300 Moons

Written by Loren Ipsun
January 6, 2018
6 Breasts Human Multiple Characters Taur

James clicked the deadbolt into place.  He was done.  It had been a long, long Friday.  Work sucked, man.  He knew his friends were going on a full moon pub crawl, but he had no interest.  Full moons brought the crazies out.  He was 23, and as much as he hated to admit it… Maybe crazies weren’t for him anymore.

Netflix, though.  Netflix was for everyone.    The ultimate way to turn your brain off and become one with the couch.  He turned on the oven for a frozen pizza and cracked a beer, dropping violently on to the plump cushions.  Some kind of travel show began, which he immediately tuned out.   The light and noise helped him descend into a vegetative state where the worries of the day were forgotten and he could reach zen-like levels of laziness.

Shadows lengthened as the sun began its final descent.  As the glowing orb crossed the horizon, a green flash surged over the countryside.  It swept over James’s apartment, completely unnoticed.  But it left something behind, a source of power that slowly coalesced behind the meditative human.  He was jolted out of his trance by the beeping of his oven and rose to fetch his fresh (frozen) pizza.  A polite cough startled him.

He spun, alarmed.  He’d locked the door, right?  There was someone in his living room!  There was-  He stumbled back.  What the hell?  There was a being in his living room alright, but it certainly didn’t look human.  While it stood as tall as a man, and had limbs in the usual places, there was no mistaking it:  Its skin was a deep maroon, and it wore only a loincloth around its nethers.  A bright green turban covered its shiny bald head.  Most disturbingly of all, it had a third eye in the middle of its forehead.  It stood frozen, staring at him.  Then it spoke.

“James, son of Mathew, son of man.”  His voice rang like a gong, yet was quiet at the same time.  It had presence, filling the room.  “I come to you on the day of your 300th moon, in accordance with the ancient bargain.  As I have done for every son in your family, I grant you a boon.  Tonight you shall receive your perfect mate.”

And he just stopped talking.  Like it was the most normal thing in the world.  A freaking purple man with three eyes appeared in his living room.  Had someone slipped him acid?  He dove for the fireplace, grabbing a poker.  “Stay back.  Just… Just don’t hurt me.”  This had to be a crazy guy with good make-up, right?

The being did not move.  “You will not be harmed, James, son of Mathew.  This is a gift, not a curse.  By the rising of the sun, you will have met your perfect mate.  I am the facilitator, in league with the ancient bargain.  The father of your family line performed a deed that placed me in his debt, and this was the payment that he chose.  Every first son has been visited by me, and given this reward as thanks for your ancestor’s benevolence.  If you are ready, we should begin.  I can only remain until the dawn has broken or you have chosen your mate.  If you have not chosen by then, the pact will end.”

James could only stare.  Was he for real?  “What do you mean, the pact will end?”

The djinn’s voice got slightly deeper, as if experiencing a moment of sadness.  “The forces that bring me here have long been lost to your world.  If you do not accept the gift, I shall not return, for you, your son, or your son’s son.  This will be the end of the bargain, your father’s father’s father’s debt repaid in full.”

Was he really remorseful about that?  Was he trying to lead him into a trap?  James set the poker down.  The creature didn’t seem to be dangerous or violent, just… alien.  “And this is free?  It doesn’t cost me my soul or anything?”

The purple man shook his head.  “As I have stated, James, son of Mathew, I am fulfilling an ancient bargain.  There is no cost, only a repayment of a debt that is owed to you and your family line.  Should you wish to end the bargain, you have but to dismiss me and I shall be gone from your life and your world forever.  The choice is yours.”

James was sitting by this point.  How was he supposed to process this?  A magical being from an ancient pact showed up in his living room with no warning and told him it was going to make him his perfect mate?  This wasn’t exactly something they taught you in home economics!  He would have given anything to call his dad, even for five minutes.  What he would do for first-hand confirmation!  But, alas, that was out of the realm of possibility.  A car wreck a few years ago had removed both of his parents from his life.

Both of his parents?  His mom-  realization dawned, and he stared at the strange being.  “Did you make my mom?  Was she the result of your ‘bargain?’ A creature created for my dad?”

The purple being nodded.  “Your father used my services and created the being who was your mother.”

James felt like his heart was breaking.  His mom wasn’t real?  Just a toy, made for his dad?  It couldn’t be!  She was so loving!  He couldn’t remember a single time she had ever raised her voice to him, let alone her fist.  They seemed so happy together, it was like…

It was like she was made for him.

His denial took on a thoughtful edge.  She was almost too perfect, wasn’t she?  Beautiful, kind, an excellent chef… He had to admit, his dad was no winner.  Once he had grown old enough to reflect on it, he had always considered his dad extremely lucky to find someone as perfect as her.  Apparently it wasn’t dating luck, but rather inherited luck;  An ancestor who happened to be more forward thinking than most.  He snapped out of his reverie, looking up at the creature.

“What should I call you?” He asked.  If he was going to go through with this, he at least wanted to know who he was talking to.

“You may call me Karan.” The djinn answered.  Did James detect a slight hint of a smile on the being’s face?  No, he was probably imagining it.

James gave him a critical eye.  “Alright, Karan.  You have my attention.  I’m not saying I’m going to take you up on your offer but I will think about it.  So how does this work?  Do you just snap your fingers and make her appear?”  He sat down on the armrest of his chair, watching the genie carefully.

Karan shook his head.  “What you ask for is not possible.  While much is within my power, the secrets of the mind are owned by the Almighty alone.  I could make such a girl appear, but she would not be your perfect mate.  You must merely ask me for what you wish, and I shall grant it.”

James was hooked on every word.  “This is like some kind of ‘Be careful what you wish for’ thing, right?  Once I say something, it is locked in stone?  So I better think about what I ask?”

“Do you see stone in your accommodations, James, son of Mathew?  This is a bargain, a pact, a gift.  I am not a djinn of old, foolishly trapped in human goblets and malicious against my rescuer.  You may change your mind a thousand times tonight, if that is your will.  The only limit is the rays of dawn across the horizon.  Whatever is, will be, for my power here will end, and you will not see me again.  Should you have a son, however, he will receive my visit on his 300th moon.”

James tried to tamp down the excitement boiling up inside of him.  It still wasn’t real, yet.  The djinn had done nothing other than talk.  It was time to put the creature to the test.  “Alright, Karan.  Summon someone hot.  A real ‘girl next door’ type.  Brown hair. Kind of tall, but not too tall!” He settled back.  The moment of truth.

The purple being, for his part, did not miss a beat.  He raised his hands, the pressure in the room rising with them.  James felt his ears pop.  Dust was spilling in from around the windows and under the doors, skittering to the center of his living room and beginning to spin.  The stream of particles soon became a river, a torrent of sand and dirt swirling in a vortex between the two.  Small flashes of lightning burst out of the impossible storm, with accompanying rolls of thunder.  James couldn’t speak over the roar.  Everyone in the neighborhood must have heard it!  And then he saw something!  A flash of brown, a strand of hair that quickly disappeared.  As the storm began to die down, he caught the top of a brunette girl’s head inside of the tornado of dust.  Like a curtain being lowered from above, the girl he had asked for was revealed in the center of the room.

…And it was Sally Jessup.  His next door neighbor.  She was taller than the real Sally, and the hair was darker, but the look was unmistakable.  And therein lay the problem.  He wouldn’t sleep with Sally if she paid him.  She’d been a bitch to him ever since they were eight and they had that horrible moment on the camping trip.  He hadn’t talked to her in four years.  And the djinn summoned her?  “Not Sally, goddamnit!” he yelled at the ancient being.  “Jesus, do you even know what a ‘girl next door’ is?”

The djinn’s face was passive.  “You asked for a girl next door.  This is the only female in your age range who lives next door to you.  She can be changed at your whim, James, son of Mathew.  If you desire her to be gone, you need only say the word.”

James calmed slightly.  Yeah, it was frustrating to see that bitch naked, but it’s not like he was stuck with her.  “Fine.  Give her a nicer face or something, so she doesn’t look like Sally.”  He really needed a beer.  This was throwing him off his game on the most important night of his life.

Sally’s face began to contort before him, cheeks sliding up, jaw folding ever so slightly in to have less of a point.  Her eyes moved slightly apart before changing color, long lashes sprouting above.  Within moments, the change was done.  And she still looked like Sally.

He felt like pulling his hair out.  “It still looks like Sally!” he almost yelled.  Why was this so hard!  How do you describe what your ideal girl looks like?  How do you describe a beautiful face?  A sharp nose, but not too sharp?  Eyes, just the perfect size?  This was going to be impossible!  He punched the arm rest on his chair, making not a dent but feeling slightly better about it.  If only he knew what she looked like, so he could speak the words!

…But he didn’t need words, did he?  A small smile creeped across his face.  “Say… You don’t need me to actually say it, right?  Could you work off of a picture?”  He pressed back in the chair, subconsciously holding his breath.

The djinn rose slightly.  “I could.  A sculpture or a statue would be sufficient.  Few are able to procure something on short notice, but I have worked off of paintings before.”  He waved a hand, a fine veil of sand obscuring the offending Sally’s face so as to calm the frustrated man.

But that token of respect proved unnecessary.  James was lost in his own mind.  This was perfect!  He turned to his computer, going through the motions to bring the machine to life.  He had a porn folder that was bound to have the perfect girl!  He began scrolling through his favorites, selecting one he had fapped to more times than he could count.

The djinn glanced at the picture and nodded, invoking his will.  The girl in the center of the room shrunk, dropping four inches in as many seconds.  Her eyes grew larger, her face shifting to the perfect rounded heart shape.  Her hair turned a lush green, cascading down her back like a living river and covering up one of her eyes in the perfect image of demure vulnerability.  Clothing sprouted on her, a hoodie cut too low to expose her stomach and highlight just how small her short shorts were.  A pair of teddy bear tennis shoes completed the ensemble.  Was it his imagination, or did she shrink back ever so slightly?

James was too startled to be angry.  That hadn’t been the girl he intended (a brunette with tits the size of her head) but he’d liked her as well.  He just hadn’t thought it possible.  He approached the woman in the center of the room, lifting her hair and letting it flow back down.  “So she really has green hair?  It’s not dyed or anything?  I didn’t know you could do that!” he whispered, amazed.

The djinn remained as placid as ever.  “I am a being of immense power compared to those of your world.  I never stated a limitation on what is natural.  Any change you can ask for, save for those breaking reality itself, will be granted.  The color of her hair is a triviality.”

James gawked. Like so many times before tonight, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  He had to test it.  “How about her?”  he pointed at another girl in the folder, this one a catgirl.  She was mostly human, but a pair of cat ears sat on her head, and a tail swayed gently behind her.

The djinn did not hesitate, instead working his magic as his master demanded.  The hair turned a solid black, before puffing out slightly on the sides of her head.  Two fuzzy ears ascended from the slightly tangled mess, flicking once as the fur reached the tips.  She shrunk even more, another four inches, until her ears were nearly level with his chin.  Her hoody shifted to a white sweater with a cat motif, a little hole cut out to show her cleavage.  He stared at her butt as a tail sprouted from above her pelvis, dropping into place like it had always belonged.

After several moments, James managed to close his mouth.  Standing in front of him was a real, live catgirl!  She held her hands up in front of her chest, making that cat-paw motion he’d seen so many times on so many pictures.  He approached, reaching out a hand to touch one of her triangular, fluffy ears.  It flicked, startling him.  He rubbed it gently, feeling the soft fur brush against his fingertips as he traced the triangular shape.  It would seem that astonishment was the modus operandi for the evening.  He wrapped his fingers around her tail and tugged gently.  It was stretchy, soft, and warm, much like a real tail.  He tugged harder and she took a small step backwards to keep her balance.  It definitely wasn’t just stuck on.

He stepped away from the catgirl, taking a moment to think.  Not bound by the rules of reality!  He could have a monstergirl!  At no point did he ask “What would the neighbors think?” or “Could I take her out in public?”.  No, he was going to make his dreams a reality.  The dreams he had never imagined could exist, the private fantasies in his mind that never saw the light of day.  Taking a seat at his computer, he closed the folder he was looking at and opened the other folder.  The one he would want deleted upon his death, the one where there was much less clothing and much more fluid than the current one.  He flicked through a few pictures before settling on one, and turning his screen towards the djinn.

The hole in the catgirl’s sweatshirt spread, exposing more and more of her cleavage until the shoulders were mere straps.  Those, too, soon faded away, leaving her topless.  Her breasts began to swell, becoming large, spherical globes.  As the rest of her clothes faded away, a second pair of breasts began to sprout from her bare stomach, and then a third.  The extra pairs bounced as they grew in, each slightly smaller than the last, but just as enticing.  The catgirl gained a few inches, stretching out her torso enough to let all three pair fit, each one sitting just above the lower pair.  And within seconds it was done.  Where once there was a demure kitten now there was a sex-beast, three pairs of tits ready to bounce at every thrust.  Her hands had changed into paws, the fur ending at the wrist in the classical Japanese style.  She looked barely human anymore.

James stood, walking in front of her, critically eyeing his creation.  The shock was beginning to disappear by this point.  Reality was his to command.  He hefted one of her breasts, letting it drop and set the rest in motion.  Her tail lashed gently behind her.  Is this what he wanted?  A sex beast?  He stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, slowly running up her sets of cleavage.  Tracing the curve of each breast only to fall into the valley of the set above was as fantastic as he hoped.  But… She wasn’t perfect.  The big paws on her hands and feet were cute, but they would stop her from picking things up and manipulating them.  He wasn’t heartless, he didn’t want her to have to suffer.  And besides, how would she cook him dinner?

Taking a step back, he shook his head.  “Not this, I think.”  As hot as having a catgirl would be, she’d be more of a pet than a wife, and that wasn’t what he wanted.  Besides, there were plenty of other options to explore.  Clicking through his fap folder again he spotted another one.  Turning the monitor towards the djinn, he wordlessly expressed his desires.

The feline features began to recede under the magical forces of the djinn.  Her paws shrank to human hands and feet, and her tail pulled up into her spine.  The two sets of extra breasts began to deflate, pulling in flat with her stomach.  He was almost sad to see the extra nipples disappear as she became a regular human once more.  But not for long.  She arched her feet, standing on her toes as her nails began to darken and swell.  Thick keratin began to spread, covering her toes with a horse-like hoof.  Feathering sprouted from her ankles, quickly transitioning to fur that ran up her legs.  When it hit her waist, she bent forward, balancing the mass swelling from her backside.  Her butt was extending, roiling out as it gained mass from nothing.  Two wiggly appendages signaled a second pair of legs, which soon descended to the floor as they gained definition.  Properly supported on four legs, the centaur’s body filled in, giving her a thick, animal barrel and a silken tail.  Her ears shifted up, once again becoming furry and pointy, as they adopted the species of her lower body.  And with a snort, it was done.

James inspected her with a critical eye.  No longer over-awed by wonder, he could dive right to the heart of the matter and judge her for what she was.  She was tall; nearly two feet taller than him.  That would be awkward.  The ears were cute.  He was starting to warm to animal ears.  The chest was certainly large, but he had to admit he had grown attached to the extras.  The lower body was certainly new, though.  And… very horselike.  It was cute and off-putting at the same time.  He paced around her, observing her from all sides.  He liked the way she stood, the weight balancing on all fours, the tail flicking casually in the cold night air, but… She was too much like a horse.  He would feel like a beastialist, fucking an animal instead of a person.  It didn’t matter that she had a human torso and could talk, the difference was just too strange.

Was… Was this it?  Was he never going to be satisfied?  He’d pulled up all of his favorite pictures, and none of them were good enough.  How do you cope with being on the cusp of perfection?  “Fuck!” he swore.  Karan nodded.

“Does that mean this is the form you desire for your mate?” the genie asked.

“No.” replied James, shaking his head. “It was frustration.  There’s so many options, I don’t know how to choose between them.  I can’t afford to fuck this up, you know?”

The genie remained as stone-faced as ever.  “If you desire a form different from those you have shown, you need only to ask.”

That was it, wasn’t it?  He wasn’t limited to pictures on his computer.  He could take the best parts of each of the girls and combine them into the perfect mate.  He rubbed his chin, contemplating the options.  He liked aspects of the centaur, although the horsey bits were too much.  “Could you…  make her human?  Like, keep the centaur shape, but human instead of horse?”   The djinn nodded.  All was within his power.  The centaur began to lose height, ankles dropping as the hoof retracted into toenails.  The fur receded as the legs gained mass, shifting from the skinny shins of a horse to the thicker shape of human limbs.  The torso underwent the most drastic change:  The thick barrel of the horse began to flatten, forming the smooth curve of a female belly.  There was even a second belly button.  Her equine rear softened and rounded into something more human, as her tail started to recede-  “Stop!  Keep the tail, I kind of like it.”  Karan nodded once again, leaving the touch of animal on the changing girl.  The changes slowed to a halt, and he was left with his first true creation:  A centaur, but with the body of a human.

He paced around her once again, inspecting her from all angles.  He had never seen a creature like this before, but found it strangely alluring.  He had always been somewhat of a leg man, and seeing four of them on the same person was exciting in a way he had not anticipated.  He ran a hand along her back, tracing the smooth curves of her lower torso.  Just like a normal girl, except horizontal.  A full human, but with the strange, second torso he found so appealing on centaurs.  He picked up her tail, running his fingers through it.  It was like a second head of hair.  He could get used to this.

He stood back, debating what to change next.  This was his favorite version of her so far, but why stop here?  What else could he do to make her better?  His thoughts drifted back to the catgirl, and her overt sexuality.  He hadn’t liked the paws, but the rest…  “How about six breasts?  Like the catgirl?”  Karan nodded.  “Your wish is my command.”

The girl stood placidly, balanced on four feet, as her chest began to swell.  Two soft orbs pressed out beneath her breasts, quickly followed by a second pair, down below.  The three sets balanced to equal size, smaller than the centaur’s breasts, but still more than a handful.  Her torso was covered in them, running from her arms down to her belly button.  But the changes didn’t stop.  He could see something happening down below.  He bent down, watching her lower torso, as three more pairs of breasts began to swell into existence.  They quickly pressed against her thighs, the sextet of spheres fighting for space on the crowded torso.

He rose, intending to yell at the genie, but stopped himself.  It certainly wasn’t what he was intending, but did he necessarily object?  He bent down again, staring at the alien orbs.  It was strange to see breasts on the lower torso of the quadruped, but were they necessarily bad?  He reached down, groping one of the heavy spheres, squeezing it gently before letting it go.  It wobbled gently as gravity took hold.  No, this… this was not bad.  He tried to imagine it.  Every step she took would send those beautiful breasts swinging and bouncing, rubbing against her thighs, making her horny…  He cleared his throat.  Yes.  This was acceptable.

What else?  Six breasts (on each torso!), a tail, horse ears… He noticed that those hadn’t disappeared when she’d turned human again.  It didn’t even cross his mind to correct them.  He liked the small touches of animal on the centaur and catgirl.  He liked the idea of her being not quite human, a shade less of a person.  Fantasies of a submissive animal girl flowed through his head.  A perfect maid to clean the house, cook him dinner, and a literal beast in the sack.  With all those tits, she’d certainly be horny enough.  “Can you give her heat?  Like, make her horny all the time?”  The djinn nodded, and although there was no visual change, James noticed that her stance changed slightly.  Was her tail raised, wagging gently as if beckoning him?  A beast in the sack, indeed.

He was growing more excited by the moment, happy that his dream girl was nearing fruition.  Sure, she’d never leave the house, but why would he want that?  If she was down to fuck whenever he was around, he could think of better things to do than sending her shopping.  But… there was one thing he had not tried.  Did he want to go that far?

He had seen pictures, of course.  Even saved a few.  Fapped once or twice.  But… A dick?  Did he want to give the girl of his dreams a penis?  The thought rolled around in his mind.  Why?  Why would he want that?  She was going to be his submissive fucktoy, she had no need of one.  But, on the other hand, if she was going to be the perfect partner, shouldn’t she be able to indulge in all of his fetishes?  His lips formed a thin line.  It was too far!  He didn’t want some giant floppy dick walking around the house all the time, especially if it wasn’t attached to him!  But…

There was always that damn but, wasn’t there?  It’s not like she’d be fucking him.  He didn’t have to play with it if he didn’t want to.  It would just be there if he did.  And it’s not like he had to choose without comparing the options.  He could always ask the genie to take it away.  The last argument struck a chord, and his mind was made up.  “How about… a dick.  Not a human one.  A horse dick.”  She was already basically a centaur.  A horse one would be more appropriate on her frame.  And when he had fapped to futas in the past, it was always horsecock futa.

It was difficult to see from his standing position, but a dark, furry sheathe began to descend behind her rearmost pair of breasts.  It was large, as big as a soda can, and soon was joined by a bulging pair of fuzzy testicles.  The softball-sized orbs quickly swelled into being, sitting just behind her sheath, visible from the rear below her pussy.  They were off-putting, but not as much as he had thought they would be.  They were a minor cost for a major reward.  He reached down, gently gripping the massive shaft in its fuzzy sheathe.  The tip began to spill out, revealing the completely inhuman, but disturbingly alluring, head of her cock.  Almost without realizing what he was doing, he began to stroke it, watching inch after inch of the equine shaft pressing out past his fingers.  It began to jut into her rearmost pair of breasts, slipping between the soft, bouncy tits.  His breath caught in his throat.  Holy shit, she could give herself a boob job.  Hell, she wouldn’t be able to help it, would she?

He was snapped out of his reverie by the genie clearing his throat.  “You are curious, are you not?  How it feels to be her?”

He shook his head vehemently.  Of course not!  He didn’t want to be a sex beast!

Did a hint of a smile appear on the genie’s mouth?  “My apologies, James, son of Mathew.  There is great difficulty in reading human faces, when you see as little of them as I do.”  The genie seemed to sag slightly, as if waiting for something.

James was about to say she was done, ready for life, but stopped himself.  “What do you mean, how it feels to be her?” he asked.

Karan was quick to respond.  “My pledge is to create for you the perfect mate.  Some have desired to know how it feels to be a woman, so they better understand their new wife.  As the girl of your desires has differed from the norm, I thought to offer a chance to know.”

James managed to not immediately dismiss the idea.  After all, hadn’t Karan only been helpful so far?  He would never want to be a girl, but… He stared down at the foot of horsecock sticking out of her sheathe.  It was a monster.  He could… He could feel what it felt like to have that.  To jerk it off.  His heart pounded in his chest.  The chance of a lifetime.

“It would… only be temporary, right?”  The genie nodded.  “If you desire it so, you may explore her body as much as you wish.  Simply ask, and I shall return you to the form you are in now.  Your wish is my command, until your mate has been chosen.”  He tried to still his beating heart, but it refused to quiet.  With a small nod, he gave his command.  “All right, do it.”

In the blink of an eye, everything changed.  He was standing in the middle of the room, and his body felt strange.  There was too much to process, all at once.  The first thing that hit him was, strangely, the tail.  He could feel it brushing against his legs.  The fact that it was his rear legs didn’t process.  They just felt like legs, to him.  The second thing he noticed was the carpet, but in four places, instead of two.  Because he had four feet.  It took him a second to realize his center of gravity had shifted, now sitting between those four gorgeous legs.  The third thing he felt was his cock, rubbing against his rearmost pair of tits.  He turned to look at it, and set his body on fire.

His chest, struggling to fit six tits, had more momentum than he was used to, and turning his upper torso sent them jiggling.  Every delicious bounce sent a surge of pleasure through his body.  It was way more intense than he had ever imagined.  Every single graze felt like someone touching his cock.  His tail flicked to the side, exposing his nether lips.  He adjusted a foreleg, trying to balance better, only to send the lower tits off as well.  The rearmost pair rubbed against his cock, causing another two inches to surge out, a foot and a half of horsemeat exposed to the air.  It felt deliciously cold, only to be balanced by a warmth up above.  He tried to take a step towards his rear, but only managed to turn, sending his body bouncing once again.  Little shocks of pleasure registered from all over his body.  He began to circle the room, marveling as the pleasurable sensations not only flowed, but began to build.

Every step was a delight.  He could feel his foremost pair of tits brushing against his forelegs, and the rearmost squeezing against his cock.  It just kept coming, growing larger and larger by the moment.  Looking back, more carefully, he could see it was nearly two feet long.  To have a cock like that touched, stroke, to cum with it…  He reached back, attempting to touch it, to feel it, only to find he was unable.  It was too far away, and his body wasn’t flexible enough.  But a need was filling him.  The cock was beginning to rise, the animalistic head flaring with excitement.  He looked around, attempting to find something that could give him  relief, and saw nothing.

The pleasure was transforming, becoming background noise to his desires.  He walked to the bedroom, every step causing a ripple of tits, a swaying of his massive cock.  It was starting to harden, a monument of need.  An idea flashed through his mind.  The bed!  He carefully stepped up with his forelegs, his hind ones on the ground, and felt his cock catch on the top of the bed.  The rough cotton fabric was a godsend, new heights of excitement coursing through his system.  He slowly began to lower himself, rubbing his aching rod against the bed as he slid forward.  And then an unexpected joy:  His middle pair of tits touched, and then the front pair.  He was titfucking himself!  He could feel the soft flesh of his breasts against the equine shaft, the solidness of the beast from his tender tits.  As he fully sunk onto the bed, kneeling with his forelegs, he grabbed his topmost pair of tits and began to knead them.  Holy fuck, this body was built for sex!  He couldn’t resist, playing with his nipples, rubbing himself while he ground into the bed.  But somehow, it still wasn’t enough. He wanted, needed the relief that wasn’t coming.

Karan drifted into view, following James into the bedroom.  Lustful thoughts fuzzed his mind.  The relief for the massive tool between his legs was all that mattered.  Karan spoke, as if the humantaur masturbating in front of him was the most natural thing in the world.  “Is it to your liking?” the djinn asked.

Of course it was to his liking!  It was-  He thrust against the bed again, strands of precum leaking from his shaft into the thick comforter.  Oh, oh!  He looked up, temporarily pulled out of his haze.  “For my girlfriend!  Yes!  I want her to be just like this!”

Karan raised an eyebrow.  “Any changes, James, son of Mathew?”

He thrust again, groping his middle pair of tits, thumbs pinching and rolling the nipple.  “This horsecock is fantastic!  When you’re done, can you give me one?”

Karan nodded, a true smile creeping across his face for the first time.  “It shall be so, James, son of Mathew.”  And with that, he drifted out of view, presumably to craft his final creation.

Which suited James just fine.  He was close, so close to the edge.  He’d only need a few more minutes to cum.  He thrust again, grinding his equine shaft into the bed, beneath the wonderful canyon of tits.  A jet of seed burst out of him, splattering on the fabric, as the resultant tsunami of pleasure crashed through him.  He came again, splattering on his foretits as his horse-sized balls began to unleash the torrent.  Five times.  Six.  He kept cumming, losing himself to the pleasure, but somehow, the need remained.

He panted, resting on the bed, as his shaft softened slightly.  And then he felt something.  Something warm, something hard, pressed against him.   He tried to turn but a pair of arms caught his shoulders.  “Sssh, sssh, I know  you need it.”  The pressure pressed in and his world lit up.  Holy fuck what happened!  His girlfriend lifted her forelegs on the bed, pressing another couple of inches of her horsecock in his dripping slit.  Oh god the need was immense.  A taste of sustenance had redoubled the hunger.  She shoved into him, filling him, completing him, as his equine nether lips eagerly squeezed her massive shaft.  James, as an entity, ceased to exist, as he became a slave to sensation while she filled him for the first time.

Months- no, years later, he came to, the overwhelming bliss of being penetrated slowly falling away to return him to the realm of conscious thought.  He could feel her weight on his lower torso, her breasts pressed against his nubile, feminine back.  She leaned forward to kiss him, her lips soft and tender on his hairless cheek.  He sank into her, feeling her tits press into his back as he enjoyed the warmth of her cock inside of him.  Fuck it was amazing.  He knew exactly how she would feel when he got to use his new horsecock on her, and he was almost jealous.

Underneath him, a fresh surge of pleasure began to ripple through his body.  His cock was jostled out of the way and would have almost fallen out of the cradle of tits if it weren’t sandwiched between his body and the bed.  As the pleasure moved forward, disguised by the touch of James’s new girlfriend, his second cock reached it’s final, throbbing length.  The pact complete, Karan dissolved from existence, his millenia-long obligation fulfilled.  James and his mate would breed true, ensuring that he was the last son of his line.