrupted her by mooing “I need it. I love loooooove it.” Both heads finished their mooing, leaning down to lick the tips of Vanessa’s twin cock. Her lower arms braced against Vanessa’s forelegs as her upper arms gently touched the oversized shaft, stroking it. “Please, fuck mooooo.” It almost sounded like music, a slut begging with two heads at once.
“Good Cowslut.” Vanessa petted her on the head slowly, with her upper arms. With her bottom two, however she hung on tightly to Kelly’s bottom. Poking around her undersides until she found a spot of moistness, she dipped her fingers in. She positioned herself behind Kelly, lifting the now surging horsecock and began to push into the young cow-girl. She held it with both hands, forcing it slowly in and pulling it out like an oversized, living dildo. The pleasure was all the sweeter in that she knew that she had created Kelly. Inflicted the changes upon her. The breasts, the arms, the legs, the most wonderful udder imaginable. It was udder perfection, a total win for the curse. As Vanessa pushed in and out of the cow-girl, she whispered “Aren’t you a good cowslut? You love being like this, don’t you? Being fucked from behind by another girl, dreaming of sucking on two of her tits at once. Having your udder milked until it, too, cums everywhere. You are built for being a slutty cow now. I want you to moo for me.  Moo for your new mate.” Vanessa thrust in harder this time, pushing deep in and out of the moaning cowgirl. Two of her hands reached below to milk Kelly’s udder, much like a farmer milks a dairy cow. Stroking her long, erect, dick-teats much like a normal cow. This is what Vanessa has been waiting for, another victim, another disciple to share the curse with. To keep on spreading it, for years and years to come. Soon Kelly would be on the internet, much like herself, and she would create cow-sluts of her own. But for now? This was her cowslut, and Vanessa was going to make sure she didn’t get away. Not that she could, however. “Good cowslut. Moan for Vanessa now, will you? Don’t you love what I did to you? What I blessed you with?”

Maybe cowslut would be a better name. It was certainly more fitting, considering that she was, in fact, a cow, and currently getting fucked by another girl’s massive, equine shaft. She was so glad for the second head. They bent towards each other and kissed, tasting each other for the first time. What a good mistress Vanessa was, to gift her with the ability to properly service the gorgeous woman. Vanessa’s cock was in her, using her for her mistress’s enjoyment. It filled her, like nothing else could. Completed her. “I am.” the right head answered, as the left head moo’d with desire. She was built for being a slutty cow. At Vanessa’s request, she moo’d again, long and hard, like the cowslut she was. Vanessa rewarded her by slamming her shaft into the cowsluts’ aching cunt, teasing her dripping clit as the massive beast spread her wide.  Vanessa teased her, not going to deep, never going as far as she wanted or needed. “Please-” “-mistress. I-” “loooove it. Please-” “-fuck me.” She moaned again in desire, so close and yet helpless at the same time.

Vanessa held onto the cow-girl’s rear and breasts with her four arms. Bracing herself, she pushed deeper still into the Cow. With every thrust into the cowslut, she would squeeze a random breast, not long enough for the cow to get used to the feeling but long enough to be felt. After pawing over each breast in earnest she switched two arms to her udder, once again milking her like the cow she was. She obliged to the sluts begging, pushing harder still into her quivering body. Almost there. A bit more. Squeezing her hard, throbbing dick-teats from blow, she ejaculated milk all over the bed. The cow-slut was in absolute bliss, moaning and mooing with both heads in harmony. With one last plunge, Vanessa’s cock came, filling the cowslut to the brink with milk.  It dribbled down the side of her leg, mingling with the buddle forming on the bed. Cow-slut fell to her side, completely exhausted, and Vanessa next to her. Both of them entwined in a web of limbs, breasts, udders, and milk. As they continued the elegant dance of exploration, Vanessa managed the last words of the night. “Good…cowslut.”